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Comment: Tory MPs really need to shut up if they want my vote

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Reader comments

  1. If you’re looking for reasons to like the Conservatives, the comments section of the Mail’s website is not the best place to start – it becomes startlingly apparent that their demographic is more or less that of the maligned pretender who couldn’t quite bring himself to vote BNP. In fact, the best way to guiltlessly hop on the Tory bandwagon is to pretend the majority of their MPs don’t exist (and pretending Ann Widdecombe doesn’t exist brings considerable satisfaction, believe me). You are more than correct in questioning any possible allegiance to a party rooted in jingoistic bigotry, albeit one slightly publicly elevated by recent dabblings in spinelessness in the search for new voters to screw over with empty promises.

    …a little harsh? I’ll admit as much once those New Tories arrive.

  2. Simon Murphy 27 Feb 2009, 4:05pm

    The Tories have a lot more to do if they want to convince people they are not homophobic wingnuts.

  3. I think you are being a little unfair.

    Attitudes vary across all parties, as they vary across society.

    There are many traditional ‘Old Labour’ MPs who are pretty uncomfortable discussing gay issues. And thee is a Tory frotn bencher (Alan Duncan) who recently wed his male partner in a civil partnership.

    This article seems a little hysterical if you ask me.

  4. James there may be the odd – very odd – Labour MP who opposes equality for gay people, but you need to contrast this with the fact that the vast majority of Tory MPs and peers have opposed every attempt by Labour Party to bring in equality for gay people.

    And it’s worth adding that every meaningul legislative advance in the rights of gay people has been enacted under a Labour government. We’d still have an unequal age of consent, Section 28, an armed forces ban, no equality legislation and no civil partnerships if it had been up to Tory MPs. Indeed, as recently as the 1980s, a majority of Tory MPs wanted all sexual activity between men recriminalised.

    It does look like the next government will be Tory – be afraid because the people with influence will be Daily Mail and Telegraph columnists like Melanie Phillips and Simon Heffer.

  5. Pete & Michael 27 Feb 2009, 4:58pm

    We wrote to our MP for Crewe & Nantwich on 16th February 2009 as follows’ We were saddened to learn that the Shadow Justice Secretary defended the religious opt-out from homophobic incitement law, as we understand the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act did create an offence of incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation but, there was an amendment made by Lord Waddington. We hope that this amendment will be removed in the forthcoming Coroners and Justice Bill. We hope that yourself will vote for the removal of the Waddington amendment’.

    We believe that the Conservative Party will lose the next election by the ‘gay’ vote. We do not want a return to Section 28 nor the repeal of our new found rights we now enjoy by a Conservative Party that will ignore us if elected.

  6. The Tories are a typical bunch of political con artists who will promise us anything and deliver nothing when it comes down to the wire. They have never done anything of any value in the Parliament for gay rights. I accept that there are certain Conservative MP’s who are entirely different from identifiable homophobe bull dog owning flag waving gobshites that waste space on the green leather seats of the Parliament. I feel sorry for such liberal Tories maybe they are in the wrong party? A Tory Government will do everything it can to roll back any advances we have made under a Labour Government, and they will fume at every step forward in gay rights the Europeans force upon them.

  7. Although the play is a good thing, I don’t really want an LGBT history month myself – who asked us?? This is another case of Stonewall and guilty heterosexuals doing something to tick a box without asking gay people if it’s what they want. I think things like this only do us damage, by making it look like we want special treatment. We don’t – we just want to be able to kiss in the street without being abused. We’ll get that by getting respect as openly gay people doing respectable, good things in our communities – not by having these PC stunts granted to us from on high.

  8. Joe Johnston 27 Feb 2009, 7:17pm

    Tony Grew is a fully paid-up bigot. A gay one maybe but still a bigot. I know some in our community can’t face facts but there are plenty of Tony Grews around – opinionated, condescending and supercilious – all adjectives equally suited to New Labour Apparatchiks like Ben Summerskill . Neither Grew nor Stonewall speak for me nor for lots of gay people.

  9. Well Joe the voting records of Tories on do actually speak to (certainly not ‘for’) gay people. alas….

    Better still, give me some good reasons why gay people should trust the tories.

  10. For the record, I understand the kids at the school in question were asked what play they wanted to do and “Romeo and Julian” was the idea THEY came back with. And by all accounts, they’ve been getting a lot out of it both in terms of enjoyment and their own personal development.

    Times are changing and if these young people are at all representative of the voters of tomorrow, the Tories are committing electoral suicide.

  11. The tories remain essentially tory. Their agenda has shifted soemwhere in a lost zone between completing Thatcherism and avoiding becoming far right. The credit crunch directly effects this unstated ideological position but it leaves the Tories hot footing it between non commitalism and something like a new labour (far) centre right position.
    The tories are not a party based on notions of understanding how to address damage inflicted on society by captialism. They activley enforce further damage by seeking to maintain the vertical strucutres that create a poor and a rich. Any mention of gays is far below their true agenda. This is Toryism, this is what Torys stand for, captialism, preservation of class, protection of the rich and a contempt for poverty which is seen as something essentially immoral on behalf of the poor person.

