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Video: Fitlads owner’s rant at “fat pig” Jade Goody angers subscribers

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Reader comments

  1. Oh do grow up people, Joe is entitled to his opinion, heard of free speech. As for Jade yes it is sad but at the end of the day she chose to be in the limelight therefore must accept the negative with the positive.
    She may also ,supposedly, be doing this for the good of her children but myself and many others would think the best for your children would be to spend your final amount of time on this Earth actually with them.
    I agree with Joes points whole heartedly, he could of sai them in a better way. But then he was just being himself and honest.
    Oh and Pink News try reporting the fact that a lot of members actually support Joe on this one… do some factual reporting…

  2. Martyn Butler 16 Feb 2009, 5:01pm

    The Video is a Vile Tirade

    Unless you can say anything nice about someone – Shut the f–k up – was always advice I lived by, and its sure upset many many users of his website – why he had to somehow claim to represents a community like Fitlads is commercial suicide. A lot of us regular users are waiting for a retraction or apology before ever reconsidering to renew our subscriptions.

    Jade has single handedly raised the screening rates in the UK by 20%

    Any no matter what you think of her – If you had months to live with Two small children – you would sell your soul to the Devil to create a trust fund for them.

    Do you think there was a moment when Johnathan Ross thought to himself – I really wish I had thought that through ?

    Jade is doing an amazing job – Screening for this cancer has risen by 20% since she has gone public – by the time this is all over 100% of the population will have been educated – know who should be screened – know the early warnings – will know if being vaccinated could have prevented it.
    And all too sadly we will see a mother say goodbye to her children.

    Love her – Hate her – Just remember – she may have just saved thousands of lives too.

    P.S I was diagnosed with prostate cancer two weeks ago, Im f–ked if I will sit back and take the AIDS – hiv – cancer joke threads on this site to heart.

    Of course I do wonder If he would you really say any of that in a crowded room? Some of my mates would show you through the door (without opening it).

  3. The fact of the matter is that Joe, is a human being before anything else. And as a human being, he is entitled to his own opinion, and is able to air them as he pleases. Maybe using the Fitlads name wasn’t the best of ideas, however why should he be persecuted for having an opinion that actually THE MAJORITY of fitlads subscribers agree with? (Please Pink News, do get your facts straight before publishing news).

    And the fact of the matter remains that before she had cancer, A LOT of people slated her and slagged her off as being a racist attention seeker. Now that she has cancer are we suddenly supposed to forget that? It’s a horrid situation that she is in don’t get me wrong, but anyone in their right mind, would rather be spending time with their family and loved ones than posing infront of a camera and EMPLOYING a PR guru! Who does that??

    Kylie Minogue had cancer, lost her hair – did we see her on the front page everyday with her head scarf? No. Patrick Swayze has stopped taking treatment for his cancer and his is spreading. Has he hired a PR guru? No. Trisha lost her hair. I think I saw two articles about her.

    What Jade is doing is frankly tacky and an offense to those of us who are effected by cancer, and have to live with the fact that we can’t just hire someone to make us a load of money for our kids. All we can do is leave them with what we have. It’s not awareness she’s doing it for. If that was the case, she’d be giving away her articles for free. And we are aware of it everyday! I’m sure the majority of the world has been touched by cancer one way or another. It just drives me mad that despite being in a dire situation, she still finds the time to grab our attention and milk it as much as she is.

    I’m probably going to be slated for saying it, but hey that’s the advantage of being able to have an opinion!

  4. Oh and yes I do feel very sorry for her – it’s a horrid situation.

    The fact remains that she is a young mother who is sadly going to leave her children before she should, which I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy.

    So yes I feel sorry her, I just don’t agree with how she is raising “awareness”

  5. How tragic. People from the gay community sticking the knife in to those suffering. I hardly think this idiot is in a position to judge the morals of anyone when he runs such a sleazy site enabling young guys to risk their health. And who is he to call a fat pig. It never fails to amaze me how idiotic people can be – attacking someones morals by being completely immoral.
    What a total idiot. My mate sent me this and he is going to never use that site again. Thank god.

