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Jacqui Smith ordered to bring gay asylum seeker back to UK

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Reader comments

  1. Another righteous slap in the face for Wacky Jacqui! Good to see the High Court is prepared to put the moral spine back into the UK Border Agency and immigration services.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Feb 2009, 4:39pm

    And just how do they think they’re going to get him back in the UK, assuming he’s from an oppressive islamic country? He could be dead by now, no thanks to Smith and all the other xenophobes who support her.

  3. If as you say he may be already dead ,this moron jaqui smith should face the full rigors of the law and be charged with capitol murder,
    as should all those involved in his unlawful removal from the uk.

  4. I never understand the logic of the UKBA in deporting people who deserve to stay in the UK while others like Abu Qatada seem to stay here for years using taxpayers money to avoid deportation. Mad.

  5. What is it with this government and its frightful monster; the UK Border Agency! Britain becomes more like a police state with every passing day. Britain supposedly welcomes tourists; but heaven help you if you a poor applicant applying for a visitor’s visa in order to stay with friends who are sponsoring you. That person will almost certainly be prejudged as a prospective immigrant who will disappear and not return to the home country. Visit Britain? Well…’ll be welcomed if you are wealthy. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

  6. They don’t bother about the thousands of illegal immigrants but when people who are actually seeking asylum from persecution in their home state are deported almost straight away. This only seems to be happening to the lgbt refugees and asylum seekers therefore revealing how commited the government is to lgbt rights. Also he was unlawfully kidnapped and physical abused by i’m guessing the immigration police aka the government.

  7. paul canning 19 Feb 2009, 11:06pm

    It’s Africa – and ‘christian’ oppression – he’s suffering under. important point

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Feb 2009, 2:35pm

    UK Border Agency?? Which foreign countries other than Eire border the UK? Seems to be a ridiculous title for an equally ridiculous agency.

    Galeex, there are many conservative, xenophobic gay people in the UK who really don’t believe that gay asylum seekers are genuine. Notice how few of them if any bash Jacqui Smith? They have to ask themselves, why would anyone coming from an Islamic, homophobic country fee to Britain knowing that chances of gaining legal entry would result in deportation to an unknown fate? Makes absolutely no sense. This is more to do with xenophobia and placating islamic governments. You can bet if the asylym seeker were Jewish and straight fleeing say Iraq (yes, there are Iraqi Jews) for instance because of persecution, you can bet that Smith wouldn’t issue a deportation order because of the backlash from Israel and Jewish groups around the world.

  9. James Lees 4 Mar 2009, 11:21am

    The government knows well that these issues are nine day wonders. Britain, including gay Britain, has a very short memory and no real interest in issues involving justice. If enough people wrote regularly to Ms Smith and showed her that the issue will not go away, and kept on doing it, then perhaps it could change. Did we all see “Jihad for Love” about gay Muslims last night??

  10. Charlie Breason 30 Mar 2009, 10:33am

    Let me stay there – perhaps it might send messages to other economic migrants who spend most of their lives blocking up the asylum system and wasting my tax money with their endless appeals.

  11. This kind of story always fizzles out. I don’t believe that Jacqui Smith expended any effort whatsoever to bring back this asylum seeker, nor that she had any intention of attempting to do so.

    What we need is:
    a) Courts who give such judgements to further require the government to come back after a short period of time to show their success or account for their lack of it.
    b) A media that keeps this kind of story in the news, because bringing it to our attention so we say “shock, horror” will not make any particular change to the way government behaves.

    We see it in this article:

    A UK Border Agency spokesperson told

    “We are disappointed by the High Court’s decision.

    “When somebody has been found to have no right to stay in the UK we expect them to leave voluntarily and if necessary will enforce their removal.

    “It is important that individuals who have no right to be here are removed as part of robust immigration system.

    “We are fully investigating what happened in this case.”

    Translation: the court got it wrong and we’ll ignore it. “We are fully investigating what happened” expresses no intention to carry out the court’s demand.

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