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Brighton will not receive funding to assist homeless LGBT people

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Reader comments

  1. and just how many pink pounds do B&H garner from its residents and visitors?

  2. I hope that gay folk will remember this when they next have to vote in a local election. The leopard never changes its stripes is perhaps still true in Brighton. Time for Cameron the ‘super(new)man to step in.

  3. Before anyone goes to the trouble of correcting me – I should have said ‘spots’ not stripes.

  4. What a wasted opportunity on the part of the council. The Albert Kennedy is at the forefront working with young LGBT people. Their expertise in training local council staff would have been invaluable. Everyone should write to their local councillor asking them to support this funding.

  5. Never Kissed a Tory 5 Mar 2009, 7:40am

    Tories make me sick. Cameron has fooled a few people but don’t forget his voting record – for Section 28, against adoption rights, for the “need for a father” against lesbian mothers. If they get back in, it will be back to the 80s. We have to watch carefuly if they try to reverse the main things that Labour has introduced – our rights in employment, as users of goods and services, equal sexual offences laws and civil partnerships.

  6. It would seem that to this council our young homeless lgbt people are not even worth £3000, a measly amount by anyone’s standards wonder if they will change their tune around Pride time when the pink pound really starts rolling in.

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