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Roman Catholics complain about teachers “promoting equality”

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Reader comments

  1. john sexton 2 Mar 2009, 10:42am

    We can’t have this treating people with respect that’s just not the Christian thing to do now is it. Dickheads

  2. Ban faith schools, they are nothing but big child abuse centres.

  3. Simon Murphy 2 Mar 2009, 11:15am

    More insanity from the facist pigs of the catholic cult.

  4. Well, read the code and see it with an open mind (if you can, obviously)! The code is resembling a Soviet-style law based on a Soviet-style mentality. Looks like Catholic Church is absolutely right here! Sorry dudes, got to be honest.

  5. There should be no public funding for ‘faith’ schools. They are, by their very nature, divisive. Every pupil should be treated with respect, whatever his faith or sexual orientation, but I don’t expect to get much support from the religious lobby.

  6. Effectively Section 28 in reverse. Love it!!!

    All the best.

  7. So, accepting the fact that all humans are born equal and then challenging all forms of discrimination goes against their belief system? That says it all about orgainsed religion.

  8. J Mathews 2 Mar 2009, 1:22pm

    As Usual the religious fascists cannot tolerate equality. I regard faith schools as nothing short of child abuse. Religion or ‘faith’ is just superstition, and as such deserves ridicule rather than respect.

    Why do religious people always talk about ‘respecting’ faith beliefs?? to me, it is truly ridiculous that supposedly well educated people in the 21st century still believe in magical men/beings/things in the sky and so on… it is utterly stupid.

  9. J Mathews 2 Mar 2009, 1:26pm

    The comments from Montoya bear all the hallmarks of someone trying to pretend to be something which they are not. Rather disingenuous, don’t you think.

    Of course some religious people think nowadays that lying is quite OK, provided it’s being done to help religious bigotry.

    Sorry DUDE, got to be honest.

  10. Religion & education should be kept seperate.

  11. Montoya, I’m with J Mathews, you’re full of sh-t. How “christian” of you to want to pick prejudice over equality… next you’ll be screaming “witch” because some girl doesn’t dress to your standards, or more likely, won’t look at you…

  12. Montoya and his Catholic buddies always play that game of deceit. There has never been an organisation of such viciousness, and murderous intent against anyone or any group of people that has held different ideas or expressed opinions from that, of the Catholic Church. The sooner religionist understand that the jig is up the better. Belief in nonsense is exactly that nonsense, they might think about growing up and leaving the rantings of delusional individuals from two thousand years ago as a better way of dealing with living in the 21st Century.

  13. I have written to two Tory MPs suggesting that faith schools be discontinued and both wrote back confusing cause with effect.

    They both, writing individually, stated that believe in an integrated society where all are equal (effect), and that they believe that every parent has the right to educate their children in whatever belief-system they choose (cause).

    They seem to think that they are talking about two effects, whereas, in fact, faith schools are a cause which do not promote a harmonious integrated society. Faith schools cause the opposite: division and segregation.

    The root of the problem is faith schools. They have to be disallowed. Muslim and Jewish children and teenagers must be taught throughout their school lives how to sit happily alongside each other as well as with Christians, Hindus, atheists, and everyone else.

  14. Har Davids 2 Mar 2009, 2:40pm

    I wonder how these people would react if RC-kids were bullied or discriminated because of the faith someone burdened them with; up in arms, maybe? Matter of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I don’t care about religion myself, I try to care about people, it’s much easier or harder, depending on the way you look at it.

  15. Well said, Charlene. How can people learn tolerance of others, religious or not, if they are segregated and have little chance to judge people who are not like them for themselves? They can’t. They spend most of their day at home or at school being exposed to the same beliefs and being indoctrinated. Keep religion for the home and educate children in groups consisting of a wide variety of children so they can learn tolerance and understanding and gain the tools they need to decide for THEMSELVES whether certain elements of their faith (whatever it may be) are correct and fair.
    Of course some religious groups object to the GTC idea – it would be dangerous in their eyes as a) it would potentially prevent them spreading ideas that promote discrimination; and b)mean that children experience begin to understand and respect differences from an early age, and so are less likely to fall into line when their religion orders them to treat other humans as inferior.

