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West Virginia anti-gay marriage group posts sniper video

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t get how gay marriage affects religious liberty in any way.

  2. I like the way on you tube that they don’t allow comments, if you can’t take other views what right have they got to tell about other peoples views. and I don’t think I heard them talk about the one main issue that the bible is all about. LOVE!

  3. Ah, Ivan…. The word you’re looking for is “adopted” (and I’m correcting you politely not criticising your English).
    But I AM correcting your assumption that children get their sexuality from watching the role models of their parents. This is not true. Sexuality is an innate characteristic and is something you’re born with. You don’t become homosexual by the influence of others. And being homosexual doesn’t make you ‘anti-religion’. I’m not anti-religion but I’m anti the interpretation of religion by SOME religious people who have taken religious texts and twisted them to suit their own prejudices and justify their hate, whether that be hate for women, non-white people, disabled people or LGBT people.
    Gay marriage wouldn’t weaken straight marriage any more than mixed marriage did. And many LGBT people have children of their own whom they are raising well – most of whom will be straight.

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