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Teenage drag queen jailed over bomb hoax

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Reader comments

  1. Can’t see why a 19 year old adult is sentenced to 2 years in a young offenders prison but I can see him going on Governors rule 43 straight away.

  2. 14 months not two years. Duh!

  3. Martin Davies - Gay C of E Clergy Spouse 7 Mar 2009, 9:50am

    Isn’t that 7 months with good behaviour? Time to get a new stage act worked out me thinks…

  4. Young Offenders Institutes hold people up to age 21.

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Mar 2009, 8:54pm

    I have a few thoughts on this having read the story. Firstly, the silly twat shouldn’t have done it, he is old enough to know better and be aware that while the police and fire brigade are dealing with his little spoof, they are not out saving other people’s lives.

    My second point is that the sentence seems to be off the scale in relation to the offence described, which I believe, based on the information provided, falls under the heading:

    Single hoax call to public or private organisation resulting in moderate disruption or anxiety.

    The sentencing range is low level community order to high level community order, with a starting point in the middle (i.e. medium level community order.)

    According to Sentencing Guidelines Council Sentencing Guidance in the event of single or multiple hoax calls the maximum sentence should only be 18 weeks inside with a starting point of 12 weeks.

    Therefore is there something about the case we have not been told or has the judge gone berserk?

  6. Seems to be a bit of a harsh sentence to me. This is a silly kid who, lets face it, is probablty totally fucked up. Counselling would have been better but now hes locked up, mixing with more troubled people – hell probably come out even worse. Good grief

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Mar 2009, 9:54am

    Well can I suggest James you go and post twatty messages on their site then.

  8. Ray Harwood 11 Apr 2009, 6:38pm

    I would agree with alot of the above, he was silly to do it. It also appears to me that the sentence is out of all proportion to the offence, though it was somewhat disruptive. I would not trust the figures regarding the loss to WH Smith, as they will no doubt be inflated by them directly or indirectly.

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