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Man acquitted of double murder uses gay panic defence

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Reader comments

  1. So …. in Spain, you can stab gay people 57 times but for f**k sake dont set their house on fire or you’ll get 20 years. Disgusting!

  2. Its absolutley disgusting how this could happen in a supposedly progressive society. The jury was obviosly filled with homophobic idiots. I find it very frustrating when straight people use the gay fear thing in court. There is no such thing he killed them out of hatred and even if it was would he stab them 57 times and then go on to burn their house down? From the evidence shown the murders were calculated and planned he met one of them in a bar and then went back to their house for a meal what straight man would do that he obviously intended to kill them. All i can say its deeply disgusting and infuriating that he can get away with double murder.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 5 Mar 2009, 6:03pm

    I had honestly thought that the “Portsmouth” defence had been discredited in western Europe.

    I was obviously wrong: certain parts of our civilisation are still semi-barbarians

    (previously apYrs)

  4. This is becoming a common excuse for horrible killings. Just say you panicked at the gay guy. Even if you were not in panic the first time you talked to him. Even if you were not panicked when you accepted his invitation to his home. And went to his home. Just say “I panicked”. You know, just invent some horrible scene with the description of a lecherous gay guy, dripping drool and panting sickly and you can have a clear advantage and –in some cases- even absolution.

  5. Har Davids 5 Mar 2009, 8:23pm

    The guy had been drinking and snorting coke in a gay bar; how come he had not suffered “an unbearable fear” there? Twenty years is better than an acquittal, but I hope there’ll be an appeal. He shouldn’t have gotten away with this lame story.

  6. I thought we had come so far but reading about this case and the clear homophobic bigotry in the UK press (did anyone see anything on the national news about the murder of Michael Causer for example) makes me realise that we have one hell of a long way to go before we get real equality.

    Does anyone know the Facebook address so I can sign up?

  7. I am sure the acquitted went back to this couple’s place voluntarily, ‘enjoyed himself’ and then flew into a rage because of what ‘they made him do’.

    How many times have we heard stories about homophobic rage occuring after cottage sex? Only recently this occured

    – a retired account getting murdered whilst cottaging. The murderer was given a life sentance.

    What, really, is the difference here?

    And yes, 20 years for arson. What about the murdering????

  8. If he could prove beyond reasonable doubt he was about to be raped at knifepoint that might be considered a legitimate case for the defence, but whatever the truth I’d say he overreacted, and the coke in his system doen’t make for a reliable testimony. Burning down the house… if your case hinges on self defence, that’s taking it way too far. Neither victim could’ve raped him after the multiple stabbings.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Mar 2009, 7:49pm

    Now to be flippant, what if the situation were reversed and a gay man murdered a straight person and pleaded a “straight” panic defence? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I bet it would be treated differently and more sensationalized because the victim was straight. The gay perpetrator would of course be demonised ad nauseum.

  10. You really can’t call someone who claims gay panic a man. Sounds more like an hysterical idiot. Says alot about a court that gives you 20 for arson and zip for murder. Screwed priorities there now.

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