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Video: Gay kids – you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value

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Reader comments

  1. Absolutley beautiful speech it was very moving hopefully his promise comes to realisation.

  2. I wonder if the highlights showing tonight on Sky will include this speech. The cynical part of me thinks not.

  3. now that’s a speech – one to remember – then it will count !!

  4. @oliver

    stop spamming, we really don’t need it

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Feb 2009, 1:46pm

    Oliver is probably a closet case, just can’t keep away from the gay boys on gay websites can he? Amazing how so-called “straights” go out of their way to find these sights isn’t it?

  6. Robert, that is a great comment, and how true. These observations and deductions are not always so obvious and need to be said. We want life enhancers on the train, not detractors! Although, I believe as Gays we should complain more and constantly write up to newspapers and constantly comment against bigots. We must at least equalize the damage they do. Best wishes, Steve.

  7. We are not able to access the video due to a copyright claim. Also, Pink News is being prejudiced by Google. And, of course, the main issue has been placed in shadow-the enhancement of the lives of gay children. We gay people are having to fight every step of our lives. We must start fighting back by not letting any bias go without comment until we force mental health onto the gay detractors.
    Each time there is a bias beat off a comment and show them up!

  8. I think its great and illuminating…for sumone to come out like that and tell others such cheerfull words.Its takes courage and valour to do that…

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