  16. Social Climber 2 Mar 2009, 3:13pm

    As a practising Catholic I’d just like to make it very clear that these people are not speaking for me and the majority of other decent Catholics who don’t make a point of practising bigotry.

  17. Looks like they missed the bit that “all are equal in the eyes os God” !!! Or just maybe they chose to ignore that little detail since it would conflict with their prejudice and bigotry!
    Perhaps someone will be kind enough to take them aside and explain to them [no big words would appear advisable] that the 21st Century is NOT the Middle Ages, they don’t have any right to force their opinions on others on pain of death … and both Christ and St Paul commanded that they should abide by the laws of the land!

  18. “Religion & education should be kept seperate” is in France but here in the UK ,there is an established religion led by the Queen – the protestant Church of England to which the vast majority of the population (about 45 million out of 60 million) belong.The Roman Catholics and the loony US-style “Evangelicals” should pipe down – Great Britain is not really “their country”.Above all ,anti-semitism,homophobia and islamophobia are fast becoming the byword of Catholism thanks to their Bavarian Nazi Pope – Joesf Ratzinger.But gay folk should not underestimate the power of this frankly evil man – homophobia particularly is being preached from catholic pulpits and in catholic schools every day.Ratzinger is an abominable man and the sooner the Lord takes him the better for all mankind.

  19. against equality ???? what kind of religion is yhat ????

  20. Boi Polloi 2 Mar 2009, 5:30pm

    Having been raised Roman Catholic (now Buddhist), I don’t remember anywhere being taught that “sin” makes someone unequal to me or anyone else. If they are incapable of doing their job because of their religious beliefs, then perhaps they should find a job that falls more in line with them? I don’t need people complaining that it’s against their faith to make certain my child is safe when they’re in school. I’m sure if they were the ones facing the bullying and the discrimination, the argument would be much different.

  21. Rob Alexander 2 Mar 2009, 6:18pm

    “Registered teachers should proactively challenge discrimination, stereotyping and bullying, no matter who is the victim or perpetrator; promote equality and value diversity in all their professional relationships and interactions.” How can ANYBODY, especially the Church, object to such an objective? These utterances by so-called religous people are growing increasingly offensive.

  22. “By their fruits shall ye know them”. Ask no more – just see that they want to encourage discrimination, steroetyping and bullying. They want to promote inequality and under-value diversity.

    Didn’t any of you notice several years ago when these political organisations got exemptions from human rights legislation?

    They’ve been at it for years. Thankfully, the whole sordid business is dying on it’s legs on this side of the pond.

  23. Typical christian bigots. They have no compunction in discriminating against others, but when they perceive themselves as those discriminated against, they scream blue bloody murder

  24. Question – are we all aligned to what our leaders do supposedly on our behalf whether that is a member of a group, a trade union, a political party, a democracy or a church. If so then we all have much to answer for by being citizens of the UK.

    If not then we are closer to the answer. We want tolerance and don’t want to be labelled, grouped inapparopriately or misjudged. We want to be protected and we want our children to be protected. We don’t want bigotry or fascism. We want equality.

    I want tolerance, equality and democracy. Much of the vitriol I read in the comments above belongs with the vitriol that is offered by a minority of loud Roman Catholics, some of whom claim to be in positions of authority. The intolerance in many of the words above jsut leave us in a place of battle and I am saddened by what I read on all sides.

  25. Seeing as the Catholic church is so keen to protect “people of faith”, they won’t mind letting Muslim teachers in secular, Islamic and other schools, teach that women are only half as intelligent as men, that their testimony in a court of law is not worth as much as that of a man’s, that women should have fewer inheritance rights than men and that all unbelievers should be put to the sword.

