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Community considers legal action over Google ban

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  1. John (Derbyshire 27 Feb 2009, 1:06pm

    So Google has just left the whole issue open? It would appear from their reply that they are saying that as far as Pink News is concerned-it WAS infected. They do NOT say that they made a mistake.So-what are we to believe? make no mistake- Google is pointing the finger at PinkNews! In view of PinkNews` denials- the fall out leaves many unanswered questions.

  2. The mistake by Google was unfortunate, but I feel that Pink News would better serve the LGBT community if it tried to do more to raise the profile of the injustice in the Michael Causer case.

    A concerted campaign is needed to fight against homophobia, and so far the national media haven’t done nearly enough to highlight the injustice.

  3. The only people who would benefit from PinkNews suing Google would be the lawyers – who get paid far too much as it is!

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Feb 2009, 1:45pm

    Dave, that would be a great thing to do. Maybe Elton and a lot of rock stars could organize something, make it a blockbuster event at Wembley stadium.

  5. I doubt Google had any ulterior motive in blocking PinkNews. Also, no one was ‘unable’ to access the site – I for one just ignored the threat by choosing that option on the splash page which came up and was able to access the site as normal (using Firefox 3 on Mac OS X).

    There have been a number of issues with Google’s AdSense ads being flagged as malware. It would be interesting to know if PinkNews has any sort of affiliation with AdSense, and whether this was the cause of the issue. If so, it’s nothing but an unfortunate event.

  6. PInknews lack of understanding on security issues is beyond funny. A cross site scripting vulnerability would not show on any virus scan and could disappear without any action from pinknews for example if the scripting error or user input allowed a remote include of file and subsequently the file was removed on the remote server or the remote server was down. This kind of vulnerability is very dangerous and very hard to detect . It happens when user input is not correctly filtered. Crackers/hackers can use this to add trojans to innocent websites without their knowledge or even redirect all or certain users away from the website without anyone discovering the fact (a clever form of phishing).

  7. I use Firefox and didn’t have any issues, was this problem only on Windows? I’m using OpenSuse Linux.

  8. Working with Windows IE and have any problem while using Google Search Bar. Even McAfee Siteadvisor signs green (= no problem).

  9. This must only have happened in Europe or the United Kingdom. I never did experience any difficulty in receiving Pink News — although there is one site (not related) that has a caveat before I open it. I’m curious why you guys should be banned over there and not over here, as this side of the pond is notoriously more phobic about just about anything.

  10. you must be mad to up against a company like goggle, pink news is very very small and goggle very very big they will destroy pink news


    Often these kind of vulnerabilities are due to injection, perhaps once you have exhausted all the resources in the above group you might be certain that the site is free from malware…

  12. Will there be any report on Pink News about the recent Lesbian and Gay Foundation employment tribunal? In which more than ten past employers, incuding a former trustee gave evidence against the LGF and in support of two ex employees who claimed age discrimination and unfair dismissal.

    This is a very significant story but there is a growing feeling in Manchester that this is being hushed up by the media.

    Why haven’t you reported it?

  13. ursus262, I’m afraid you don’t have any rights on a private website owned by a company, of which you are not a director! If you want to leave a comment, it’s your prerogative. If they want to delete or edit the comment in line with their editorial policy, it’s up to them.

    I do agree with the earlier comment about not wasting legal fees trying to chase Google. They are a law unto themselves, and I really think Pink News should forget about legal proceedings. By all means shout and complain until you get a satisfactory response, but it’s unfortunately one of those things – like DNS records being screwed up and causing the same outage for two days.

    As a web developer, I would hazard a guess at the embedded ad platforms on this site, as Tom has already suggested.

  14. Hey, I was in LA for the Elton John AIDS Foundation party (ooh, namedropper!) and I had no trouble accessing my usual source of pink news from here on both Safari and Firefox. Then again, I am a Mac user…

  15. I cannot say that I am surprised. A common feature of most ISPs is their selective censorship: removing gay sites on grounds of indecency when Christian’s complain whilst leaving heterosexual sites of a similar nature untouched. Google simply continues to apply the same double standard. I don’t expect anything to change. Google are not subject, to my knowledge, to UK law, and therefore at liberty to discriminate in any way they wish.

  16. “The LGBT community has also been deprived of its most trusted source of news, reducing freedom of speech online.”
    Really? What about UK Gay News then? The only advantage pink news have is that we are allowed to comment to news items.

  17. We weren’t deprived of anything. Access wasn’t blocked. it was simply preceded by a warning screen. Annoying, I admit (having to do one extra click to get to the desired page) but nothing warrantying such a fuss…

  18. I don’t believe that Pink News was singled out in this case. The culprit sites listed was, apparently I think linked through one of the bits of flash advertising on Pink News. I’ve had a similar problem in the same time span trying to brows Ebay using Google’s Chrome browser, because (which is in use by nearly every major Ebay reltailer) kept setting off malware detection, exactly the way it did with Pink News.

    Again, I don’t believe it was a deliberate attack on Pink News, I think that leaving a computer to make all the malware decisions without a human element to prevent these things, it’s bound to happen sometime.

  19. Anybody else still finding that their bookmark icon for PinkNews remains the Site Attack icon? (A red circle, like the no-entry road-sign.)

  20. John (Derbyshire 28 Feb 2009, 10:39pm

    C`mon everybody- Its PinkNews today- UK Gay News,Gay Times,Gaydar etc etc etc tomorrow!! All the problems of Google at the beginning of February were caused by just ONE person at Google typing the wrong thing! How do we know that a “born again Christian” working for Google isn`t deliberately trying to sabotage all gay sites?

  21. Pinks news is just trying to get some free publicity, there is no case, because the site actually could still be accessed.

    If pinks news brings in so much revenue that they think they can go up against Google, then they should spend some money and hire better writers, and a graphic artist to fix the look of the site.

  22. If Pinknews wasn’t targeted I fail to understand the motivation to follow a legal suit at the behest of an honest, isolated mistake.

  23. I’ve had messages removed from the forum too, but at least Pink News allows some critical comments through. Try putting a message on the Daily Mail site critical of its editorial stance and see if that gets put up. Well I’ve tried several times and without much luck. And the Dail Mail is supposed to be all for free speech, isn’t it?

  24. A couple of weeks back I made some very pertinent observations about HIV discrimination and how the HIV charities are so absorbed in protecting the feelings and rights of HIVers that they have forgotten that they also have a duty to prevent the spread of HIV among negative men. I was trying to make the point that perhaps this could have something to do with the soaring HIV rates of today, but my entire posting was pulled:
    So, it seems Grew is more interested in keeping his Gay Mafia friends in the sexual health sector happy than he is of raising awareness among visitors to his site about why the spread HIV is out of control. So my heart is not exactly bleeding for Pink news right now, which is clearly as heavy handed and potentially biased as it accuses Google of being according to other posters who have also been censored. Pot, kettle and black are three words that spring to mind.

    Seems their is a concerted effort among the likes of Stonewall, Pink News et al to censor informed any reasonable and informed debate that ruffles the feathers of the ruling gay “elite” or does their bidding in turning the gay community into Orwellian thought police. Still, must be doing his ego proud to have appointed Pink News the pivotal lead “news” story this entire weekend…

  25. My computers have never been infected by malware from PinkNews. Keep on keeping on PinkNews you are doing a great job :-)

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