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God Hates Fags church claim they will hold first UK protest

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Reader comments

  1. I’m more concerned that Gordon Brown has happily just invited the most powerful religious leader in the world, who is obsessed with attacking LGBT equality and slanders and vilifies us as evil and our relationships as disordered almost every time he opens his mouth. Who is it fighting against civil partnerships in portugal and gay marriage in California, what about gay adoption in Scotland. Who refused to support a UN resoloution calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality and a stop to the death penalty. In a week where Geert Wilders was banned from the UK for his ‘hate speech’ and the potential to cause disorder, we have the prime minister inviting the Pope to Britain. It seems to me that the Catholic church is the highest profile and most powerful organisation actively fighting against any recognition of LGBt people and our equality. If calling for and supporting draconian laws in Nigeria and elsewhere is not incitred to hatred then what is? They are much more of a threat than the Westboro Baptists who’s bigotry and stupidity is cartoonish and more obvious and likely to gain us sympathy rather than enmity.

  2. David – you make a good point. When Fred Phelps speaks no-one listens, because they know he’s a bigoted embittered old git with a Noah complex who hates everybody, regardless of sexuality due to putting all humanity under 2 categories: ‘Fags’ and ‘Fag enablers’. The only people he doesn’t detest are the 60 members of his own cult.
    But for some reason when the Pope delivers his equally fatuous BS laced with hatred and prejudice he gets the red carpet treatment from world leaders and an international platform. It’s time people gave Ratzinberger the same respect they give Phelps. That’s not to say Phelps isn’t worth taking down a peg or two though.

  3. How come these people will be allowed to come to the U.K.?
    Someone says something about a religion and they are banned, but if they are homophobic they are allowed into the country.
    Something doesn’t seem right here.

  4. Whilst the Christian religion isn’t inherently evil, there will always be these cults who twist what it should be to suit there messed up agenda. I don’t understand what they think they’ll achieve by doing these protests, even the far right fundamentalists would agree that they’re unbalanced. Although if the goal is to cause distress then unfortunately it sometimes works. At least the majority of people who have decent morals (gay or straight, religious or not) can see that what the WBC do and believe is totally wrong.

  5. Jeff Duncan 17 Feb 2009, 3:22pm

    Send a email to the address above asking why the Phelps should be allowed into the UK to spread their hate and homophobia when a Dutch MP was refused for what you consider on a similar par.

  6. I hope that these jerks won’t be allowed the entrance in the UK, as the law of this country penalize hate speech. If they can enter the UK, I just hope they will be put in prison.

  7. I say let them in, but rather than directions to Basingstoke, direct them to the Lion enclosure at Longleat and tell them it’s a gay person’s funeral. The Romans knew how to handle these people…

  8. Shirley (poopy pants) Roper-Phelps, and Stephen (bird shit) Green are rightly identified as belonging to the loony fringe of the Christian fundamentalists who rant and rave in the name of the god of love. The Pope is in a seriously different catagory of course. He is the ultimate gay hater, and under the somewhat threadbare cloak of preaching “love” spreads his pernicious and loathsome message of undiluted hatred for all Gay people. He has legions of more than willing followers and allies in Governments world-wide. This is the time for speaking out, I don’t want him in the UK, I feel sure many of us don’t either. This is a head of state who should be shunned by us because we have good cause to reject him. Let’s have some honesty about this from the UK Government and although this has serious political ramifications it is about time that European wide civil secular governments and state laws took precedence over a discredited belief system that has such a history as that of Christianity. The impending collision between our civil rights to live without the impact of religious based bigotry and the determination of the religous to impose by any means they can their bigotry upon us, is inevitable. That any religious leader should be given such status is beyond me, it really is time that the divison between the secular state and the religious should be stated, and upheld. Why should he be dealt with any differently from any other religious hate monger by the secular based state? The double standards being demonstrated by the British Government by this invitation are plain for the world to see. If enough people were to let Prime Minister Brown know that this individual was not welcome because of his extreme views and the promotion of hate against so many that flows from them, maybe the P.M. might do the decent thing and withdraw the invitation, then again we all know that expediency usually trumps all other considerations with most politictians. I hold the opinion that Christianity is inherently “evil” and adherents of it have and will do any kind of “evil” imaginable if they are given permission to do it by a powerful figure such as a Pope. The history of that religion and its followers is one of the worst kind of violent excesses humans can inflict upon each other, and all done in the name of the god of love. Time to say enough is enough?

  9. IVAN GUMILEV 17 Feb 2009, 8:23pm

    Welcome to UK, the country of Tolerance for all religious people of the world!

  10. Peter Martin - Director B PROUD, Bedfordshire 17 Feb 2009, 10:49pm

    B PROUD despite being based in Bedfordshire has been working tireless requesting what Hampshire Constabulary and the Home Secretary are doing to ensure they protect and serve gay people in the UK. This has proved very positive with action plans being put in place. If you are interested in attending on Friday night, can I suggest you join the candle lit vigil aimed at celebrating the life of Matthew Shepard – there are tickets available for the show on Friday, show your support for this issue and the youth group who have been targeted here.

    I look forward to meeting you there.

    Peter MARTIN Director B PROUD, Bedfordshire.

  11. john sharp 18 Feb 2009, 2:52am

    so god is comming
    let makes sure
    he is welcomed

  12. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 18 Feb 2009, 8:41am

    If I see them picketing at Brighton Pride this year with the other anti-gay brigade, so help me God I will be saying a few words – and writing an extremely angry letter to our wonderful PM!

  13. chris thomas 18 Feb 2009, 10:03am

    Phelps and company should concentrate on saving themselves and let god judge in his own time.I’m not a homosexual, but Phelps it appears wants to be god, judge and jury.I’m sure there are many good helping hand organisations that he and his followers could volunteer for to help the less fortunate in our society as no doubt many gay people are involved in.Some people have different sexual orientations I don’t necessarily agree with, but they still contribute to society in many meaningful ways

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