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Obama moves to end “moral” opt-out for health care providers

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Reader comments

  1. I had no idea this happened. This is terrible and shows America to be the fundamentalist country it is. Can gay Dr’s refuse Christian patients?

  2. andrew – would it not be more the case that Christian patients would refuse to be treated by gay doctors?

  3. I am appalled that such a piece of legislation even exists – as a nurse myself, I find it shocking that healthcare professionals can and do refuse care based on a value judgement of a patient. It goes against the very basis of ethical medical and nursing practice.

    Thankfully the situation is not the same in the UK, except contentious objection to abortion, which is allowed by the regulatory bodies.

  4. I couldn’t believe this is legal in the US :o It’s something we’ve warned of in a ‘look it could get this extreme potentially’ way when ‘christian’ people have refused services to LGBT people in the UK, but I never thought it would actually happen.
    Religion should be kept out of public life, and those who feel unable to leave their beliefs at home should make sure they choose a job where they don’t have to deal with people they don’t like – because that’s the crux of it, whatever they say. And why just religious beliefs? Why not allow every bigot to discriminate then?

  5. Martin, who knows. Although I’m sure a gay Dr would never do such a thing.

  6. It is noticeable that these actions also happen within the UK, I was dismissed from a Senior Doctor on my local surgery list, because of his fear of bringing Aids into his surgery. One appointment I had at my local hospital, I was informed by a Consultant that I would not be treated because I was diseased. I have since written to the hospital to state that if any Doctor or Consultant insults me with their uneducated views, I will ensure that the Hospital Authority will be taken to court. I have since received no further appointments.

  7. Pete – while it unfortunately does happen in the UK, thankfully the law does not support the actions of these doctors. I would suggest you complain, as not only are these doctors breaking the law (specifically, the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007), they are also breaking their professional code of conduct.

  8. Pete
    You must keep fighting this issue, the way you were treated is just totally unacceptable.
    Some years ago I made a ‘complaint’ about a hospital consultant who totally f-cked up my case, failed to diagnose advanced testicular cancer [although the evidence was crystal clear]. To save other from the same or a worse fate I complained. I got nowhere. I complained again and this time I informed them, as a courtesy, that a copy of my letter had been lodged with my Solicitor. The fear of being sued is about the only thing that will make health authorities sit up and take patient’s concerns seriously.
    I had no intention of sueing, but the eventual outcome was a change in the hospital’s procedures.

  9. I hope that Obarma can get the repeal of these odious regulations through both houses. Well done to him, if he can!

  10. Another Chris 3 Mar 2009, 9:46pm

    rfw – Obama doesn’t need Congress for this at all as far as I know, because it isn’t a law but a rule that Chimpy McFlightsuit imposed on HHS at the last minute before leaving office. Issuing it was basically a meaningless sop to his wingnut base, because he had to have known it wouldn’t withstand legal challenge and would be immediately reversed by Obama anyway.

    If only it were as easy to undo all the rest of the damage the Republicans have done to our country…

  11. Evangelical 12 Jul 2009, 9:51pm

    Do all of you feel like fools that you misunderstood the actual regulation? Gays can get medical coverage only not as a couple, the must file individually, the federal refulation does not recognize homosexual partners as deserving the privileges afforded married couples. You are being lied to to spread a homosexual agenda.

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