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Councillor asks if homophobic attacks are “acceptable” in Merseyside

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Reader comments

  1. Ste McCabe 26 Feb 2009, 3:27pm

    I’m from Liverpool, grew up in Huyton and I found it laughable when it was awarded Capital of Culture. It’s bad enough that this happened there, but then for Alker to be found Not Guilty confirms what I already knew about the City – it is viciously homophobic and for the large part, pretty backward when it comes to attitudes towards gay people. I’d urge anyone who was gay who lived there to get out.

  2. Simon Murphy 26 Feb 2009, 4:17pm

    For a city which is so sensitive about how it is portrayed in the media, disgraceful verdicts like this one indicate that Liverpool’s negative reputation is obviously deserved.

  3. I am originally from Liverpool although I left the City over twenty years ago. Liverpool has a bedrock of Irish Catholic / Orange Protestant history. I grew up in the middle of that sectarian mess of institutionalised bigotry and it is that history which underpins the homophobia in the City’s population to this day I think.Steve Radford’s question is answered in the affirmative so far as ten of the jurors were concerned obviously. They thought it was ok to batter a young gay man to death. I have experienced first hand the homophobia in Liverpool, it was vicious at times, of that there was no question, and I have experienced it in many other parts of the world too just as bad and always with religion as a significant cultural element for it happening in the first place. Liverpool needs to wake up and take stock and address the serious issues that are exposed because of this terrible crime before this dreadful murder is repeated again, and another innnocent gay person is lost at the hands of violent homophobics. I agree entirely that Liverpool needs to shake off its sectarian past and become much more modern in outlook so far as gay people are concerned.

  4. I went to Liverpool once – won’t be returning. Dreary, boring place populated by thick, ugly people.

  5. I went to Liverpool once, but I won’t be returning. Dreary, boring place populated by thick, ugly people.

  6. if this is what this country is coming to, i’ll be glad when im gone, this is a terrible miscarriage of justice, and i’d be pleased to help Michael’s mother all i can

  7. Peter MARTIN 26 Feb 2009, 10:41pm

    10 years after Matthew Shepard; 7 days after the refusal to allow the Phelps access to the UK; 2 days after the new report sighting lack of action following the McPhearson Report – No wonder people don’t report hate crimes or incidents; As a director of an LGBT voluntary sector agency who provides advocacy to secondary victims of homophobia caused by the services whose ‘JOB’ it is to serve and protect us, I am becoming more and more dis-engaged, if this was a race or religious hate incident; Liverpool would now be ‘loving the bones him’ the victim; crying streams of tears. My friends, we need to now all stand up and ask our ‘elected councilors’ what are you doing for me? What does my council tax pay? and how are ‘you’ as my elected representative going to ensure this attrocity and mis-carriage of justice never happens again! Shame on Liverpool! Shame on the CPS you have blood on your hands, you have failed us AGAIN!

  8. Richard, what a deeply foolish thing to have written. You write that you went to Liverpool “once”, the rest of your comment says much more about you than it ever could about Liverpool, which by the way is in no way dreary, boring or populated by thick ugly people. I was born there and lived in the city for forty years before I left to live outside of the UK, So kindly take your calculated, idiotic, ignorant,insulting and baseless comment about my home city and shove it where the Sun don’t shine,oh yes and don’t bother with the lube either, thanks.

  9. I guess these kinds of goings on helps decide where not to spend your holidays.


    I advise those in Liverpool concerned about this case, including the councilor, to apply to be in the audience. ONe question tabled for the programme could be: Since gay-hate murders generate no interest at all on national TV, are gay lives more expendable than those of other minorities?

    It could be the only way to give this case some national coverage since the BBC showed NO interest in it whatsoever. Consider protestign outside the programme’s venue as well.

  11. And I was going to be going to Liverpool for a few days over easter as well. Hah. Not any more.

  12. Come on people, one act of murder does not make everyone a murderer. The City is made up of over one million people and that includes a goodly number of decent human beings gay and otherwise. A sense of proportion is needed here in my view. As gay people haven’t we learned the lession of the need to avoid being bigoted ourselves? I have always found it really offensive that certain people think it is quite acceptable to insult anyone from Liverpool or smear us with their nasty remarks just because they feel like it or that it seems somehow an acceptable thing to do. Well it isn’t. Shouldn’t we be expressing greater respect for each other, and maybe that might make a substantial contribution to making a real change for the better for us all?

  13. Patrick, Dublin 1 Mar 2009, 6:06pm

    Liverpool is essentially a giant sink estate. The city really has no redeeming features. I’m not surprised by this case as it confirms to me how backward and barabaric the place is.

  14. It is not the murder that makes Liverpool so collectively awful, but that the local, randomly selected jury condoned it and aquitted one of the vicious, violent murderers. These people sit in judgement, and they have judged US as worth abusing, and have demonstrated their belief that we should be murdered. This is not about one or two homophobic individuals, but the support their homophobia has received from a random Liverpool jury.

  15. paul simon 2 Mar 2009, 7:50am

    We should also be asking is the national media homophobic?? Why has Michael Causer’s murder been a blip on the national news radar? There’s people in Liverpool who’ve never heard of him! The BBC has reported on almost every teenage murder in London over the last few years, but Michael is not worthy of a mention. wtf?? Isn’t it ironic that Anthony Walker was killed less than a mile away from Michael Causer, and they covered that story for months. Racism vs homophobia? There’s an OBVIOUS winner in national media!

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