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Lithuania’s EU Commissioner denies she is a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Just responding to this particular item (not Lithuania’s homophobia genreally): the word “deny” suggests a vehement reponse (“oh god no! I’m not one of those!). What actually happened was that she responded, unexcitedly, to a question with a flat response (“no I’m not.” [next question please])

    It isn’t actually newsworthy: 95% of the world aren’t lesbian, 100% of men aren’t.

  2. Dalia responded, “She responded: “If you are asking whether I am a lesbian, then no, I am not.”
    So, unless there’s definite evidence to the contrary, leave the
    woman alone.
    I had close male friends in college, but I’m not gay and would not
    want to be looked at as gay — I love and respect women in the
    normal 95% of my gender.
    Everyone who has close friends of the same sex are not homosexuals and any inference to such is uncalled for.

  3. Simon Murphy 2 Mar 2009, 2:59pm

    So Hank – what exactly are you doing on a gay website. The ‘normal’ 95% of your gender would probably classify that as decidedly homosexual behaviour.

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