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Australian MP’s gay lover pleads guilty to blackmail

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  1. The blackmailer shouldnt be sentenced! The closet Queen MP should be outed, especially to his probably unsuspecting wife! Cannot stand men who live the double life and cause so much misery and unhappiness to occur to others! This MP probably votes against initiatives to advance the rights of Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered people! Definitely not into two-timing Married Men!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you Brenton. I want to know who this married MP is and what his voting record is on issues that impact on all our lives. Unfortunately a high profile woman Minister in our labour government prefers macho to mincing when referring to an opposition male MP, this she said in Question time to score cheap political points. Many thought it was funny although those of us who are considered effeminate certainely did not.

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