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Teen pop star reveals he was victim of male rape

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Reader comments

  1. Given that his treatment was at the Passages Clinic, which specialises in drug and alcohol addiction, I think we can safely assume that the ‘cure’ he speaks of is his self-confessed alcoholism and addiction to sex – not his desire for an occasional bit of batty action, as such.

  2. Sounds very questionable to me, this guy’s story! He TOOK some drugs, had gay sex, enjoyed it, and continued to seek it out. And now he’s finally “cured”! Very questionable.

  3. elephant_in_the_room 19 Feb 2009, 12:56am

    This wouldn’t have any connection with the fact that their manager, Tam Paton was a major chicken hawk, or that other members of the band were charged with underage sex?

    Also strange that that this crap only comes out of the woodwork years later, when they are feeling a bit strapped for cash.

    You are all a bunch of washed-up has-beens, and frankly, we don’t really care. If it was such a big concern, you would have declared it at the time and not waited 30 years to bolster your pension.

  4. John Rendle 19 Feb 2009, 3:21am

    Yes, I agree with all these postings. Frankly, I am tired of guys blaming things that went wrong in their lives on being touched sexually by a man. Pathetic. Try being a man and getting over it! I wouldnt blame things that had gone wrong for me if I was molested by a woman…which I once was…lol. Besides, he said he enjoyed it! Why are we made to feel guilty about doing things we liked…

  5. Nigel Holland-Williams 19 Feb 2009, 10:15am

    What a load of pathetic twaddle!!! This guy really needs to get a life and stop fabricating a load of crap just for his own benefit.

    I clearly recall one of the band members being charged with underage sex.

  6. Gee… I wish I’d been so lucky when I was a lad. Every night, I’d fantasize about a big, strapping hunk of a burglar sneaking through my bedroom window. And to save my family, I’d offer him my body… Alas, it never happened. Ah, go ahead and giggle, people; I don’t care! But it’s true… So, yeah, I’d say, underage can be appropriate in numerous circumstances.

  7. Disco Dave 19 Feb 2009, 6:34pm

    I cant believe the comments on this.

    Because a fellow band member was charged with underage sex what does that mean?

    So, do you think his addiction stems from just liking a drink? Any addiction is nearly always about not being able to deal with something in ones past.

  8. What is with all these bizarre and, quite frankly, disturbing comments? Mr McKeown was drugged and raped (he was not sexually competent at the time, so hardly able to give full consent), resulting in him developing an unhealthy relationship with sex.

    Yes, he may very well have got some enjoyment from it – it is a common experience among many victims of sexual abuse, which often makes it all the more difficult to “get over it”, as John Rendle so crudely puts it.

    It disgusts me that people are so readily able to dismiss sexual assault just because the victim is male.

  9. Thanks Andrew for a bit of sense. I’ve read other comments by Les elsewhere and he’s OK with describing himself as bisexual. The “cure” was for the substance abuse not his orientation. And even if the date-rape and the inadvertent pleasure clarified how he felt about men, that doesn’t make the assault right. Rape is never OK. Fantasies about hunky burglars aren’t real life, when the victim is more likely to feel scared and ashamed.

  10. Bay City Rollers have sold 300 million albums??? You must be insane! That is more than U2 and Britney combined. That is unprofessional of you!

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