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Jamaican MP calls for gay group to be outlawed

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Reader comments

  1. ‘ “How can you legitimise an organisation that is formed for the purpose of committing criminal offences?” Mr Smith told the Jamaica Gleaner.’

    And how can any country in the 21st century make it a criminal offence to be as you were born? Mr Smith also seems to have forgotten that in the US in the past black people were subject to unfair laws and they were denied their full rights – presumably he doesn’t agree with all the groups and all the demonstrations for black equality at that time then? Because that’s exactly the same thing. How disgusting that the bullied should become bullies.

  2. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 1:27pm

    Jamaica receiveds a lot of money from Britain each year. Write to the High Commissioner of Jamaica Mr Jeremy Cresswell asking what action Britain is taking to combat this facism. HIs email is You can also write to the moron Smith to tell him you are boycotting his country. His email is

  3. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 1:28pm

    Dear Mr Cresswell and the British HIgh Commission,

    It is with increasing horror that I have been listening to the homophobic slander of Jamaican politicians about the gay community in Jamaica.

    Last week a ‘politician’ named Ernest Smith has been spewing vile homophobic statements. As has the Prime Minister Bruce Golding who last year told the BBC that gay people would never be allowed in his cabinet.

    Coupled with this there are the media reports of baying lynch mobs murdering gay people (with the approval of the police) and the reports from the Human Rights Campaign in the US that says Jamaica is the most homophobic country in the entire continent of America.

    I am interested in knowing what the British High Commission in Jamaica is doing to address this growing homophobia.

    I am encouraging everyone to boycott Jamaican products and to boycott it as a holiday destination. Please advise what financial sanctions are to be taken by Britain against Jamaica. It is obviously 100% unacceptable to give a single penny of British money to a regime that is so blatantly discriminatory.

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas on how we can tackle the dangerous bigotry emanating from Jamaica.

    Yours sincerely

  4. A good idea, I would also like to see a gay M.P. put down a question for the Minister at the Foreign Office in the House, and how about a question in the Lords too while we are at it? Let’s have it on the Parliamentary Hansard record.

  5. Simon Murphy 18 Feb 2009, 9:40am

    That politician looks like one of the older Village People. I wonder if he has a construction worker’s outfit hidden away somewhere

  6. Philanderer 1 Feb 2010, 5:00pm

    I guess him cheating on his wife and having 3 outside children should be a crime too, punishable by jail. Not the example of morality. Seems like he is saying these hypocritical things to get votes.

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