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Asian TV network censored gay references from Oscar speeches

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Reader comments

  1. So even the mention of our mere existence is offensive. What a world. The same world that is so eager to accuse the Western World of injustices. A long, long way ahead.

  2. The “Love that still cannot speak its name” — such sensitivities they are a joke!

  3. Wonder how they managed the year Brokeback Mountain scooped up the big awards? And the winner of best film is “********* ********”. Pathetic.

  4. Unbelievable :o I just don’t get where this fear, ignorance and prejudice is coming from. And talking of the viewers’ sensitivities, many of them would be LGBT themselves and it would hardly have made them feel good to find themselves categorised as something so awful it couldn’t even be named.

  5. STAR is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation by the way.

  6. The film is ABOUT a freakin’ gay rights activist! Sheesh!

  7. Hanz Ronarc Raneco 30 Jun 2010, 8:36am

    Be pair to all…we are all human and we should have equal rights….to love and to be love

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