  26. Social Climber the very essence of the Catholic Church is bigotry, it is impossible to be a Catholic and not be bigoted as your Pope if you doubt that? See if he would listen to a proposition that he is not infallable and absolutely not right in his comments about gay people. Morally disordered! How about that for a sweeping generalisation. He would be better off sweeping the stairs in the Vatican in my view. Gerard, we are in a battle and it’s for every single gay person that is and is yet to be, the opposition to us are the subscribers to the irrational the hateful and entirely baseless religions. The religionists will not be reasoned with, asking them to keep their beliefs privately and out of politics will get you nowhere, so we have to have the law to do that for us, and we not only need them out of political influence we must absolutely have them out of all schools NOW.

  27. It would be illiberal to ban faith schools, their own illiberalism notwithstanding, but they must not receive a penny of public money. They are mischievous and pernicious institutions.

  28. I love how most people here say the Catholic Church here is nothing but bigotry, intolerance, etc. when MOST of these comments are all persecuting the Church. And all you nerds have it wrong. The Pope is not infallible. THere are certain writings and teachings that come through the Pope that are infallible, but he recognizes his own human frailty, I guarantee you that. Read a book once in a while. It sounds like to me gay is becoming synonymous with hateful, vengeful, bigoted statements. It’s really sad, I have to say.

  29. Why oh why do we bother to listen to these sad old farts who use faded old fairy stories to justify their stupid rants against us. It’s the 21st centuary get over them.

  30. Dave North 5 Mar 2009, 12:19pm

    Coming from a virgin 80 year old nazi in a frock who believes in fairies at the end of the garden!

    Nuff Said.

  31. As a gay christian this sort of stuff really bothers me. Jesus example was one of love, challenging discrimination and promoting equal rights. I believe that it is totally possible in this day and age to be both christian and gay. And anyway, a person’s lifestyle is between them and God, it’s not for any church to police. Some (and i do mean some) christians need to grow up and get real with the modern world. How can people be expected to respond to the Gospel (and therefore make an honest decision about how God wants them to life their life) if all they hear is hatred and condemnation.

    None of us is perfect however, and we should not reject anyone because of their flaws – be that being of a discriminatory persuasion or a gay persuasion (if you see that as a flaw).

    Children need to be taught that discrimination and bigotry is unacceptable. Some may not like or agree with homosexuality and I respect that opinion, but discrimination on any grounds whether, personal, lawful or institutionalised is wrong.

  32. I just cannot understand why we are bothered by all this stuff. People now are much more sophisticated than they used to be. The internet and modern media opens people’s minds and the Catholic Church simply cannot compete with that anymore. Eventually, they’ll become an ever greater irrelevance.

  33. Bishop Ioan 27 Mar 2009, 2:30pm

    Matt, it is so tiresome to hear Catholics whine about how “persecuted” they are. Tell that to gay priests who are surely going to be defrocked by a system headed by a lunatic who will not even allow celibate gay priests to remain in the priesthood. I might understand non-celibate priests (though it would be straight, gay, bisexual…priests because for the present, that is the price of being a priest in Roman Catholicism), but celibate priests of whatever orientation are no threat to anyone. Certainly they are no threat to Catholic children as are the paedo-priests.

    I was perusing and the hatred and vitriol towards LGBTQ people and the constant association of paedophilia with homosexuality is near constant. I suggest you go there and read a bit and then get back to me on who is persecuting whom. Better yet, if you have issues with what is said in the comments sections here, just go elsewhere.

  34. The rantings of the Pope and church hierarchy remind me of the rantings on the short wave radio that my parents recorded in the 1930’s by another catholic. His focus was on the Jews. And his message, modified, and carefully weaselworded, is similar to what we hear from the catholic church and some of the right wing evangelicals.

    I would ask that every catholic person re-evaluate whether they should continue belonging to this church. Which breeds hatred, suicide, and murder of gay people with their words of love.

    Of course, the truth is they succeed only by terrorizing people with the promise of hell, and the fairy tale of life after death – an insurance program that should be declared an illegal scam.

    Seig Heil, Mine ChurchFuhrer – how many gay kids did you terrorize and even kill today, with your ‘love’. A friend is in the construction business. Perhaps he will build you a new Auschwitz for the gays. Interested?

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