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Christian fundamentalists try to block protection for gay kids at school

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  1. If teachers think they have the right to torment children under their stwardship with notions of eternal hell and other superstitious nonsense, that is child abuse and they should be kept out of the classroom.

    well done Terry Sanderson for exposing these wannabe-theocrats, who take their inspiration from the American Family Association, the Allied Defense Fund and Focus on the Family.

    They portray themselves as a vulnerable minority, but they would make life hell if they had the support those American groups had.

  2. Christians should be allowed to teach.

  3. Andrew Q- I’m pretty sure this law doesn’t pervent christians from teaching. It’s just designed so that they don’t encourage homophobic bullying. If they object to a decrease in homophobic bullying, you have to ask “why”?

  4. Not wanting to respect children should be a crime – shows how low these people will sink to try & legalise their bigotry.

  5. Religion is becoming a real weapon – instead of healing !!

  6. Andrew Flynn 26 Feb 2009, 3:12pm

    Just when you thought religion couldnt get any lower…

  7. Har Davids 26 Feb 2009, 3:18pm

    ‘Christian teachers would have to treat gay kids with respect regardless of their views on homosexuality.’ So what, there’s usually more to a person then just their sexuality, can’t these bigots get over their obsession and move on. Nobody encounters just people whose views he or she shares, I know I don’t. So how hard can it be to be nice to gays, even though you don’t really approve of or understand their sexual preference? It’s so simple: treat everybody as you would like to be treated (isn’t that in the Bible somewhere?). And kids are usually more vulnerable, so they need all the support they can get.

  8. “The Institute claims that under the GTC guidelines Christian teachers will have to treat gay kids with respect regardless of their views on homosexuality”

    Oh, no! Shock horror! Teachers will be forced to treat gay children with respect? Whatever next, eh? Before we know it, thye’ll be being asked to treat all pupils the same regardless of their skin colour. How dare the GTC try to ban bigotry! It’s what The ‘Christian’ Institute lives for.
    F**king idiots. Any teacher who discriminates against a pupil because of their sexuality (or colour, disability, parents/parent, etc etc) should be punished.
    And don’t you find it ironic that one minute these bigots are saying that one reason gay adoption is ‘bad for children’ is they might get bullied at school, and the next minute they’re complaining because people AREN’T allowed to bully children because of their or their parents’ sexuality. They don’t really care about the children at all. They’re just pawns in their campaign of hatred.
    I particularly deplore the way they’re saying that Christioans are being victimised. That’s definitely a policy to counter the reality of homophobic attacks – “Look! We’re victims too!” No, you’re not, not in the UK or most other countries where you spout your bile. You’re sad little people who are obsessed with this one issaue that has nothing whatever to do with you. I picture you writing ‘Mr Angry’ letters to the papers protesting about how LGBT rights are destroying the world and threatening Christianity, when, in reality, the first statement is an absolute lie and the second is a joke because it’s you and the AFA and all the other bigots who are destroying Christianity by twisting and perverting it to spread hate for others to make up for your own insecurities. In my opinion, of course.

  9. If they can’t treat children with respect, because they are too narrow minded, then we should return the favour in kind. I remember in the past they were routinely thrown to lions….

  10. “The Institute claims that under the GTC guidelines Christian teachers will have to treat gay kids with respect regardless of their views on homosexuality”


    I find them offencive both as a gay person and as the purfectly accepted out gay *child* of a christian techer.

  11. Simon Murphy 26 Feb 2009, 4:21pm

    Interestingly some of the strongest opponents to the abolition of slavery in the US were evangelical christians. Their facism continues unabated

  12. “Christians should be allowed to teach” what exactly? If the Christian Institute had its way, bigotry and hate springs to mind as a first. I really do blame the parents this time. The Christian Institute should really be told to sod off and keep their crackpot ideas where they belong, inside Church not in a School.

  13. Dave North 26 Feb 2009, 5:25pm

    Thank You Iris, My sentiments exactly.

  14. Religion – the root of all evil.

  15. Boi Polloi 26 Feb 2009, 8:15pm

    Yes. Teachers should be required to respect the students, PERIOD. Whether the child is gay, straight, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, disabled, etc., all children are worthy of respect and a safe educational environment. If they are incapable of doing that because of their religious beliefs, perhaps they should find a job in a religious-based educational system. They won’t find sympathizers here.

  16. If you can’t equally teach all children regardless of their faith or sexuality, then you shouldn’t be teaching except in a religious school where all their minds have been brainwashed to your liking.

  17. The trouble is, elaygee, more and more schools appear to be coming under a christian influence. The National Secularist Society have been warning of this for some time. If this section is withdrawn because of pressure from these idiots then those schools will have a free hand in preaching their dogma of hate and bigotry

  18. In a way, the more OBVIOUSLY vicious, bigoted, irrational and stupid the Christian Institute shows itself to be, the better…

    The the incompletely-brainwashed conservative Christians who still have a modicum of sense, compassion and humanity left may recognise it for the nasty, sectarian rump of para-church organization that the rest of us can see it is!

  19. James Whale 27 Feb 2009, 12:12pm

    The consultation ends TODAY, 27th Feb!

    Download the document here:

    and complete the consultation here:

    Let them know you care about the protection of equality and diversity in our schools! It’ll only take 10 minutes of your time.

  20. “Christians should be allowed to teach”

    Really? Well, the last time we allowed “Christians to teach”, we ended up with the church burning innocent people as witches on our “flat earth”. I for one have no issues with christian teachers, just keep the religion, and its historically proven stupidity, out of the class room.

  21. Stupidity knows no barriers – Teachers must respect all students regardless of creed, colour or sex.
    I agree with Will

  22. last time i checked, christianity preached that we should not judge one another. I dont see that much of a difference between discriminating and judging. teachers should be informing their students not to judge when they discriminate against a student for whatever reason. these people are in conflict with their own faith for this.

  23. James from Chicago, IL 14 Apr 2009, 6:57am

    It is all religious tyranny. If they cant do the job in good conscious, they need another profession.

    We had exactly the same situation re Black people in this country for a hundred years after the civil war.

    And the people most opposed to treating gay people equally are those whose forbears gave us slavery and segregation and justified it via their so called Christian Bible.

  24. In all my years as a teacher – and a Christian teacher at that – I never once had any occasion to concern myself with the sexual orientation of any pupil or even to try to find out what any pupils’s orientation was, never mind make a judgment on it. I did, however, on a number of occasions have to castigate pupils for making homophobic comments and also to refute pernicious myths about gays. If that is what the so-called Christian Institute means by “promoting gay rights”, then it is the duty of every teacher to do so, and a Christian teacher should be as willing as anyone else to do it.

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