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Police arrest protester for throwing green custard at gay government minister

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Reader comments

  1. I was more than slightly disappointed that the media immediately took Ms Deen into their studios and started interviewing her, I was damned annoyed. Partcilarly when she made such nasty personal comments about green slime. The need for a third runway is a complex issue with arguments both ways – self appointed single isssue people like this do their cause and arguments no good at all.

  2. Sorry I don’t agree John. Although the throwing of anything at anyone is not a good idea, Ms Deen has made our hypocrisy over global warming and our rampage ahead at the cost of the environment international news. We can’t have it both ways. Do we want a terrifying future where the Thames will flood most of low lying London or do we begin to start to live in a way that is sustainable ? Or do we not care ? That is the real question Ms Deen is now posing. Unfortunately most politicians are in the game for their own ego.

  3. And what on earth has the fact that Peter Mandelson is gay have to do with this story. Typical media overstatement of the very sort that Pink News is so keen to accuse other media outlets of. If this had happened to Gordon Brown or Harriet Harman, would their sexuality have been highlighted in the news report? No, of course not, because Green politics has nothing to do with sexuality.

  4. I totally support this woman. What on Earth are we doing? Are we not listening to NASA who say were in deep deep trouble and about to ‘turn this planet into one very different from the one that civilisation developed upon’. Weve now got every University and leading science academy in the western world agreeing that climate change is man made and we’re acting like weve got all the time in the world. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  5. The people who criticise her remind me of the people who criticised Peter Tatchell for standing up against church homophobia. If we never confront power then we let people get away with anything. Does anyone seriously think the democratic process works under this government?

  6. she had no right to do what she did. Her views aren’t relevant. However this isn’t a gay story at all.

  7. her actions make it less likely that politicians will be accessable to the public. A good “in your face” heckle and standup debate – yes, and assault – no!

    Global warming is a serious issue, but I think that the spoiled-kid end of the political spectrum are not the best people to be pontificating about it.

  8. Why is she a spoiled kid? Thats just stupid tabloid whipped up nonsense. Have you lot forgetton the Sufragettes or Gandhi? You dont change things by politely asking – no one listens – and this government does not care what anyone thinks. Look at Iraq! Climate change is 1000 times more serious. NASA say we have a few years to stave off global devastation in our lifetime!

  9. Ms Deen just highlighted the banality of Labour’s pie-in-the-sky environmental policies.

  10. Ms Deen is an idiot and I hope she will be jailed for this! Her methods are undemocratic and we should all stand against that!!!

  11. Hi,
    this isn’t an LGBT news story. But I think it fits into’s policy of reprinting any story with even the remotest link to someone who is LGBT.

    As for the woman, I don’t think she should be charged with anything. No harm was done and Mandelson is a slimy character anyway. As for democracy, if this was a real democracy not only would local people not be facing getting forcibly removed for the runway, but an enelected, unwanted Lord like Mandelson wouldn’t be in government. Remind me… when are Labour meant to be reforming the House of Lords to make it elected?

  12. Is it me or does the title suggest that the green slime throwing was a homophobic thing rather than a outrage-at-our-lack-of-decent-environmental-policy thing?
    Ms. Dean, I salute you. I would do the exact same thing.

  13. J Mathews 9 Mar 2009, 6:48pm

    This had nothing to do with Mandelson being gay.

    I fully resent that policies in this country are being made by an unelected prime minister, and the Business secretary (Mandelson) making so many policy decisions is both unelected AND unaccountable. When that happens in a democracy, then I’m afraid custard demos might be all we have left to show our disagreement.

    So far as I’m concerned the unelected Lord Mandelson deserved a good custarding. Well done!

  14. J Mathews 9 Mar 2009, 6:56pm

    Sorry, I have to disagree with some posters above regarding climate change. Climate change was happening long before man or any other mammal walked on the planet earth, in fact since the earth formed. To suggest it is only happening because of Man’s influence is just plain dumb. The planet earth is currently hurtling through space, orbiting the sun a completely uncontrolled ball of nuclear fission. Considering the nature of the universe, I think it highly unlikely that climate change is really much to do with man.

    The fact is though some people find the idea of being able to alter the climate through intervention to be quite re-assuring.

  15. To J Mathews, a couple of comments in response. the planets population now stands at nearly 7 billion with consumption per western individual a thousand times greater than our pre industrial ancestors.The planets resources are now seen by most scientists as finite as fresh water is becoming scarce. Our landfills are at capacity as we are urged to consume more as greedy capitalism collapses. Unfortunately I agree with James Lovelock who told me years ago as I began planting trees on degraded farmland I was deluded in what I was doing as it was too late. But I haven’t given up. I am happy being gay and childless so my paternal care is for all the threaten flora and fauna as we humans crash thoughtlessly ahead.

  16. Mihangel apYrs 9 Mar 2009, 9:23pm

    I agree that we have to have a intelligent plan for climate change, but this now has to be integrated into the financial crisis as well as all the other problems.

    Single issue politics IS self-indulgent. Assault is assault, even unelected politicians. There are effective ways of engaging in a useful debate: egging, custard-pie-ing, green custarding are all immature actions, and do nothing to advance a case

  17. I see that the article has been edited to include the fact that Mandelon has been named most powerful gay man by pinknews…
    still doesn’t make this an LGBT news story though.

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