  6. Kick a woman who is dying of Cancer. If she can provide for her kids then good for her. Whats more immoral – doing that or running a site enabling people to objectify themselves in the most delusional way. They should call it Thick-lads

  7. jonny love 16 Feb 2009, 6:05pm

    he’s making accurate comments about a z-list celebrity, she chose to enter the limelight now she has to deal with both the positive and negative

    it is sad she has cancer and is leaving two kids behind, but it should have been private instead of this media circus countdown it has become.

  8. for gods sake this fat troll isnt the only one dieing of cancer but you would think this fat lesbian troll was she needs to spend more time with her preciouse kids rather than bleating on about it if this cow thinks so much of her kids wich i seriousley doubt sshe does as they dont bring any money in to here sad pathetic life the sooner this whale dies the better the planet will be one less z rated bike may she go to hell and rot

  9. Not even gay. Found this article on Google News. I must agree with the poster of the video, tirade unseen. What Goody has done here is cheapen a disease that claims so many people. She has turned it into a front-page story, and there are rumours that she is negotiating a programme based around her impending death.

    Really, celebrity culture has gone way too far. “Dying of cancer” – she’s not the first one to get it, she won’t be the last. Kylie Minogue had cancer, but had the talent in reserve to not have to hire Max Clifford to exploit the illness.

    It’s shameful what Goody’s done to get famous, and we are all, every one of us, guilty in the perpetration.

  10. Fair enough, he is allowed his opinion on things, but it’s not a pleasant opinion that I think he should be sharing so freely.

    And considering a couple of years back he censored discussions about HIV on his site because he was scared of how people may perceive him, he’s clearly changed his attitude, or is more concerned about celebrity himself than real hard hitting issues affecting the community he’s built.

    I guess nothing much changes, he’s still a tosser

  11. Joe Hill sounds like a sadly deeply unpleasant man to be ranting at a cancer sufferer. He says Jade Goody is cheapening people who have cancer, but what is he doing picking on a cancer sufferer himself calling her a fat cow? This does not sound like professional conduct representing his website. It is sad that some people wish to spew hatred and tolerance. This sort of behaviour would not be considered mature towards AIDS sufferers so why does Mr Hill feel that he has abuse a cancer victim. He needs to get a grip and grow up.

  12. yeah he is allowed to have his opinion – and people are allowed to criticise it, and he must take the consequences as he suggests she should, too. He thinks selling your story in these circumstances is low – its not half as low as attacking someone in these circumstances. She’s trying to make money for her kids while she can, plus there have been 20% more women going for smear tests since her story has broken, that is a good thing.
    I cannot believe that someone so self righteous who runs a porn and sleaze site for people not able to have functioning normal relationships, cannot see the irony in criticising the morals of someone like Jade! How is she hurting anyone? He is, with his site that helps make young gay men think sex is the be all and end all to gay life. To call someone who is dying ‘a fat pig’ is indefensible. How utterly depressing.

  13. what an igranant pig this so called bloke is!!

  14. He’s an idiot. Details of that hateful rant will now end up in Google and archives forever and pop up whenever someone looks at his CV or bio and does a search for ‘Joe Hill’ and ‘fitlads’. It is a mistake of gigantic proportions for anyone, but especially someone who is in business. I think he will come to bitterly regret it in 10, 20 or 30 years time when he has grown up. But it serves him right.

  15. we have in the gay community witnessed films and documenties on aids , including the filming of its effects and deaths from this dreadful disease. All that attention raised awareness. Is not Jade doing this for her illness in the same way? The figures of young women going for a smear test is up, all because of her sitution. I think this however unpleasent for her and us to watch is a good thing. The demise of one life going on to help and hopefully to save another can only be praised. Good luck Jade and peace be with you.

  16. “Fairtrade coffee-drinking, politically correct, Labour party-voting, vegetarians out there who are going to say ‘but you can’t talk about Jade Goody like that”

    I’m a fair-trade coffee-drinking veggie (although don’t vote Labour – they’re not exactly lefties these days – do keep up) and don’t give two tosses for Jade Goody. Wrong demographic to insult here Joe.

