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Hawaii Senate’s 3am vote on civil unions ends in tie

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  1. The idea that homosexuality is not a choice does not justify giving homosexual relationships the label of “marriage.” The right to marry is already extended to every individual, not to every kind of relationship. Government discriminates between different types of relationships; otherwise, polygamous and monogamous relationships would be treated equally. Committed, heterosexual relationships are labeled “marriage” because that is the traditional definition of the word. “When words lose their meaning,” warned Confucius, “people will lose their liberty.” One group who stands to lose out from changing the meaning of marriage is children, who benefit from government’s preferential treatment towards a relationship that best meets their needs. The moral being “forced” upon same-sex couples is the need to promote the ideal parental environment. Proponents of same-sex marriage ought to consider placing the interests of children above those of their own.