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Homophobia is “rampant” on XBox claims gay media group

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Reader comments

  1. Well if you’re going to frequent a gaming platform that is full of infantile teenagers…

  2. It’s those infantile teenagers who are likely to carry out homophobic victimisation in real life. Just dismissing them as infantile misses the point completely.

  3. You should check out this video about online gaymers – they set up their own group in response to homophobia they received online:

  4. OK answer this. Unless you are trying to pull a date. Why mention sexual orientation on a game console sign in. I mean I dont say Im len Hetro on my profile.

  5. Why shouldn’t you. It is quite possible that you may want to play against gamers from your own community. Considering the amount of Gay and Straight dating websites, trying to make a date on Xbox seems a pretty pointless and cack handed way of going about it.

  6. The point here is I think : that wherever homophobia is expressed and/ or any other form of socially learned hatred, that it should be addressed with education and dialogue. AND the people who manage a thing, are responsable for a thing which includes: education, politics and general running with du respect for all.

  7. Mirjam Bader 2 Mar 2009, 10:16am

    Expression of sexual orientation either straight, gay or bisexual is not allowed!?! The only slight problem with that is that the assumption is that you are straight. In other words, expression of same-sex attraction is not allowed.

  8. They say you’re not allowed to say you’re straight either… I wonder how many people they’ve suspended for mentioning their spouses in their profiles?

  9. The world and its governments are homophobic, why would the virtual world of Microsoft XBOX be any different? I was shocked by the homophobia of the people in PS3 online HOME, then I realised it wasn’t Utopia.

  10. Wow this is gay. (pun intended)
    Ok, so maybe that seems a bit harsh but let’s face it, you are using your hardware for places it isn’t designed for. If it’s what you want, why are you so worked up about other people thinking it’s odd/bad? Deal with it, don’t go forcing other people to have to avoid offending you. Everyone will be offended by something, you can’t say three sentences in a conversation without saying something that could be offensive to someone. Everybody hates what they don’t agree with or believe in, so learn to live with it.

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