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Microsoft: ‘It’s hard to police Xbox homophobia’

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Reader comments

  1. How disapointing – I am a keen xbox gamer & have stayed offline for this very reason. Xbox is too lazy to police homophobia thus sending the wrong message to millions of teenagers.

  2. hard to police it! its absoulutley everywhere on xbox live how can you miss it.

  3. Do we really need to say we are gay in a game? Do people say i’m Jewish or black? Is it important?

  4. Why should MicroSoft have to police anything? They have a product that is neutral. Why shoudl people intoduce sexuality into it?

  5. Har Davids 3 Mar 2009, 6:03pm

    I guess it’s just like the N-word; some people seem to be allowed to use it, others not. You can’t expect a company to police a system on homophobia!! It’s a reality and if you don’t know people, maybe it’s better not to mention it. I know it sucks, but there seems to be no other way.

  6. Sexuality shouldn’t come into gamertags definately. But the use of the N-Word is not tolerated & I believe you can be ‘thrown off’ xbox live as a result. Homophobia on the other hand – is allowed.

  7. i agree that you don’t have to put your sexuality on your gamer tag. What i was saying was that xbox live and the gaming community in general is rife with homophobia.

  8. I don’t have an xbox, are you guys saying other games can get away with it even if they are reported?

  9. Firstly, and i think it’s important – Teresa was not banned because she had anything in her gamertag that would be seen as offensive or like mentioned by Mr Toulouse homophobic.

    Teresa who had mentioned in her profile that she was a lesbian, a profile is something to say about yourself and saying that your a lesbian is no different from saying that you are married with two kids.

    Next, Teresa was not banned because she had this written in her profile, she was banned because a large number reported her profile because they themselves did not like the fact she was a lesbian and was comfortable with herself.

    The xbox team then investigated the reported profile as it had a good number of inappropriate flags from users – of which the majority probably are 13 yr old boys who could not stand getting “pwned” by a lesbian and got all their friends to report the profile also.

    So it was investigated by the xbox team and they banned her because they said other people (the network of homophobic gamers who reported her) found her profile offensive.

    The story is that her profile was not offensive at all and has nothing to do with writing Gay in any gamertag, it was about writing a little bit about herself that shows people a bit about herself.

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