  17. How very sad this “man” is. He strikes me as the worst kind of under-educated (judging by his language) attention seeker there is … So I guess you’re insecure? You have to attack others to get ‘kudos’ from your peers? Bullied as a child were you? WHATEVER! Grow up. Jade is doing what she does (reality tv) to make money for a future that is not hers. That’s not selfish. That’s love for her kids & doing all she knows how to do BECAUSE she loves them. She had a much ‘crappier’ childhood than you and she turned out a much more decent human being, IMHO. But, why am I wasting my breathe telling you this? Like you care … I expect you’re thriving off all this critism … enjoying your own form of ‘celebrity’. HYPOCRITE.

  18. True, the media circus around Jane Goody (who the hell is she? I only watch newsnight and match of the day as a rule – she has appeared on neither) is obscene – a symptom of the celebrity obsessed, shallow culture. She is making the most of it, and making a fool of the media, and the credulity of the masses in the process – frankly good for her, I’d do exactly the same. So what if she makes her death public? In fact, good for her, for breaking down a taboo. Yes, we all cease to exist at some point, and become nothing again. Deal with it, and cut out all this pious bullshit about ‘cheapening death’. It’s no more obscene than sex on tv. It’s her life, and she’s got kids to think about.

    As for Mr Hill’s tirade though, was a cheap, childish, repetitive, unlettered and nasty attack on a simple woman. Save your hatred for someone who really deserves it.

    Mr Hill might find the TV has an ‘off’ button if Jane Goody’s demise offends his sensibilities. Seeing as he introduces himself as ‘Joe from Fitlads’, there may be many members of that website who wished he had not spoken on their behalf, without their consent. Hopefully they will find the ‘remove profile’ option….

  19. maybe someday the ones that have have been really nasty about jade will oneday be struck down with an illness that cant be cured and die a slow painful death shame on you all

  20. It is clearly a probability that Jade Goody will not leave her life in the manner of a Tudor aristocrat on the scaffold ready and willing to die with appropriate dignity, nor is it likely she will she go in the finest romantic traditions of a Victorian heroine, of course she is neither. She is a modern creation, a popular celebrity. I was not aware that Joe Hill had been appointed the arbiter of the etiquette of death with dignity for persons in the glare of the public media.

    Jade Goody is entitled to face her own demise in any way she thinks right for her. Some go quietly, and some rage against the dying of the light, and some make what capital they can. She is not the first to try and generate cash for her loved ones in the face of impending death and she won’t be the last. Frankly, who care if she makes the decision to make as much money as she can for her children who will survive her?

    However, the crass pontification coupled with such nasty personal insults made to woman who is facing death are in my view beneath contempt. So according to Mr Hill those of us who have taken exception to is outpouring have had a triple sense of humor bypass and the cult of celebrity has “gone too far”, I suspect that many will find his comments unfunny to begin with and at the end of all of this is a human being doing the best she can in her own lights who is soon to be beyond all insults and will have left behind forever those who feel entitled to condemn her. For all the media circus surrounding her, this is a personal tragedy for a young woman, a mother, about to lose her life to cancer. I really don’t think Mr Hill should be flattered to be considered Pink New’s Jade Goody correspondent, but I do think he should be speechless, and ashamed of himself.

  21. Well said Dan. I’ve never liked the woman and think that the media circus surrounding her predicament is grotesque. But save the puerile “fat pig” insults for the pub, Joe. What happened to intelligence and decency and reasoned argument? I’ve now been made aware of your crap-sounding dating website. Seems Jade’s not the only one who’ll do anything for publicity.

  22. PS It must also be emphasised that Ms Goody achieved nothing whatseover. If her empty life is to be of any significance at all, it is as a reminder that reality TV must disappear from our screens, as it celebrates the most base, vulgar insticts – thuggishness, bullying, racism and homophobia. These are some of the qualities which Ms Goody notably embodied. Her current status does not exhonorate her from this – she made those comments, which caused a great deal of hurt to many people.

    It’s hypocritical, and frankly sick, to now give this woman a whitewash, and catapult her to goddess-like status, on a par with that other non-entity, Diana Spencer. I am sorry for her, but I refuse to be moved, any more than I am moved by the death of someone run over on a busy street somewhere in the country today.

