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Children ‘taunted’ gay man

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  1. This article reveals the REAL state of gay acceptance in the UK today. Yes, in the UK, i.e. outside the heart of London and a few other major cities.

    We have all this legislation now which is supposed to protect us, but the reality is very different.

    One in four Britons believe we should be illegal. (Observer newspaper survey, 2008.)

  2. Don’t blame the children, blame the parents. Children aren’t born bigots.

  3. it’s all down to Education!!. and that only come’s from the parent or parents or the children. i know the victim is good at educating other’s. good for him seem’s he’s my partner and alway’s stand’s up for what he belive’s is right. trust me the parent’s will be educated ..

  4. And finally
    Article 17
    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation.
    Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

  5. I think the school should make an effort to educate ALL kids at the school as we clearly cant rely on the parents alone. Make it known the school disapproves & the school should be made to run diversity classes!!

  6. As an a level student of politics and philosophy, I agree that what one learns in school has a huge impact on how they behave and what they believe, especially at younger ages. I think children need to be taught that they aren’t perverted or wrong in a mandatory way, by schools, before they even have the chance to discover that they’re gay. I know that as a young child, had the school affirmed who I was before I knew it, it would have saved me hard years of struggling against it.

  7. I agree with Charlene and JJ if the parents don’t educate them then the School must. i also belive that some form of leaflet should be posted in all homes right across the UK to Educate all on all levels. there quick enough in arresting parents for none attendance at school even to the point were parents are sent to jail for there childrens actions. in my eyes hate crimes towards any group is a breach of there moral and fundamental rights. which everyone has worldwide including the minors. i am amazed and discusted at the same time how police hands are tied. in regards the laws protecting minors who committ anti social behaver. most of the time they are infact let off with a warning. slaped on the wrist so to speak. thanks to the Goverment and there low tolerance on older groups educating the younger groups. yet they will arrest a parent/parents for a child not attending class? weres the logic in that one. it seems to me most of the intolerance is coming direct from the Homeoffice and Goverment bodys who i expect have day care or Nannys who take care of there children while they are sitting on there nice red leather office chairs ordering a new car and a holliday abroad and login into there online fat bank accounts. after collecting over 100 Incident Numbers and doing the foot work myself i finally tracked down the group of affenders no thanks to the police some of the time they werent even interested in taking any details what so ever. so i reach boiling point the last Incidents were twice in one evening. during that evening i was told by an officer that we were infact the childrens entertianment! because she had interviewed some of them that my partner and myself and another Chap who lived in the same house were there to entertain when they got bored during an evening . hows that for a supportive response from the police!.from what i understand from the track record of the police and there dealings over many issues they have also been amused by it all. thats when i hit boiling point this has been going on now for almost 5 years and it was i who did there work for them. and they havnt heared the last of this yet!. the Goverment and the Homeoffice need to get it right so the officers can do the job we tax payers pay them in to do.i have had many dealings with the HomeOffice and im entertained by there actions most of the time but i dont dare to throw stones or eggs and flour or water bottles or bits of wood towards there windows.. why ask yourselfs because i know i would be arrested on the spot. well my answer to that is if the the childs a minor then the parents should be the ones to face the charges just like they do in none attendence at school simple!!.for the record its 2 groups that are attacking not just the one.. a younger group thats being forced and bullied by an older group. adjustments need to be done in the laws so that the police can infact do there job correctly and thats down to the Homeoffice to carry out..

  8. The HomeOffice is next on my list of action. ive already filed a full report on all of it for them i hope they will find it Entertaining to the point they will themselfs take action such as i have !!.

  9. Oddly, South Wales Police didn’t want to classify the months of abuse my partner and I had in Barry as hate crime. Plenty of criminal damage (unprovable, naturally), but they didn’t seem to rate it as important until I spoke to local politicians. Funny that…

  10. Hi Jennifer the only reason the police have now taken an active roll in this case is because i infact made a formal complaint about the lack of interest in many reports of abuse that was going on. i understand were your coming from on this one. but they havnt heared the last of it yet from me. theres much more to come. but up to now there workin flat out on it. and its about time i should say. but it took them 3 years and more to get of there butts to do something positive. and that was only because i went above theres heads on it. i too am able to make full reports on all.enough was enough. i give as good as i get thats how it is. ;)

  11. My abuse was from kids sent by the aprents as the parents dare not face me but they knew i would not touch there kids!!!!!.
    By the way i reside in the HULL area.
    PCSO support was fantastic shame they couldnt catch them
    at it , i heard them saying that there going to put me piccy and name all over facebook as i was a pervert!!!(makes you wonder about these networking sites with no moderators?>

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