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British Muslims who object to homosexuality could be classed as extremists

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Reader comments

  1. Is there not a terrible double-standard here? Homophobic Muslims are to be labelled ‘extremists’ and, at the same time, the Speaker of the House of Commons appoints an arch-homophobe and Free Presbyterian Church [Paisley’s mob] minister to be a member of his conference looking at how to increase representation of minority groups in Parliament.
    It would be interesting to see a proper list of these ‘extremists’ – a list that would include many of the Catholic and C of E hierarchy, a number of MPs and no doubt a selection of ‘pillars of the community’ !!!!!!

  2. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 4:23pm

    More hypocrisy here. The PM has invited the facist extremist Pope Ratyzinger to come visit. Are we meant to believe that Ratzinger is NOT an extremist.

    Having said that I am delighted that homophobic muslim preachers are to be deemed extremists. I hope all religious lunatics (Iris Robinson for example) are categorised in the same way.

  3. That gets my vote Simon, let’s have equality for the bigots one in all in.

  4. I should hope that the this definition of “extremism” does not just apply to Islam but all religion.

    It’s all very well creating reactionism to Islam because it happens to be the “hot topic” of the moment – but inevitabley times will change and it will be some other religion causing problems. Most likely, an extreme form of Christianity.

  5. Vulpus_rex 17 Feb 2009, 5:16pm

    It is unfair to put the Pope in the same category as some of the more extreme Islamic religious leaders.

    I don’t recall the Pope asking for gay people to be beheaded or thrown off cliffs.

  6. PleasedPerson 17 Feb 2009, 7:53pm

    Excellent news. For too long this has been allowed to fly under the radar with many of the “left-wing liberals” only too happy to (rightly) criticise homophobic Christians but who then are silent on the usually-worse (i.e. calling for torture and death) homophobia from Muslim preachers. I believe the rise of Islamic influence in this country threatens to take gay rights backwards in the UK if it isn’t stamped out. Every islamic country criminalises against gay people, including a small handful (e.g. Iran, Sudan etc) with the death penalty. I agree though that the law should apply to all religions. But I believe the more extreme and dangerous forms of religious homophobia IN THE UK are in Islamic cricles. Can you imagine a muslim version of gay Bishop Gene Robinson lasting very long? Why should an ancient cult dictate to people’s lives in the 21st century? Very good news.
    P.S. Before anyone accuses me of “islamophobia” I have a friend who is….yes, gay and muslim. I feel so strongly about this issue because I have seen first-hand the effect on him from the sickening treatment he has received from their friends, family and entire community when they were “outed”.

  7. IVAN GUMILEV 17 Feb 2009, 8:08pm

    “New plans to widen the definition of who is an extremist in the eyes of the British government could include Muslims who object to homosexuality.” Nothing could be more idiotic then this “new plans”.

  8. IVAN GUMILEV 17 Feb 2009, 8:15pm

    Andrew, you are an exeptional fool: its impossible declare all religions as extermism because all religions with its over 4 billions followers protected by the international law. Before saying any nonsense, study the international law.

  9. PleasedPerson 17 Feb 2009, 8:17pm

    Very welcome news, for too long a blind-eye has been turned to the extreme homophobia from Islamic leaders. The “left-wing liberals” are only too happy to (rightly) criticise Christians expressing anti-gay hate but are often silent on the usually-much-worse homophobia from muslim preachers (e.g. calling for death).
    I believe the rise of Islamic influence in this country threatens to force gay rights a step backward (in the UK).
    Every islamic country criminalises homosexuality and some (e.g. Iran, Sudan etc) have the death penalty.
    I’m usually opposed to most of Labour’s proposals but finally this is something sensible.
    I feel strongly about this issue because I have a friend who is…yes, gay and muslim, and I have seen first-hand the effect of the way his friends and entire community reacted when they found out he was gay. Those here who are against “demonising” the muslim community mean well but are wrong. I have several muslim friends (one gay, several straight) and many are nice people, but it cannot be denied that a large (larger than the general population) element of their community is extremely homophobic. You may defend their right to voice that hatred but trust me, they wouldn’t defend anything for you and would gladly see gay rights removed altogether. This proposal is very welcome.
    P.S. Can anyone imagine an Islamic version of the “gay bishop” Gene Robinson lasting very long?