    Though, where Joe Hill gets the ridiculous idea that vegetarian Labour supporters are more likely to care I don’t know. The print media responsible for whipping up this hysteria are the official the ultra-right wing Daily Mail; the Sun and the News of the Screws…

  23. Shame on you!!

    I was never a fan of Jade’s but having had various family members die of cancer & being a mother myself i can empathise with her. She has openly said she is using the publicity to earn cash for her son’s future – so what?? At least she is honest about it.

    She is also raising awareness of cervical cancer just like Kylie did for breast cancer which can only be a good thing. Even if one woman has been helped by Jade’s publicity then to me it is worth it however i have a feeling she hs helped a lot more women. What you have a problem with that??

    Regardless of whether Jade gave permission or not the press would have reported on her so why shouldnt she make some cash from it. Plenty of celebs allow the press to cover thier weddings or happy evets in their lives so Jade shouldnt just cos she is dying.

    You have used mis-used a forum to launch an attack on a dying woman – what a big man you are!! Don’t you understand that by doing this you will bring a lot of negativity towards gay people, regardless of whether it is warranted or not. My best frend is gay & said himself you give gay men a bad name.

    I pressume as a gay man you have had to endure name calling over the years?? I pressume as a gay man you try to fight for equality & combat predjudice?? Well what gives you the right to call a dying woman names?? Yes you might have a personal opinion about Jade but to put it out there in the way you did was awful. I am sure you would be the first to complain if someone posted a video ranting about their opionions on gay people.

    You are a coward & i think you thought doing this would give you a little bit of notorioty but instead you have embarassed yourself, your site friends & family. Really brave posting a rant on You Tube. I would love for you to have said it to Jade’s face as i am sure she would have out you in your place.

    My last point – many many people would say that they are disgusted at your life style choices & cannot understand etc etc (i am not one of these people just trying to show a point). You would probably say it is your choice & up to you the way you live your life – am i right?? Well what makes you think you have the right to comment on Jade’s choices in life. Some people have said you are entitled to your opionion, maybe you are. o you feel the same of the people who are homophobic???????????????????

  24. Does not matter if you as an individual likes or dislikes Jade Goody, the obvious point here is how can someone from a community that has been treated exactly the same way he has treated Jade Goody in Public using YouTube, is a disgrace.

    The point being made worse by the fact that he plugged his Fitlads website into the verbal and rancid abuse aimed at this dying woman. And he has the audacity to do the nearly the same. He’s a disgrace and I for one have deleted my profile from Fitlads. Not only will other members of Fitlads be tarnished with the same brush he now has bestowed upon himself, he has now started deleting profiles and comments from his YouTube channel, so much for “Freedom Of Speech”. He’s a disgrace to our community.

  25. Agree totally with the above comments. I didnt realise he was plugging his web site during the “rant”. Your are scum & if i was your parents, friends etc i would disown you. You are slagging a woman off for using publicity from her illness to raise money but you are using her to plug your web site??

    If your going to be a big man & make the comments why are you deleting comments made on your You Tube site?? Big tough guy!!

    I have always been very opened minded as regards peoples lifestyle choices as long as no-one gets hurt. I feel you have really opened a can of worms & done your community a lot of harm.

    Are you really that stupid that you thought what you did was ok?

    I disagree with the comment about Jade not achieving anything. She has 2 gorgeous sons & raised awareness of cervical cancer – not nothing in my book.

    Love her or hate her thats irrelevant. I would feel sorry for anyone in that position famous or not. I lost my Dad to cancer at a young age & would have been heartbroken to hear anyone refer to him as Joe did to Jade. Just lucky her boys are not of the age where they would come across this in the news.

  26. As a user of ‘Fitlads’ I’m sickened by the owner’s comments. I’ve lost four family members to cancer in the last 10 years and ANYTHING that raises the profile of the disease in the public mind and gets more people checking themselves out at the first signs of something wrong is a good thing. Jade is dying. She’s providing for her kids in the only way she knows how. Wouldn’t anybody try to do the same in her position? Sadly, because she’s a ‘marmite’ sort of person (you either love her or loathe her) she attracts this sort of venom. Well, Joe, she won’t be around much longer for you to hate her so viscerally. But at least her kids will get a good education, the sort she didn’t. Oh, and as for the epithets and insults about her appearance… well, I’ve got news for you Joe: you’re hardly much of a looker yourself. Perhaps you should just stick to fiddling with your computer servers and keep your repugnant opinions to yourself.

