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Prime Minister celebrates LGBT History Month at Downing St

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Reader comments

  1. Postponed until March 2009

  2. The Michael Causer verdict shows there is nothing to celebrate. Holding a minute’s silence in his memory, during this meeting, would be an appropriate gesture….

  3. Simon Murphy 25 Feb 2009, 2:00pm

    Any gay person who attends this event should ask the PM when civil partnerships will be available to heterosexuals and full marriage available to homosexuals

  4. Joe Johnston 26 Feb 2009, 9:42am

    Anyone who thinks Brown is doing anything other than sucking up for votes is an idiot

  5. Anyone willing to ask why the Pope has been invited into the country given Labour’s prounouncements on extremism and homophobia and penchant for banning people from entering the country. Given that the pope has a dig at homosexuality every time he gets a chance and the Catholic church is currently working in so many countries against equality for gay men and lesbians, I don’t think it is appropriate. Intrinsically disordered, a wound, worse than the destruction of the rain forests, sounds pretty much like extremism to me.

  6. When they say “organisers and gay activists”. Will this be Stonewall “representing us” as usual? In which case we shouldn’t expect much progress from it.

  7. Peter MARTIN 26 Feb 2009, 10:22pm

    Hello Alex, I have to agree with you, as the Director of a voluntary sector organisation who works (with no money or funding) at grass route level, including being the force OH YES IT WAS US behind the petitions requesting the home office and Hampshire constabulary to ‘ban’ the Phelps from entering the UK last week; attending the play to show our support – despite being 4 hours drive away from Basingstoke, giving up our own time, using our own petrol – Stonewall yet again claim victory for all this work despite Ben Summerskill and Peter Tatchell emailing me earlier that day to say they were aware of the Phelps threat but what did they do? I too am becoming tired of this super sales team; prostituting themselves to our public services, diverting the funding stream into their pond away from local organisations who are in touch with local individuals! I am currently undertaking local research to identify whether our local experience (LGBT lifestyle survey) mirrors the research Stonewall have published, but as yet have not met a person who has ever taken part in one of their surveys! Those which are used as ‘get out of talking to us’ reports by local authorities and seek to speak for us? I do not wave a banner, I do not scream with a loud speaker or seek to ‘out’ anyone who chooses not to be; but seek to work and ensure our lifestyle choice receives the respect the £140,000,000.00 paid by gay people in council tax across the Easter Region in 2008 demands! I urge every gay person to ask Stonewall “what have you done for me, as an individual what have you done”?

  8. I think I agree with Peter Martin. Stonewall are really riding on the back of history, although the visibility is good for us all (visibility small groups could not afford). However, the usual (dated) Peter Tatchell quotes are getting as tedious as an outburst from Boy George! I wish Ben Goldacre would get involved and test some of Stonewall’s ‘statistics’ and P.C. lobbying.

    Furthermore, Stonewall appears to be a bit of a love-in for the gay scene elite, which riles me. Where is the representation from normal people? Where are the democratically elected figures? :)

    In short, the patronising self-elected ‘become our friend!’ junk from Stonewall needs to stop and they need to be more open.

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