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Evangelical Christians call for acceptance of gay people

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Reader comments

  1. Of course they don’t hate us – just our feelings (‘temptations’) and relationships (‘sins’ and ‘abominations’). I wonder how loved they would feel if anyone viewed theirs in the same way. Smiling, saccharine hypocrites. Anybody expecting sky-god worshippers to be nice to them had better be exactly like them.

  2. Dear Riondo – I hope you’re NOT exactly like me – I’ve made more messes in my ‘smiling saccharine existence’ than I like to acknowledge. I apologise for how we mess up church (we’re messed up people who need to look at ourselves before daring to judge anyone) and the message that gives out to others. The ‘sky-god’ I love accepts me in spite of me and I honestly believe He doesn’t discriminate – He just loves and accepts and challenges me to love as He does. I hope you encounter some real, ordinary radical Christians one day and find them more honest!


  3. Nina Parker 23 Feb 2009, 11:29pm

    Jesus lived in an age of sexism, racism and every other ‘ism’. Despite this he went against the cultural and religious norms and accepted and respected everyone he met. Here at Liberty Church Blackpool we welcome and affirm LGBT people as he did. Thank you for a very well written article. Nina

  4. So Nina, in your church is homosexuality not a sin? Wow, cos the bible says it is. Plain and simple – if you believe the bible is divine scripture then you must (according to God) hate us. Simple as. No self-respecting gay person should have anything to do with the traditional religions.

  5. Jesus may have been original in some ways, Nina, but Christianity doesn’t have much to do with him. His apocalyptic but essentially Jewish outlook was replaced by worship of him as a divine being, Hellenistic style, by the early church. JD is not quite right, by the way – Biblical views on sex generally are actually quite complex and muddled – it’s just that Christians have made selective appeal to the bits that seem to support their evolving fears and prejudices. The trouble is trying to use unprovable supernatural beliefs to validate whatever your attitudes happen to be (and yes, that includes ‘radical’ ones as well), instead of owning them and taking responsibility for them. In short, this type of religious psychology stops the human race growing up.

  6. I don’t doubt the spiritual experience of Christians like Jill – that they feel accepted ‘in spite of their shortcomings’. That’s an experience of what Christians would call Grace that many people in other religions testify to as well – thought they may express it in different words.

    Christians, though, may do well to ask themselves how well their Biblical ‘God-talk’ (theology) articulates with their spiritual experience. How appropriate is it really?

    The god of the Bible frequently commits, commands, condones and otherwise colludes with the most atrocious violence. This is the REAL problem with Biblical religion.

    Here’s what the message of Biblical Christianity really says:

    YHVH/El/’God the Father’ is God
    Jesus Christ is God
    The Holy Spirit is God

    God had to sacrifice Himself to Himself to save us from the wrath of… Himself!

    Simple forgivenness in return for genuine repentance was beyond Him!

    And anyone who doesn’t believe this blasphemous nonsense will be tortured mercilesly forever!

    Time to get a new God, Christians?

  7. I think this is not about religion. It just has to be about sexual orientation.Only!

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