  27. I have decided to close my account with the Fitlads site. It seems Mr Joe Hill is adopting a rather unprofessional attitude plugging his website whilst abusing a cancer sufferer. He chides Miss Goody for being a fat media whore cow, yet he is using her for his own business gain. It is about time Hr Hill grew up a bit personally and business-wise. He has shown himself to be an amateur and a laughing-stock.

  28. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 17 Feb 2009, 9:03am

    Opinion? Sorry? What’s that? I think the idea of ‘having an opinion’ was wiped off he agenda in the late 1990’s…

    However – Jade IS using her condition to milk money, BUT it seems Joe is ALSO using his business to (errr) milk members?!

  29. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 10:42am

    He is absolutely entitled to his opinion.

    And I am absolutely entitled to mine. My opinion is that if a website Fitlads (which he was speaking on behalf of) wishes to verbally assault a dying woman then I want nothing to do with that website.

    And it’s also my opinion what someone like Joe Hill who when born dropped out of the ugly tree and hit every ugly branch on the way down is not really in a position to sneer at other people’s looks.

    I mean LOOK at him.

  30. As i fitlads member I am totally disgusted at Joe Hill’s comments, I am also disgusted at those members on the fitlads website that back him up and quite frankly lick Joe Hill’s A**ehole.
    Joe Hill was quick to go running to the pink paper when his website was being targeted by a rival website, but to use the name of his website in a totally outrageous and quite repulsive rant is quite disgusting.

    If he thinks that his comments represent the majority of gay mens feelings on Jade Goody then he is living in his own dsillusioned world and so are those who pat Joe Hill on the back.

    I to am cancelling my membership to the website and i hope many others will follow.

  31. Yet again gay men excelling themselves at being bitchy, shallow and insensitive.

    If you have even the tiniest powers of empathy you’d figure that if you had Jade’s upbringing – caring for her Mum who was injured in an accident so missing a lot of schooling – it would be reasonable to resort to different ways of earning your crust. She never pretended to be clever so why hold that against her. And she wasn’t stick-thin – so what!

    Now she has a few months to live and if you are not totally thick you will realise that to raise enough money to pay for schooling, clothing, transport and a decent roof over the heads of two young boys, you need easily £200,000 to last them to 18 years old if not more. She has a few months to raise it.

    It is not benefiting her in any way to be making it all so public, in fact it probably makes her feel very vulnerable.

    Can’t believe people are posturing about “celebrity culture”, “cheapening death”. How rude. As if when diagnosed with cancer you should retreat away and die penniless leaving your kids in all they’re standing up in.

    Respect her as a mother and a human being. Us gay men should not judge when it is about a mother’s instincts for her children, cos you know what – we’ll never quite get it.

  32. Sorry to comment again but i feel very strongly about this. My Dad worked in a shitty brewery for 35 years & didnt get to spend a penny of his retirement money as he died of cancer & left it all to me. I will be always grateful for this & proud of my Dad for that. I am sure Jade’s boys will be proud of her as she is giving them a life she did not have.

    In response to Simon Murphy’s comment about Joe Hill’s comments having nothing to do with the web site – i disagree. If you think about all the celebs who loose high profile deals for their actions in public. Joe Hill tried to promote Fit Lads during his disgusting rant therefore it is to do with the site now. They say any press is good press so maybe Joe Hill thought this would raise his & his site’s profile. I disagree – he is the vulgar & tacky one.

    He said Jade is tacky & vulgar for using the media to earn money & by choosing to die on TV. She mentioned that she might die on TV & until this happens people should refrain from judging her. When it comes to it i do not think she will choose to die on TV as i don’t think she would want her kids to see that in the future. I think it was something she said in the moment.

    Jade has never pretended to be anything other than she has shown. This means she shows the good & the bad which has not always done her proud but at least she is honest. I think the way she acts has to do with lack of education & upbringing so she gets by the way she can.

    I hope many of you move over to Gaydar & show that horrible, sorry excuse for a gay man that while yes he can voice his opionion there are consequences.

    Love Jade or hate her there is a time & a place for comments & if you are going to make them please make them constructive & intelligent.

