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Man found dead in South London gay cruising ground

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 6 Mar 2009, 12:55pm

    Very sad. It’s obviously terrible when a murder like this takes place. It makes me wonder why anyone would take such a risk by going to an outdoor cruising ground. It can be sooooo dangerous. If you’re horny there are places to go – sauna for example.

  2. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 6 Mar 2009, 2:34pm

    Croydon is NOT a safe place to be gay at all, I can’t even count on two hands and feet the amount of snide looks and abusive comments I’ve had in Croydon for being a lesbian

  3. Simon. You could argue that why do straight people go to lovers lanes and dogging areas,and advertise there pick up places on the web? Casual sex will always happen in some form or another regardless of sexuality. For many gay men they have always done this. Some find it more exciting than going out for an evening! and of couse its cheap! No one to chat up if you don’t want to, no rounds of drinks to buy etc. You just turn up, meet up and get on with it! Even just venturing up to Soho for a night out has its risks, as a recent tv documentary has shown! It ain’t safe up town either!

  4. Where did this assumption of murder come from? Do we really have to be gossip queens when the chap has just died?

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Mar 2009, 9:02pm

    As BSEsays, there isn’t any suggestion of murder at this stage. ‘Unexplained’ means there was no smoking gun or knife through the chest. Poor bugger might have just slipped in the dark and cracked his head. Either way, probabyl not the way that any of us would choose to go.

  6. Thanks SMC… a quick google throws up this: “The death of a painter whose body was found in South Norwood woodland is not being treated as suspicious.”

    Maybe we should hold off on speculation until the people involved in investigating cases such as this make information available. I would hate to have to be dealing with the loss of a loved one and then come across idle speculation about the circumstances surrounding their death… we should show a bit of respect.

  7. Why are you all assuming that Pat was gay? I knew him for a number of years and am going to his funeral this afternoon. I can say that he was not murdered, and his death is not being investigated (as far as i am aware) for anything suspicious. Pat was going through a lot of things which would bot be appropriate for me to discuss at the moment, suffice to say that his wife and 3 children are broken, and all the info on the web about where he was found in a “cruising” area is adding to their distress. Pat was a great husband and father, where he was found is absoloutly no reflection upon his sexuality. He knew the woods because he walked the dog there, with his wife. Whilst respecting everyones way of life i just wanted to put the record straight with reference to Pat. RIP Mate, you will be greatly missed by all of us,

  8. Kelly Sickel 2 Apr 2009, 1:22am

    I went to school with one of his daughters too….and no Pat is not gay and all of you who previously wrote things are so wrong to write these things. Firstly, did you not think of what the family and friends would feel and think if they saw your sickening comments! Go look at yourself and put yourself in their postition. I give my thoughts and prayers to all the family and i am soo sooo sorry for you all. You are being remembered and to clear one more thing up. His wife and three children were lucky to have an amazing dad and they are all amazing people. Please nomore comments.

  9. Pumpkin Pie 4 May 2009, 1:03am

    What’s wrong with being mistaken for gay when no-one knows anything about you? It’s no more an insult than being mistakenly called straight.

  10. As we get older we are not as welcome in soho as much as the young younger crowd are so we use the crusing grournd, I used to go to soho but at 47 and overwight, that bit of sexul contact that we get makes us feel that your not left on your own,yes there is a risk but at the end of the day some of us dont have the money the confidence and the age on our side to go the westend as for the gent that died R.I.P and there by the grass of god go I.

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