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Italian activists to protest against “ex-gay” song at national festival

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Reader comments

  1. “There were people who told me, “It’s natural,” but I studied Freud and I knew he didn’t see it that way.”

    Er, say what? That’s not the Freud I’m familiar with. How about the Freud that said homophobes are closet cases who can’t face themselves, so they lash out at other gay men? Admittedly I haven’t read all his stuff but I smell BS!

  2. I’ve been watching the San Remo Festival on TV. For the most part, the songs range from bad to mediocre. But I was watching to see how the whole Povia controversy played out.

    One very nice thing was that during the middle of the first evening, actor and much much more, Roberto Benigni came on. He’s a cultural icon in Italy, and he gave a very impassioned plea for respectful treatment of homosexuals, explaining how homosexuals have contributed so much and have been so ill treated througout history, and asserting the beauty and equality of all love. Then he read a translation of a very touching letter Oscar Wilde had written Alfred Douglas from his prison cell. He finished to a standing ovation and more than a few teary eyes (mine included).

    Then the master of cerimonies briefly interviewed the president of Arcigay, who was roundly booed by the Italian audience – even though he basically echoed Benigni. It was OK coming from Benigni, who’s status is unassailable, but they weren’t going to take it from some queer.

    Povia’s homophobic lyrics are probably the result of a cynical marketing strategy; “Luca era gay” is now the top seller on iTunes in Italy. And it’s entirely possible that he will win the contest.

    The controvery has been interesting to watch. Lots of homophobic comments have been made – sometimes inadvertently. When interviewed by Vanity Fair, Al Bano, a long-time popular pop singer said that if he had a homosexual child, he hoped it would want to cure himself or herself of the “imperfection.” A couple of days later, he had to backtrack, saying that he had the deepest respect . . . and that many of his dearest friends . . . yada yada yada.

    I think most Italians realize that homophobia is uncool, and they desparately want to be thought of as sophisticated and with-it. But just scratch the surface, and it can get ugly.

    Anyway, Bravo Benigni!

  3. Different strokes for different folk. If this reflects a person’s experience, why should he be muzzled?

  4. “There were people who told me, “It’s natural,” but I studied Freud and I knew he didn’t see it that way.”

    Isn’t it curious that the Christian right is so eager to become bedfellows with Sigmund Freud when it suits their cynical propaganda campaign?

    This is the man who saw himself in a Jewish (anti-Christian, especially anti-Catholic) Messianic role, and actually identified himself with the Devil!

    [see David Bakan’s thoroughly-researched book “Sigmund Freud & the Jewish Mystical Tradition” for more detail on this. It’s quite a gripping read in itself!]

    What won’t these cynical “Christians” sell out for aa bit of political clout?

    Creepy when you think about it, isn’t it?

  5. Niki – That sounds a little naive to me. The gay cure movement thrives on this nonsense, and they won’t just apply that message to gays who want to be cured. Most gays couldn’t be straight if they tried, indeed many do try just to fit in with their immediate family and social circle and it drives them to suicide after years of living a lie and self-loathing. In fact I know of one within my social circle who did just that after going through his sham straight Jehova’s witness marriage.
    If gay cures are so effective, why can’t Ted Haggard get over his gay inner nature? He was at the top of the US evangelical hierachy, with a weekly consultation at the white house… you’d think that kind of cash would give him access to top ex-gay therapists!
    This song is simply homophobic propaganda with a sugar coating.

  6. Niki’s comment smacks more of disingenuity than naivety to me.

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