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San Diego firefighers win damages in Pride case

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Reader comments

  1. is that what they consider sexual harrasment a bit of cheeky banter and having kisses blown at them, lol how pathetic

  2. City attorneys suggested that the men are homophobic and painted them as money-hungry opportunists who were uncomfortable but not victims of sexual harassment. The defense also said most of the firefighters’problems stemmed from taking their case to the news media and filing the lawsuit.

    The firefighters said that not only were they victimized during the parade, they also suffered headaches, anxiety, anger and other stress-related issues because of what they heard and saw: catcalls, insults, simulated sex acts, public nudity, and men touching themselves and each other.

    They were sitting about 6 feet off the ground in a fire engine, and each agreed the diesel engine and headphones silenced some of the comments. At one point, they rolled up the windows. Each also testified that most people in the crowd, estimated at more than 100,000, dressed and acted appropriately, and many waved and cheered as the engine passed.

    The firefighters either contradicted themselves or each other when describing the amount of abuse.

    So who’s for the City Attorney’s summation, that would be one vote here to begin with?

  3. Mirjam Bader 18 Feb 2009, 5:07pm

    If heterosexual women had told them if that they could their fires out any time or had blown kisses at them, would they have sued or would they have been flattered and entertained?
    Also can I sue for any sexual banter I have been subjected to during my lifetime (unfortunately less so these days). As a straight woman you have to put up with type of stuff all the time.

  4. I found this post on another forum and as it says exactly what I was going to say I will reproduce it, and the associated link in its entirety:

    Just a cursory google search found this:

    Meet firefighters who are in a 2008 calendar during an event at the Head to Toe Women’s Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The expo runs Friday through Sunday, and the firefighters will be there Friday at 2:30 p.m.

    Twelve Carlsbad firefighters posed for the calendar to raise money for the Burn Institute in San Diego and to remodel the gym at Fire Station 1 in Carlsbad. The calendar can be purchased for $17.99 plus tax.

    Pictured is Mr. September, firefighter Danny Glessner of Carlsbad station No. 1.

    Now that was from the San Diego newspaper — and notice that they were firefighters who are actively seeking objectification (in this case going to a “Womens Expo” where presumably they might be subjected to catcalls, etc.)


    I think that just about says all we need to hear about how badly they get affected by ‘being on show’, receiving catcalls and the objectification of their bodies.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Feb 2009, 1:02am

    And if gay firefighters have to put up with their straight colleagues’ collective homophobia and comments in the workplace, you can bet they would be ignored. This is about the doublestandard. Straights want it all their way, or else hit the freeway! Just because they happen to be in the majority doesn’t necessarily make them morally right. I’m sick
    and tired of them playing the victim. They need to grow up and get over it, they’re not the only ones on the planet. The majority of straight men in general are extremely immature, uninformed, not very well educated, unsophisticated and just “dumb”. Few of them can think outside the box.

  6. As a an out gay firefighter I find it insulting that these individuals recieved financial compensation. I did not sgree with them being ordered on the parade as that tends to be political but the service has a role to play with engaging with the gay community to get the fire safety message out. This like the recent case of Starthcldye aplogising to a christain firefighter for ordering him to attend a pride event to do fire safety sends out a confusing message to members of the service that they have a right to choose who they serve.

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