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Google’s blockade of leaves unanswered questions

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Reader comments

  1. Just a guess, but probably try to look into the ads that are on the web page.
    I was quite frustrated at not being able to read PinkNews (as I do quite often), though my frustration was lifted just a tad when I remembered the same thing happening to another site I was rather fond of.
    The culprit on the other site happened to be an ad on the pages. Some advertisers tend to take advantage of carpet-bombing exploits (placing files on computers without the users’ intention).
    This is, sadly, not an isolated issue, as many websites have had ads on the page that express malicious intent on unsuspecting users..

    If it wasn’t an ad, then I’m clueless.
    Oh and, glad to have the site back to normal!

  2. Adrian Masters 27 Feb 2009, 4:37pm

    Sue Google for all losses, google is responsible for ALL losses, and must be held responsible, at court, as google is NOT the cyberpolice, nor is entitled to block sites on its own decision!
    Only authorities can and should be allowed to block sites, based on court decisions, and not privately owned entities with possible exterior motives, like fi competition!
    I think it is unacceptable that one org can be deciding about blocking a site!

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