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Comment: Iraq’s gays go underground to survive

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Reader comments

  1. The Spanish – American war of 1898 went so badly for the Spanish that to this day in Spain they refer to it only as “The Disaster”.

    I wonder if the decision to invade Iraq, arguably the worst idea in history for reasons including and beyond those set out in this article, will aquire a similar epitaph.

  2. This is a sickening story, and as ivan says, it emphasises the sham of the Iraq campaign, and the colluding with fanatics.

    Peter Tatchell deserves a knighthood….(as a republican he’ll hate me saying this!!). I heard him do a very enjoyable radio interview yesterday at the Museum of London, looking at his 40 years of activism. very inspiring stuff).

  3. This is what religion does. Why anyone should be surprised this is happening in beyond me. This is what England will be like in 20 years. People must wake up to he religious threat from ALL religions and start speaking out and challenging religious people and their twisted ideology. Like Sam Harris says – it is not just the extremists that are the problem – moderates allow extremism to flourish because they believe in preposterous things.

  4. Islam is a sect just like every other sect and they do a very good job at indoctrination, dominiation and control of the masses. Life is cheap in Islam

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Mar 2009, 7:58pm

    Maybe Jacqui Smith needs to read this and perhaps she’ll think twice before deporting gay muslims back to an uncertain fate. Having to go “underground” in Iraq would definitely be something the Home Office would be in agreement with of course, just be discreet and no harm will come to you. What a disgusting situation for any human being to be in. I doubt if any straight would tolerate it do you? Obviously, oppression is okayed by our Home Office if you’re gay and I don’t see that changing when the Tories are in office either. The Home Office has a long history of institutionalised homophobia.

    Richard, I’m in total agreement with you. We’d better wake up before its too late. We’re far too complacent.

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