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Lesbian couple’s victory over NHS fertility treatment

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Reader comments

  1. Vulpus_rex 27 Feb 2009, 3:31pm

    Glasgow health trust should have stuck to their guns.

    These extremely selfish women make a mockery of equality legislation by perverting its interpretation to cover the biologically impossible.

    I don’t have a womb therefore I can’t have a hysterectomy – will I get £20,000 when a doctor tells me the effing obvious?

  2. If a couple want IVF they should be able to have it. Whats the problem?

  3. “As a couple, these two individuals are biologically incapable of conceiving and the board, therefore, initially took the view that the couple did not meet the necessary criteria to receive NHS-funded treatment.”

    Aren’t most (all) people who recieve fertility treatment on the NHS biologically incapable of conceiving? That’s why they are recieving treatment surely.

  4. Well glad they are getting it, but have no idea why they would be denied in the first place its crazy lol!

  5. Vulpus_rex, the HFEA 2008 Act specifically mentions that same-sex couples should not be dismissed from having fertilty treatment on the grounds of sexual orientation. For a start, it’s more likely they want to undergo donor insemination rather than IVF, which is far safer – and less iffy with regards to the parental legalities – if done through a clinic than just asking a friend to do it.

    But if one of these women is technically infertile, then she should be just as eligible for IVF treatment as a heterosexual woman.

    LGBT people pay their national insurance too.

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