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US Christians accused of exporting anti-gay message to Africa

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 5 Mar 2009, 11:50am

    I cannot think of a single positive thing that organised religion is offering to the societies in which they operate today. Time after time we see how these undemocratic, facist institutions are trying to pervert demoacracy and justice with their insane beliefs.

    Religion would not be dangerous if it accepted that their beliefs are unique to themselves but that non-members need to be protected from their views.

    That’s not how religion operates unfortunately.

  2. I think its unfair to blame the US “christian”, the Africans are doing a spot on job hacking each other to bits for a multitude of additional reasons:- racial genocide, corruption, dictatorships, war, famine caused by the war. The list is endless.

    The US “christains” are just silly twats that just like the sound of their own voice, it makes them think they are clever, and they seem happy they can get that all important validation from a bunch of starving degenerates in Africa, then let them at it.

  3. When Western consumers realised on evidence based scientific advice how dangerous products such as powdered milk and cigarettes were, the big corporations manufacturing this stuff maintained their profits and influence simply by switching their attention to exploiting the less informed and poor in Africa.

    So it is with religion.

    It’s just good business from a twisted point of view but, both in it’s effect and the sheer contempt lying behind it, one with a rather nasty racist tinge.

  4. Has it occurred to any of you ‘enlightened’ commentators that perhaps many people in Africa can think for themselves and are undoubtedly sick and tired of being told what to do by white people? Has it also occurred to you – before you get too ‘holier than thou’ – that the oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people still continues unabated in Europe, the US and other so-called ‘developed’ countries? Maybe you all need to be reminded that we only received equality of opportunity in the workplace in 2003 and in shops, restaurants, etc in 2007. Trans people still do not have equality in these respects – unless they are prepared to admit that they have a mental illness (gender dysphoria). A gay man is murdered in his home in South London and it doesn’t even make the inside pages of our national newspapers. This is truly a sick society in which we have to live. You should also remember that it was the West who exported Christian fundamentalism to the African continent in the guise of ‘missionaries’ during the building of its ‘great’ empires, and many thousands of indigenous peoples were slaughtered in the name of Christ. Try putting your own house in order before you attack other people’s.

  5. Erroll Clements 5 Mar 2009, 3:25pm

    Suprise, suprise America home to all the extreme nutcases joins forces with the religious ‘godbothering’ cranks in Uganda, one truly deserves the other!

  6. Lilith, I live in Africa. I deal with the extreme backwardness towards human rights generally on a daily basis. There are Africans, a minority, that stand up daily for human rights. There are African Christians who see how godless homophobia is. Your argument seems to me to be accusing people in the west of racism on a grand scale. I hope you realise what diversity exists in Africa in terms of race. Far too many people think all Africans are black. We as Africans of all races are a bit tired of such ignorance. In addition, a lot of people on this forum, if not most, are GLBT and know how it feels to be persecuted. In Africa, it is even worse than where some of them are. They are fighting to change things in their countries just as I am fighting to change things in my country and in other African countries. Your argument is the same one that says it is okay for Hutus and Tutsis to be murdered in their thousands, that it is okay for Zanu PF to slowly kill millions of Zimbabweans and it is the same kind of argument that supported Apartheid in South Africa. Do not defend the indefensible for you are defending the devil (take that literally or figuratively).

  7. Lilith, no, I don’t think so. Comparing Africa to Europe is like comparing a mud hut to a Grecian Temple.

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