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Hip-hop star Kanye West claims to have reinvented the word ‘gay’

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Reader comments

  1. I wish Kanye luck with that, though I think he has his work cut out. Talking of shifting semantics, is he using ‘dope’ to mean cool now? I always thought it meant either mildly stupid or a form of marijuana. It’s getting to the point where dictionary definitions are reversing every 5 years. Can’t we just stick with one definition – my head’s spinning. It was hard enough to keep up when whe ‘Wicked’ witch of the West turned out to be the coolest witch in the ‘hood’. I’m probably showing my age now.

  2. I think “dope” has meant cool for a while now, though mainly in the States. “Wicked” however is falling out of fashion. . . Not that I’m overly “down wif da kids”. . .

    I think Kanye could be onto something though. I mean the gay community managed to reclaim “queer” from an insult into a positive term, we might just have to do that again with “gay”.

  3. Ste McCabe 19 Feb 2009, 3:00pm

    It’s good that someone in a homophobic environment is being gay-positive for a change, but call me cynical here – is this not just perpetuating another stereotype, IE the idea that all gay people are fashion queens? Isn’t diversity the idea? I’m gay, militant, and a scruffy bastard. This is good too!

  4. I appreciate his sentiments and his attempt to gain respect for the gay community, especially amongst hip-hop listeners who are not always the most tolerate people. However, a stereotype is still a stereotype, even if it is a positive one. Not all gay guys like fashion or are artists. Entire groups don’t want to be pidgeon-holed into a stereotype even if it is good. For example, Asians do not appreciate that everyone thinks they are good at math and violin.

  5. Ste McCabe/ mmhmmm – Good point. I’m also a scruffy git most days, though in fairness I am an artist. Still, at least Kanye’s heart is in the right place, even if he’s unconciously buying into gay cliches.

  6. How pathetic – trying to be cool to gay men, but then saying “I haven’t gone to a gay bar, nor do I ever plan to.” Very telling!

    Another idiotic outburst from Mr West

  7. All gay people are no more fashion queens than the god squad are aall paedophiles………….then again……

  8. Go easy on him. He seems to be going through a significant mental and emotional process and is bound to say some things that are a bit naive or a tad wide of the mark along the way. The thing is, he’s on his way to being a better, happier person and a better, positive example to his many fans. Apart from the general good that will come of this, I’m actually quite happy for him as an individual.

  9. This guy is a joke.. who is he

  10. Here’s a radicle, outside-the-box idear:

    insted of using ‘gay’ as synonymous with ‘fashionable and stylish”, how about we use it as synonymous with ‘homosexual’.

    No? Too much?

  11. John– I like where your head’s at.

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