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Pet Shop Boys wax lyrical on Blair, Obama and Kylie

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  1. I find it amusing the amount of credibility media is willing to give celebrities on issues that have no relevance to their stardom. I love Pet Shop Boys music, but I can’t figure out which is more sad: Attitude magazine actually what the Pet Shop Boys have to say about runways at Heathrow Airport, or that they opened their big mouths to comment on it.

  2. It’s an interview. They give their opinions on things they want to give their opinions on, that’s what interviews are! Stephen sounds like he wants everyone to be as thick as s–t and never have opinions on anything. You stick to Jordan if you want to, im more interested in hearing from people who have views about the world around them.

  3. Neil honey – your carbon footprint is probably several hundred times larger than that of the stags in Prague. How many planes do *you* catch in a year?

  4. It’s a bit rich hearing a guy that tours the world and has nine albums (which need to be promoted) complaining about people traveling for a -oh my god- one off occasion to celebrate someone’s life. I think this is a good example of how little celebrities usually know about the real world, or how condescending they sound when they try and comment about ordinary life.

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