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Lesbians who have IVF win right to name partners on birth certificates

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Reader comments

  1. Is it the same for donor insemination?

  2. I disagree with this. It’s extra rights for gay people. Isn’t this the type of thing straight people have a go at us for?

  3. Wasn’t it the case that straight couples who used donor sperm could list the husband as the father on the birth certificate? I’m not sure, but I don’t think this is an extra, gay-specific right – although obviously gay people will benefit.

  4. If that is the case then there is no problem. It has to work both ways. Having said that it kind of defeats the object of the birth certificate.

  5. If we look at this from a practical point of view, it simply means that both adults who chose to have and raise a child (ie. the parents) will be equally responsible for raising that child. I don’t see it as such a controversial issue.

  6. I totally have a problem with this. Im all for equal rights but a child biologically has a father and a mother. Are we so extreme that we now want to redefine nature? This is robbing a child of something. Im thrilled to have a child grow up within a loving gay relationship but wishing away one of its real parents is totally wrong. I think it’s sinister and scary.

  7. Wolf, do you have the same reservation about heterosexual couples who use a sperm bank? Should they also name the sperm donor as the biological father of the child?

  8. Wolf, it has never been the case that the father has had to prove his genetic linkage to the child – which is why fathers who’s children are conceived by donor insemination are still named as the father on the birth certificate, despite technically having no biological relationship.

  9. If it is the same for straight couples then there is no problem. However I still think a child should know it has a mother and a father.

  10. Thanks Guys, I didnt know that. But yes I do have a problem with it to be honest. I think if someone uses a sperm donor it should either list the actual father or be left blank. Maybe there should be a seperate part of the form – one for biological and one for legal parents – that seems like a good way through it. I think most people dont know about this IVF thing. Im certainly not prejudiced against lesbians having kids – im gay and supportive of it – i just dont like the idea of a child not having its father and mother on a birth certificate. No matter how much we dont like it a child will always have a genetic father and a mother….

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