  33. You can argue the moral toss over whether you like Jade and whether she’s exploiting an illness for personal gain (though as several have already pointed out, she won’t be around to enjoy the money). But it’s more than a little rich of Joe Hall her a media whore when stirring up publicity for his own site. And calling anyone a fat pig in a reasoned debate is pure ad-hominem attack – the lowest form of debate there is. And to use said ad-hom to describe someone dying of cancer is where I have to tell Joe Hill he went from would be social commentator to beyond the pale. Shouting crude insults at the dead and dying is what we criticise Fred Phelps for. I don’t use fitlads, and after hearing this I won’t be subscribing anytime soon.

  34. Well done Joe. For becoming all the things you have stated to despise in the past. You have shown yourself to be a vindictive bullying queen at best. Fair enough you may not like the woman, so make a video with a bit of intelect that will get your opinion across without resorting to vile name calling. To show empathy is truely human. Dissappointed Joe.

  35. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 1:33pm

    Um Julie – “In response to Simon Murphy’s comment about Joe Hill’s comments having nothing to do with the web site ”

    I didn’t make that comment.

  36. Sorry Simon………totally mis-read that comment!! Apologises. At least i can admit i was wrong, lol, take heed Joe Hill.

  37. Laura maguire 17 Feb 2009, 2:46pm

    What Joe hill is actually doing is promoting hatred.

    By calling a woman with terminal cervical cancer “fat”, a “cow”, a “fat pig”, and using visual parenthesis when he describes her as a woman, he is making a Hate Speech against women whos very identity, self-perceived sexuality and femininity can be affected by this disease. Is he aware, for example, that a symptom of cervical cancer in the late stages, is swelling of the abdomen, giving a round “fat” appearance?. So losing hair, swelling, loss of fertility, the end of natural hormone production – all tough right to cope with right? Now imagine how tough is it to hear that Mr Hill thinks a woman dying of cervical cancer is all of these terrible things? Thinks it and feels the need to publicly state it on youtube. PinkNews should be looking to revisit this story from another angle.

    He has caused more offence and has caused MUCH more damage to women with cancer than Jade goody could ever do. Something has to be done about this video. youtube must take some responsibility for the content.

  38. This is not news. It’s not important. It’s not even interesting. I don’t know or care who either of these people are. Surely there’s actual gay news out there somewhere.

  39. Laura maguire 17 Feb 2009, 4:07pm

    Clay. It IS news when a member of the Gay Community uses a public platform to make a Hate Speech about a woman (any woman, I am not interested who)dying of cervical cancer. A member of the Gay Community using the publicity gleaned from that speech to garner publicity for his website, which he promotes on his youtube page. He even announces that he is “Joe form Fitlads” at the begining.Is he saying that the views he holds are representative of all members of Fitlads? That IS news to me…and I’ll be interested to read PinkNews’ response to this and the fallout.

  40. I am a gay man and cant understand why those who term their-selves wise by castigating Joe Hill are attacking the ‘gay’ community – wherever that is. If a heterosexual said this, would it be slammed the ‘Heterosexual’ community and would it represent the entire non-gay people’s opinion.

    Now, to the crux of the matter; I think, like most people agreed, Joe Hill has his opinion and its entitled to it. But the fact remains that he has said the truth when it comes to this issue. For those praising Jade, claiming she has raised awareness, even to the point of saying she has saved lives – blah!! – get your facts right.

    First and foremost, there are many living with and suffering same pain and my heart goes out to all of them including Ms. Goody. But why make yours seem like others aren’t going through pain? Why blow it in everyone’s face? Why make it news? Are we supposed to be jumping and clapping or wetting the newspapers with out tears? I have sat in my room and cried my eye out for the suffering of, not just Ms. Goody but for others like in same painful position. And I have felt the pain of this disease when my ex-boyfriend’s best friend had same illness. So pestering it in everybody’s face isn’t the main thing.

    This seems like someone selling their soul and organs. Her kids deserve (the best) education and I do agree but must they have it at the peril of their losing their mother?

    Talking of awareness, the real awareness still stands and remains with those who sacrifice to make them. A lot of people are out there volunteering their time, energy, and living in worst places; how much of their praise do we sing? How much of their pictures do we take. Which is why Joe Hill’s comment is great because we are in Britain hiding the truth and everyone trying to appear as angels when we are not. What’s wrong about someone saying the truth we all fear to say just because of damn political correctness. The same evil that is making each one of us suffer immensely of various things that can not be said.

