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Republican party chair rejects civil unions as going “loosey-goosey on marriage”

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Reader comments

  1. The Republican spokesperson’s that are habitually seen opinining on USA TV are given to speaking in a kind of dumb-downed sound bite usually aimed at their dependable supporters. They avoid debate at all costs, never engaging in a factual exchange of views when emotional reasoning is the option of choice. Fortunately, where it matters for our civil liberties that kind of third-rate reasoning wont get the Republican’s very far and they know it, which is why they always try to get control of the Supreme Courts whenever possible. Republican’s have lost the plot, and have been entirely discredited thanks to GW Bush his former administration and his assault on the Constitution. The Republican party should hang its head in shame and this individual should consider the history of America, and then deny fundamental rights to us, in the same way they had been denied to American’s of African descent in the past. His comments are disgraceful!

  2. way to go. Just remember it was the liberal, wishy-washy, fag-accepting sector that worked their arses off to get and maintain equality for people of colour.

    But for them, the closest this guy would have got to GOP power shapers would have been shining their shoes!

  3. Har Davids 25 Feb 2009, 8:58pm

    ‘Loosey-goosey on marriage’, ‘a core, founding value of this country’: lovely words. Is mister Steele aware that when the US of A was founded, slavery was quite normal, and that people got away with that, but not after a lot of misery for the slaves? Maybe preserving traditions is a bit stupid, especially now that lots of people are losing their jobs and their homes. Care about that, in stead of gays wanting to get married!

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