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Homophobia ‘more common than racism’

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Reader comments

  1. Any gay person could have told them that.

  2. Does not surp[rise me.
    People get puniushed for being racist but very few for being homophobic – is there a leasson there somewhere?

  3. Ask any gay person and they could have told them that!

  4. I’m not sure that real, deep-seated hatred of gay people is any more prevalent than racism. I think it is just that homophobia is the more ‘publicly acceptable’ bigotry.

    I find many people are racist, but keep quiet about their feelings, because it is socially unacceptable to bring up issues or make offensive comments surrounding race. On the other hand, however… gay this, queer that, faggot, bender, etc. etc. are all quite acceptable to throw around without any regard.

  5. What’s with this old idea of a ‘hierarchy of oppression’. Can’t people see that one kind of prejudice is a likely indicator of another – why aren’t these reports put to better use – i.e. unifying the issues, rather than making us all different all of the time. What if you belong to more than one minority group…?! What about racist gay people? I’m tired of LGBT brothers and sisters saying that ‘race and racism’ gets treated diffeently in the UK. Stop moaning and support people who experience all prejudice! We are stronger together. With love all, honest x

  6. This big problem with that piece of research is that the sample is both tiny (the minimum figure generally accepted is 1000 people) and not representative of the population at large (they were volunteers).

  7. Hey SA…..I know where you are coming from, but when statutory bodies treat different minorities differently, and deny there is an issue or matter of concern re homophobia in their areas, or spheres of interest, then we need to address it specifically.

  8. Will the government listen? I doubt it… Funding for anti-racist initiatives will continue to far outstrip funding for anti-homophobia initiatives. Black History Month will (rightly) continue to attrack good levels of funding and participation, while LGBT History Month will continue to look like the poor relation, even though that gap between homophobia and racism is even greater in school settings.

  9. Ha! now there’s a surprise….I don’t think! Any gay person could have told them that!! and to say as Simon did that “deep-seated hatred of gay people ‘is not’ any more prevalent than racism” Well just cast your eyes over the Daily Mail reader’s comments on ANY Gay issues !!!

  10. The study, “found that the 60 volunteers surveyed were more likely to show negative attitudes to gays and lesbians than towards any other area of diversity, such as race, gender, age or disability.”

    What a bogus study to make such an definite statement. The race
    issue has been around for hundred’s of years while the homosexual
    issue that only been at the forefront for less than 50 years.
    There’s no comparison. Homosexuality might conjure up some more
    provactive marches/groups, etc to make their feelings known, but
    it’s nowhere near the deep-rooted racist feelings. So don’t
    think a “homophopic” atmosphere is such a big thing in the USA.

  11. The study “found that the 60 volunteers surveyed were more likely to show negative attitudes to gays and lesbians than towards any other area of diversity, such as race, gender, age or disability.”

    Yes…a monumental finding! What a bogus pronouncement! There’s
    no comparison with feelings abour racism that’s been with us
    for over 200 years, while the issue of “homophopia” as only
    appeared in the past 50 years or so. There’s no way to compare
    the two issues. Homosexuals have been more active lately and
    that’s why there’ more vocal objections to the behavior. But
    dont’ think it’s anywhere near the problem that non-whites still
    face in the USA.

  12. Mihangel apYrs 9 Mar 2009, 9:16pm

    thanks Hank, no more than to be expected from a homophobe (see the RC thread)

    It is of course all our own fault for being uppity and wanting respect and equality

  13. It is in my view entirely down to the law and “Political Correctness” There is a black history month, but press for a white history month and not only will you be a racist, but the law will take action against you. We have an LGBT history month, but press for a hetrosexual history month, and although you’ll be branded a homophobe, no-one will care.

  14. These finding are so depressing, but not surprising. I came out 10 years ago at the age of 25 and felt liberated. Since then I’ve gone back in the closet after encountering negative attitudes in my previous job, and hearing anti-gay comments in my current job. It’s become such a strain trying to hide my private life again – who would have thought that in the 21st century attitudes like this would still exist.

