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Domestic violence proposals ‘must cover same-sex relationships’

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 10 Mar 2009, 2:24pm

    Of course domestic violence in gay relationships should be covered.

    As should female on male domestic violence which would appear to be the most hidden of all domestic violence. Apparently 30% of domestic violence incidents are perpetrated by women on their male partners who even more rarely report it owing to the huge stigma involved.

  2. This is same-sex domestic violence. Your point of view would look better if you read the article and commented properly.

    The government doesn’t even mention same sex dv. it’s like we don’t exist???!!! they don’t mind taking our taxes!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Mar 2009, 4:20pm

    Jane, quite! Except, we in the UK don’t have same-sex divorce because we’re banned from marrying. However, in a civil partnership, when it breaks down, the two involved have it “dissolved”. That was worded deliberately to distinguish it from straight marriage. So in essence, even in that, there is NO equality in civil partnerships at all. If there were, Jacqui Smith would recognize that same-sex couples deserve equal protection in cases of partner abuse.

  4. I think Stonewall should put to the govt that LGBT people will pay half the amount of tax as we have half the amount of rights.

  5. This proves that so called gay friendly labour are just as bad as the conservatives with their views

    They keep on about equality well where is the equality here

    I myself am straight with many gay friends
    I support full equality for gays its not too much to ask for in the 21st century

    Also I am very alarmed by the amount of homophobic bullying in our schools which son far as been left by the government

    there is a pettion on the number ten website about this I urge everyone who supports equality to sign it the more people that do the better chance we have of making progress

    search for homophobic on the nuber 10 website

  6. This shows that labour who claim to be gay friendly are no better than the conservatives

    There is no equality with this at all infact Lgbt have been blanked out

    it also shows there is still a lot of homophobia more than we would like to believe

    I am also concerned by todays report about the amount of homophobic bullying in our schools its shocking and reveals what I always thought to be true

    I myself am not gay but do have many gay friends and support full equality

    I find it hard to accept in 21st century britian gay people are still facing this amount of homophobia and yet the government could do more than they have done to help combat this

    There is a pettion on the number 10 website regarding the amount of homophobic bullying in schools is been on there for a month I urge everyone who supports equality and justice to sign the pettion the more people that do the better chance we have of progress

    Back to the point on domestic voilence
    The protection laws should be across the board for all couples in a relationship

    And finally if you wish to sign the pettion visit the number 10 pettions website and search homophobic in the search box

  7. Simon….wrong site. Wrong thread. Wrong comments.

    Same sex domestic violence is invisible to the government. Jane is right that they don’t mind taking our taxes just so long as they don’t have to put them towards our services.

    I think we should have a petition on no.10 about same sex domestic violence. I’ve already sent a message to my local mp asking him what he is doing to support us in local domestic violence services. I live in Tower Hamlets, London.

  8. Isn’t this discrimination based on sexuality? I thought that was illegal?

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