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Gay couples launch suit for US federal benefits

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Reader comments

  1. america is in full battle for equality –
    they can be happy if the whole country will allow civil union and get all recognised rights that goes with it – the full marriage equality for all states will be a war over years to come
    They have HARVEY MILK to torch them through it

    Good luck to them

  2. Boi Polloi 3 Mar 2009, 11:36pm

    First, I wish Harvey Milk were alive today to help with the fight. Second, the point of this article is that until the Defense of Marriage Act is repealed, even if the entire country allowed Civil Unions state by state, LGBT marriage will *still* be denied federal benefits and privileges allowed to straight married couples. The first step to leveling the playing field is the repealing of the DoMA. At least at that point, the marriages in Connecticut and Massachusetts will finally be equal.

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