    The only thing going for the new Tory party is that unlike the previous lot, they are now strongly represented by very previledged men. At the least, this is bringing a certain wettness, even liberal reasonability that comes with the culture of the life long upper classes. There’s a chance that the predominance of that tendancy above the usual right wing reactionary impulse or a stade bland provincial conservatism could inject a kick into this country, even though it will most probably come unintentionally.

  12. James

    LGBTHistory month is a way to get these issues mainstreaamed in schools. Most kids don’t think that queers have done anything noteworthy, this tries to redress that, and give LGBT kids positive role models.

    Some spill over into the “grownup” world is also useful, because there are so many people who still hold us un contempt as wasters and child molesters.

    As with many of my generation, I look to the day when sexuality and gender identity aren’t noteworthy

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Feb 2009, 2:13pm

    “This is absolutely ridiculous. People can’t help being gay, but we don’t need to have it rammed down our throats …”

    Well, well….when the straight majority desists from ramming its own orientation down our collective throats in the form of explicit hetero sex scenes in films, movies, tv, pornography, kissing and the like, then perhaps they’ll shut up altogether. Lets face it, straights overall have always had and always will have the monopoly on bigotry, hypocrisy and the doublestandard. Davies’ comments are nothing new but typical of today’s homophobe and the Tory party has them in abundance, more than in any other.

  14. Bill Perdue 28 Feb 2009, 11:50pm

    Tories cling to the past. Like their Republican mentors in the US they’re so steeped in hatred of working people, misogyny, racism, immigrant bashing and homophobia that even their best efforts won’t make the stench go away. They reek.

  15. Yeah, you are aren’t you.

  16. I don’t want the tories to shut up – I want them to shout their unpleasant opinions from the rooftops where all can hear them.

  17. Vulpus_rex 2 Mar 2009, 2:24pm

    What a load of prejudiced outdated bleating.

    It really is hilarious to hear the hysterical panicking from unreconstructed old lefties who resort to smear and misinformation to try and prevent the inevitable.

    We have had the most corrupt, venal, lying, thieving government in living memory and it is LABOUR, get that, LABOUR.

    The vast majority of people I know, both gay and straight, are sick to death of their near criminal incompetence and want them out.

    It is such a shame that there as still people in my community who are so dumb they will vote repeatedly for the likes of sleaze bucket Mandelsohn because his party have handed out a few sweeties.

  18. Funny old world you live in, vulpus, or does your butler cut out all the bits where tories tack on amendments which give religious groups the right to continue their vendetta against us. I bet he even cuts out the bits of tory sleaze where MPs pay their kids silly money for doing SFA.
    Hamilton, Jeffrey Archer, Michael Ashcroft, Steven Norris and Shaun Woodward, all great tory names caught with their hands in the till. Vote tory? Don’t make me laugh

  19. Wossname: Try Peter Mandelson (twice), John Prescott, Cherie Blair, Michael Martin etc etc, not to mention Labour eliminating all the life peers so they could put their own people in place, to buy their way in, and then charge for their services to push bills through. Oh and massive expenses they run up, but then block publication of.

    Vulpus is spot on. All you whinging lefties moan about the Tories being so homophobic, like that really is the top of most peoples priorities. We want a party that can actually run the country without corruption, sleaze, unenforceable laws and such utter and complete hypocrisy. I’m not saying the Tories are the right choice, but I so wish these socialist idiots would look a bit further than their noses, and stop seeing Labour as the only party available.

  20. Vulpus_rex 6 Mar 2009, 11:49am

    How tediously predicatbale of Wossname to resort to class stereotypes. If you have run out of steam and need to resort to ad-hominem attacks could you at least try to be original?

    All the names you mention are just as guilty as their Labour counterparties. However the Labour party have not restricted themselves to personal corruption.

    They are morally corrupt as an entity – right from their stamping all over our civil liberties to Harriet Harm-men’s racist, sexist legislation proposals.

    You really need huge blinkers to ignore all this.

  21. People forget the Lib Dems – all their members opposed section 28 on ideological grounds and currently run a campaign on homphobic bullying in schools

  22. Brian Burton 11 Mar 2009, 8:09am

    Oh! Sweet charity where are you? These dreaded Clingons, these HOMOSEXUAL persons! What are they really trying to say about us TORIES. We are the essence of purity in all things Gay and they do’nt belive what we give, on silver salvers-our word! Oh! lament, lament.

  23. Class stereotypes, vulpus? Well, coming from someone who uses latin as a sig on here that’s rich. I don’t see my post as ad hominen really, not compared to other posts by you on here calling others twats, but hey, if you want to delude yourself over the tory party go ahead. They are still up to their necks in sleaze, even in opposition so don’t give me any of that old bull about Labour, I’m well aware of their failings, I’m also well aware of just how much they have done for the LGBT community, which is a damm sight more than the tories ever have or will do.

  24. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 2:30pm

    Well Answered wossname. You realise REX is Royal, you could be giving Lillibut Windsor the what-for in your reply to Vulpus. Is it Her I ask myself? She’s very Queenie whoever she is.

  25. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 2:35pm

    By the By Vulpus, someone said you sing in a chior. I sing in my Church Chior and I sing also, ‘American Barbershop.’

  26. Brian Burton 11 Apr 2009, 5:30pm

    All you people who want a Tory ‘Have a Gay Day’ Government–Damn well good luck to you!

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