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Australian human rights consultation to focus on homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. As an Australian, I can assure you that homophobia is rampant in Australian society. There is no human rights act and the religious conservative right will do everything in their power to stop anything that protects or enhances the rights of gay , lesbian and transgendered people. The main political parties are very homophobic! The Labor Party is filled with Catholic right-wingers around the country. Only the Greens have a political agenda for full freedoms and rights.

  2. In Victoria, law has just been passed so that Christian run organisations, schools, churches ect can discriminate against gays and single parents under “freedom of religion”. As a gay Australian, I don’t spend much time here in Australia as it is becoming pathologically biblical due to its isolation and its unmonitored government system. That’s one of the reasons Australia refuses to sign any UN declaration – Australia is a dictatorship parading as a democracy. What’s worse is Murdoch practically runs all Australian media ensuring Australians stay in constant dumbdown mode with no idea to what really goes on.

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