  15. Great article, but no study needed. Anyone call tell you that!

  16. Props to SA who left the comment about “hierarchies of oppression.” I wonder how many of the people who commented are LGBT people of colour. As one myself I deeply disturbed by a researcher who is out to make one oppression seem more serious than another. This reveals nothing about how a given individual might experience oppression relative to another. Gay is not the new black, gay is an identity that must fight for its right alongside black and all other oppressed identities

  17. …you cant even say or write nig… you would be immediatly banned from the entire solar system. But anyone for horrible words to describe gays and lesbians… no problems at all. I totally agree with Richard. I am 36 years old now and it’s worst every year. The fact is that many nations in europe do have the right laws (sometimes) but laws are not averything. People should also be educated. You just place a low somewhere there… and who cares. It’s a bit like saying: Do not drink and drive, it’s the law, and then nobody gives a merde. But nobody listens becose ther e’s no education at all. So in the end it’s even cool to make fun of homosexuals, it’s hip hop, rap , and stylish. Now I’m back in my closet again. After I came out, I didn’t like it and I went back in again

  18. Is it any wonder when the RC Church and its latest Arch-Homophobe of Rome have launched a crusade against Gay Rights? And the Mullahs want us all thrown of cliffs or stoned to death?

  19. @Richy_L
    history is largely reported from the white heterosexual (male) point of view. What Black and LBT hostory months do are redress the balance. For instance Turing’s gayness was ignored until very recently, black people have been largely airbrushed out of our history despite them being in the country for at least half a millenium.

    And women scholars are working to get women re-introduced into history to reflect their contribution.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 10 Mar 2009, 11:51am

    I think everyone needs to slow down just a little bit here. The research is as has been pointed out pretty worthless. We have everyone drawing from their own experiences to conclude that the research is right, but as has been stated, the same is incredibly low for the type of study that it is.

    Whilst 1000 people is usually the norm or a national representative quantitative study, a smaller sample may be appropriate for a more specific study, but in order for this type of study to be representative, it would have to gauge opinion from across the entire country, in cities, in towns in villages and rural areas, across all ages and social backgrounds. Asking 60 people to complete some online research is not going to open a window into the deepest workings of the mind of 21st century man. Grossing up that two people out of 60 didn’t like lesbians to suggest that this is common to 3% of a 61 million population (some 1.8 million) is just ridiculous.

    This piece of research was also internet based, so there is immediately an obvious slant to those who are computer literate.

    You cannot possibly extrapolate the kind of findings that are being suggested from this type of study and I sincerely hope that Dr Pete Jones is laughed out of the British Psychological Society’s Conference in Blackpool if he tries to present this ‘research’

    Utter garbage – don’t be fooled into believing it true because it says what you want to hear (or fear)

  21. John Macdonald 11 Mar 2009, 9:23am

    The problem lies in the forced acceptance of us gay people. this is why there is an increase of homophobia. You cannot force people to accept people or situations that they do not approve. I hate to say it. but there will be a price to pay for our new laws. It will take probably years for full acceptance, so in the meantime we have to be understanding in the massive change that has taken place in society for us.

  22. I think that very sad but perhaps true John :( In an ideal world people wouldn’t be so biggoted but I think education, especially for young teens which is where so much starts from would be a help.

  23. Donald Cavanaugh 14 Mar 2009, 3:38am

    Based on the article, it doesn’t appear that anti-Semitism was included in the mix either under religion or race. I suspect author Moshe Rozdzial is correct in suggesting that gays are the new Jews( not the new blacks.

    I think one must also consider the fact that the survey subjects are less intimidated about expressing their homophobia than their racism or xenophobia but also one needs to look at the fact that while many whites hate blacks, both many whites and many blacks hate gays. And while blacks may suffer from internalized racism, they would not likely register antipathy toward their own. Ditto for other minorities surveyed.

  24. On my way home from work I pass by a school as it is letting out, and about twice a week I hear kids calling each other “gay” or using it in the negative “lame” sense. I’ve never heard anyone use a racist word.

    Part of the problem is that so many gay people have internalised homophobia, or are so apolitical that they don’t complain. Perhaps gay men and lesbians should take a leaf out of radical Muslims’ agendas and starting issuing Gay Fatwas on homophobic people. That’d shut em up. We could even say God told us to do it.

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