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Catholic bishops ‘helped defeat’ domestic partnerships bill in New Mexico

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Reader comments

  1. Had this been a heterosexual-only bill, you can be fairly certain the Republicans wouldn’t have cried foul over it, nor would the Catholic church have intervened in any whiny capacity. Therefore, their intervention is born entirely out of homophobia. Obvious, yes – but something that needs specific mention for fear of confusion with valid and relevant political argument, were it possible to so badly miscategorise such an injustice.

  2. darkmoonman 27 Feb 2009, 11:25pm

    They wanna invade politics in a manner that harms specific groups? Okay, time to start taxing the churches just like any other politically active organization.

  3. The Catholic church wants freedom of religion only as long as it is their freedom to harm others. The same goes for most religious organisations and institutions. What about the religious freedom of those who want equal rights for all human beings and who want to have the freedom to put an end to pain, suffering, discrimination, poverty and other terrible ills?

  4. Bishop Ioan 27 Mar 2009, 2:12pm

    Ah,but Eugene, if you did all that, these people would have little reason to exist. They thrive on the misery of others, misery that they either inflict or nurture. These people are as far from real Christianity as I am from London (and I live in Arizona, another homophobic hellhole). Some of these people LIVE to inflict their homophobic BS on others.

    I would love to see any church involved in this sort of thing taxed to the maximum allowed. They should not be paid (via tax exemptions) to make the lives of tax-paying citizens miserable.

  5. Albuquerquean 29 Mar 2009, 8:46pm

    About the only way to “sell” domestic partnerships — and sadly, selling is the best hope — is to repeat over and over that NOT having liberal social policies is going to hurt New Mexico economically. And that is true. Several companies with liberal, non-discriminatory, hiring policies have not moved to New Mexico because of discriminatory policies. NM is working hard to attract movie making and cutting edge high tech firms. They are not going to send people to a state with a reputation for backwardness.
    Believe me the Catholic church could not care less about truth, justice, decency, teen-aged pregnancy, or anything else worth caring about. Only economic pressure will make one whit of difference here. Btw, in NM it was a feeble campaign supporting domestic partnerships with good-guy groups like the League of Women Voters helping a lot more than any gay rights group including the national Human Rights Campaign Fund.

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