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Feb 2009, 9:34pm

    AndySam, I totally agree. To think Geert Wilders is banned from entering the UK, far from an extremist either. Its beyond the doublestandard. As for the Pope…..this vile cultist is against any form of equality for gay people which runs contrary to the laws of the UK and elsewhere. His views are not reflective of British society and standards and as such he should be labelled an extremist. He’s nothing but an agitator and a bigot of the worst kind.

  11. Rob Alexander 18 Feb 2009, 7:12am

    If this is to become law, it should cover all religions and not just Islam. That would of course include followers of Benedict XVI – whose homophobic rants do much psychological damage to many.

  12. IVAN – keep your “exceptional fool” comments to yourself, there’s no need to be rude.

    What I meant was, if Muslims who object to homosexuality are defined as extremists under law, this ought to be applied to all religions as there are plenty of Christians who call for harsh punishments of LGBT people.

    I would not go as far as to call all religions “extremism” as I have plenty of friends who are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, etcetera, who do not agree with their religions’ backward teachings on homosexuality.

  13. Lets have TRUE equality, don’t late people hide behind religious doctrine in order to promote hatred. ANY hatred is wrong.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Feb 2009, 1:42pm

    Andrew, exactly. The law should be applied to every “cult” which is what they all are, christian, jewish or muslim. They all have their extremists and none should be exempt from prosecution. Cultist beliefs have no place in politics and should be confined to the home where they belong. After all, their’s is a choice to believe, nobody comes into this world “religious”, its all learned behaviour as is hate and bigotry of which they have vast experience and expertise.

  15. I am Muslim and straight and thought I would give my opinion… I think it is unacceptable that gay people should be abused (verbally or otherwise) because of their orientation.

    It is digusting that people (so-called religious leaders) are wasting their time and effort victimising people going about their own business when they could be helping to campaign for those locked up in Guantanamo or justice for Palestine instead.

    I don’t believe it is a sin if someone is gay, that is the way God made them (in my opinion) and there are many muslim preachers who think so as well. Really, I think it is for God to judge us and we have no right to judge other people on the way they live their lives as long as they are not harming anyone.

  16. Terry Floyd Johnson 18 Feb 2009, 5:54pm

    This is more than hate, this is pedagoge hatred, that permeates the Muslim Islam jihads.

    These Muslims are due to be rewarded for their message of hate and death, whether male or female. They will find themselves in an area which reflects their madness, their insanity,their thirst for murder and death.

    These so called religious Islamics, who preach death and hatred, and inflame congregations, to commit murder, are inciting not only a riot, but wholesale murder. They must be brought to trial and kicked out of the country, so they can go back and be a burden on those countries who preach this criminal philosophy and murder oriented Muslim evangelism.

  17. Since when is it ok to pillory someone through their disability? Gutless if nothing else.

  18. Joe Johnston 18 Feb 2009, 11:14pm

    If you’re going to comment on this topic, stop pretending that any other religion is as bad as Islam. Islam is the ONLY one calling for the murder of gay people, jews and anyone else who offends its evil credo. Other religions are, of course, intolerant but murder? I don’t think so. It’s simple really – Islam is incompatible with democracy.

  19. john sharp 19 Feb 2009, 2:57am

    islam does not respect me as a gay
    i do not respect islam .
    islam advocates to kill gays .
    islam should be put to trial for inciting to hatred and banned
    till it sotp all this hate speech

  20. “Islam is the ONLY one calling for the murder of gay people, jews and anyone else who offends its evil credo.” said Joe Johnston. Sorry, mate, on this one they ALL have instructions to murder on the books – just try ploughing through “Leviticus” and you’ll find the rules. They may be downplayed by the more sensible members of the cults – but they lurk there in the background, waiting for a crazy to hear “THE VOICE” telling him to purify the world. The whole heap of dusty text is dangerous and threatening – and I’d have the whole lot of ’em up in front of the bench as soon as they start threatening anyone’s life. Who on earth do they think they are ?!

  21. Well, all im sayng is that im glad about this LOL!

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