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Family of murdered gay teen Michael Causer protest at not guilty verdict

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Reader comments

  1. 2 people are allegedly responsible for this death – one admitted the other denied & got off. There would have been conversations about who ‘dealt’ the fatal blow etc but to the general public – & more impotantly to young homophobic thugs, the message is not good!

  2. This is typical of juries not vetted for homophobia. How on earth could a seven and a half stone, sleeping guy, possibly attack anyone so as to neccessitate kicking him to death in self defence. Had the jury been gay or at least gay friendly, then both of these brutal killers would be doing life in jail. It is way passed time that courts, and juries, starting thinking of the victims, and what they have suffered, rather than their background.

  3. Some of us are still in the dark ages. Gay people must complain and complain; there are plenty of us.

  4. I feel sick to think what was going on through the minds of the jury. . .

  5. My heart goes out to the family of the victim. What horror to have to deal with this outrageous verdict. As for the scum in the case, their day will come. What goes around comes around.

  6. It is about time the goverment and courts stood up for the lgbt communnity , as we all have suffered some sort of abuse just because we are different to others. Not long ago i feared for my life and was forced out of my house due to homophobic abuse. These people that sweep it under the carpet are just as sick as the homophobics.(or are they the same thing????)
    I really feel for micheal causers family and best wishes go out to them . D.B.

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