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Colorado politician compares homosexuality to murder

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Reader comments

  1. what I find so amazing about tossers like this is when giving money/benefits to gay people its a sin against god. But taking it from us, taxing us , is fine. No recourse, nothing.

  2. More predictable Bible-babble from another victim of Christinsanity!

    Given that we KNOW that the ‘Apostles of Christ’ erroneously expected the 1st century, violent apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God – which didn’t arrive as predicted – it’s time that the Bible-babblers, who presume to speak for a Divine Creator, were treated with as much incredulity as those who believe they have a hotline to Zeus, Neptune, or Persephone!

  3. Why is my Firebox browser telling me that “” is a “malicious site”?

  4. the internet brings us the truth about america I never knew still existed

  5. same here Martin in Internet Explorer.

  6. Given this man’s misogynistic views about women, do we really care what he has to say about anything? As a wise woman once said: the main problem with political jokes is that they often get elected

  7. Liam Curran 24 Feb 2009, 4:45pm

    How long before Senator Renfroe is caught in a rentboy scandal or cottaging in Colorado?!

  8. “He added that in his view God is offended by homosexuals and regards them as an abomination. On the subject of women the Senator said they had been created as man’s helper.”

    This ‘rectal orifice’ should be urged “to spend more time with his family” at the next election.
    Would he be equally offended if the fireman who battles to save his home was gay, if the doctor who saved his life was gay, would he refuse to accept gay votes [fat chance of getting any, but …]and insist he opponent was the winner?????

    Just shows how political candidates should be grilled by the voters before the elections … there’d be fewer ‘jokes’ getting elected.

  9. The joy to be had at the moment about the Republican Party and its elected officals is that they are getting crazier by the hour. Having been soundly told to sod off in the Presidential Elections they are now sitting around in Washington like five year olds spitting the dummy out at anything and everything. They really are like the turkeys counting the days down to Thanksgiving as elections come round. So they fall back on the only thing they know, appeals to the most rabid and ill educated to try to save their worthless necks next voting time. This guy is of course, a moron.

  10. what are the odds that this man will be caught on a local park late at night?! I feel like a betting man… Anyway why certain people are too interested in other people’s private lives? So long you don’t scare the horses… Who cares?!!

  11. Charles Barrett 24 Feb 2009, 6:34pm

    Just a point of interest to this bible-beater: The Bible CLEARLY states that woman was created from man’s rib to be his helpmeet and PARTNER, not to be his slave or property!

  12. Thats ok! I compare Republicans to Nazis!

  13. The depth of religious imbecility in the US really scares me (and that’s NOT a dig at Americans). Yesterday I was looking at a forum full of young people, 13-21 year olds mainly, and the number of people who categorically stated that LGBT were polluting good people and were sinning by choice as it was a lie that they were born gay, was frightening. They genuinely believed this.
    Now this loony politician I can ignore because he’s old enough to know better and shows a suspicious interest in other people’s sex lives, but to see all those teenagers spouting religious crap as the truth is chilling.
    Oh, and if homosexuality is like murder then why didn’t God put it in the 10 Commandments? Answer: because God, if he exists, made people gay just as he made them black or white, so he’s hardly going to consider that a sin, is he?
    Which reminds me of that quote from Lynn Lavery:

    “The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more supervision.”

  14. And yes, I meant Lynn LAVNER. That’s what happens when I try to function without my full dose of caffeine! :D

  15. “The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more supervision.”

    can’t…. stop….. laughing

  16. Iris, that quote by Lynn Lavery will have me giggling all day long! Thank you!!
    My Partner is an American and grateful that we can live together in England!

  17. Brad Grady 26 Feb 2009, 1:02am

    If they can read and if they can use their brains fully and comprehend and understand. I reccommend that Bible dictating , want to be Christians read a Great Book called … Crossovers.. The Origins of Homosexuality. by Sidney Schwartz and Rev. Carl Hewitt. They will if they do… come to see The many Contradictions in the Bible … the book that has been revised and manipulated by those with Un.. Christ like agendas. They used the Bible to justify slavery, to denounce inter racial marriage and other things. This is for those.. who care to Learn.

  18. Stephen Allport 27 Feb 2009, 12:08pm

    I remeber some years ago I worshiped at an Anglican Church in Staffordshire. The wife of the vicar of our ‘sister’ church in the next village wrote an article in the Church Magazine, it should have been an article on the debate of sexuality. It eneded up as a vicious attack on gays. She said that she could ‘forgive’ a murderer but homosexuals were beyond forgivenness. As an openly gay man in my church I was invited to pen a response for the following months magazine. It was published but then all the copies of the magazine were collected and my article torn out of each copy!! I now no longer attend any church or wish to be associated with these bigots.

  19. Where does this yobbo get off telling us what offends God and what doesn’t? Why not ask God what offends him. (Hmm…no answer? How strange…) Don’t worry folks, it’s only a matter of time before this one gets caught practicing his “wide stance” in a bathroom somewhere, or better yet, with a bit throbbing dick in his mouth. It will be fun to see what *his* excuse is!

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