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Google causes problems for readers

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Reader comments

  1. You should worry – according to the BBC at lunch time the millions of Gmail users were unable to use Gmail this morning!

  2. I’ve got the same warning on-screen now, thankfully there is an “Ignore this warning” thingie to click on.

    I’m wondering is there more sinister behind this, who knows if some fundamentalist visitors haven’t done something to orchestrate this.

    “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get me”

  3. I’ve had this problem today when accessing PinkNews. Thankfully there is an “Ignore this warning” facility.

    I’m wondering whether there isn’t something more sinister behind this. Who knows what some fundamentalist visitors might try to do.

    “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t all out to get me” :-)

  4. Advising users to switch to Internet Explorer is a bit irresponsible. Surely if there is any real malware here, using IE would be rather dangerous?

  5. I had this problem here in Australia as well! Seems to be rectified now!

  6. DavidQueer 25 Feb 2009, 2:08am

    He friends @ Pink News, thanks for answering my phone call earlier and explaining the problems you’ve been having.

    If anyone else still can’t get on to Pink News try accessing the site at (it’s a mirror and doesn’t seem to have any problems).

    Hope to see PinkNews back up and running properly soon, keep up the good work.

  7. Whatever browser you use, make sure it isn’t Internet Explorer.

  8. pinknews uses wordpress for this section which has had recent vunerabilities (last year) so it’s silly to say that “google has targeted pinknews” .

    virus/trojans aren’t the only way malmare can infect a site. a vulnerability in the software could allow savvy cracker/hacker to add hidden links to a website . As was the case in march 2008 for many many sites that use wordpress.

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