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Labour’s gay group asks for ban on God Hates Fags church members

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Reader comments

  1. If they are allowed if after that EU MP was banned from the u.k after wanting to screen a film in PRIVATE it will make my blood oil. In fact I might go and meet this family and kick the s**t out of them. Some battles have to be fought

  2. Jacqui Smith needs to do 3 things here:

    1 – Let these crackpots in to the country, staying true to freedom of speech – let the UK public make up their own minds on these fundies and have them arrested if they’re stupid enough to break the law.

    2 – Issue a public & formal apology to Geert Wilders for refusing him access to the UK.

    3 – Resign.

  3. It appears that this sect only announced this protest in the United Kingdom in order to gain publicity for their organisation and the words of hatred which oozes from it.

    They would never be allowed into the UK, regardless, if they cry “the Queen is a whore!”

    The sooner, the media, across the world, ignores this little insufficient mob, the better…like a fire without oxygen, it would die a slow death.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that this will ever happen

  4. I think we should let them in. I think it’d show the world how pathetic they are, and how tolerant Britain is – they’ll just be an amusing freak show to everyone in Basingstoke.

  5. john sharp 19 Feb 2009, 3:30am

    let them come
    and arrest them for iciting to hate and to kill
    then offer them time in jail

  6. I have watched some films about them on youtube. They are very cleaver. They seem to make sure that it’s mostly women and children that protest. How can you stand up to that? It’s not the childrens fault. It’s child abuse.

  7. action girl 19 Feb 2009, 9:01pm

    Why are “LGBT Labour” taking all the credit for this?

    They are an official group within the Labour party who run the British Government anyway, this stinks of a publicity stunt and is a smack in the face to all the other LGBTQ Groups out there who have been championing this cause for the past two weeks.

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