    If Jade Goody had been black, then Joe Hill would have been laid on the alter of racism; cant we just pull ourselves together and call a spade a spade?

    The only evil of Joe Hill’s comment is using vile languages which I disagree with. Jade Goody nor anyone deserves to be called a pig, or a cow because they are humans. And also he is wrong calling people vegetarians and labour-voting because, again, like him, it is those peoples’ right to vote whom they like or eat what they like, vice versa.

    Yet, we must allow one man the freedom of his own opinion. He has not influenced hate. After all, most of you out there are haters. Joe Hill’s opinion does not represent any other gay man or woman’s opinion but himself alone. We the gay people are our individual selves and have our personal opinion.

    For you who judge him basing on his sexuality or his business, you are also not right because opinions of this level are not supposed to be taken into that contest. And its time you all righteous people reduce your discrimination and segregation and let people be.

    I and many others wish Ms Goody well and wish her ordeal take a turn for the better but even in my sympathy, I do not subscribe to her flaunting it in the press because it completely de-robes dignity to life and paints a picture that she isn’t even anything as sorry for herself as most of you celebrity worshippers seem to be – although we are also very aware that you lot who worship them are completely brainless and lacks substance. If you are not, you wont be showing off crocodile tears and passions and forgetting them once they lose the limelight. All because they are object of entertainment to you instead of human beings.

    Just you all spare me your empty howl. If you like and commiserate with cancer patients – as that is the en-vogue mercy now anyway, – then there are thousand of others suffering from it. Go in and volunteer with cancer charities who are in need of helpers in their shops and to raise money.

    Go out there and do something your tasteless tears and give it value than being pots that call kettle black.

  41. Best comment by far by ‘CP’ – “Yet again gay men excelling themselves at being bitchy, shallow and insensitive.”

    These rants against Jade are revolting, and yes, it’s just hatred. That poor woman and her kids. Are you perfect? Would you like to have cancer and receive comments like those? Exactly.

    Be ashamed of yourselves, haters.

  42. Hey Godwyns………..why did Joe have to say it is Joe Hill from Fitlads? Purley using an issue, ie, Jade with Cancer & her publicity & using this to gain publicity for himself. No if ands or buts. This is a contradiction. It is ok for him to use the situation for his own gain but not for Jade. This was not an opinion, it was a vicious verbal attack to get him attention.

    I am sorry but i would feel like this about anybody saying this not just a gay man. He is the one who mentioned Fitlads in his rant. I just think that for a gay man he has probably encountered his fair share of hate so why unleash such hatred on a dying woman. To be honest he has no right to talk about anyone’s looks.

    I do believe in the last figure quoted in the press that the requests for cervical smear tests have gone up by about 20% since Jade was in the news. So out of all those women there could be many who get abnormal results & get their treatment quicker & in the end go onto live a normal life. This IS a good thing. I for one have booked my smear test which is over due. Off course Jade is raising awareness.

    I didnt see Kylie Minogue getting slated for raising breast cancer awareness or giving interviews about her cancer. Sharon Osbourne had her treatment for bowel cancer filmed for MTV (& made a ton of cash at the same time) but right enough if Joe Hill had made those comments about her i am sure Sharon would have hunted him down & tore his nuts off………that’s if he has any!!

    At the end of the day some people have never liked Jade & this is just another way to stick it to her in death as they did when she was alive. Trouble is i think people like Joe Hill are the last thing on her mind & quite right. I am sure he will be happy to hear that she may even get £3M for her wedding pics, has had a wedding dress donated by Harrods & Elton John offering his house for the wedding.

    The press would have been there regardless of whether she agreed or not. Yes normal people in society are suffering from cancer & are just as brave as Jade….my Dad, Grandad & Gran all died from the disease but i am not bitter about what Jade is doing. I would do the same if i had to.

  43. I agree with you Julie. Mr Hill obviously have idea how the media works. He certainly has very little business acumen to be talking in such derogatory terms on behalf of his website.

    Good on Jade Goody for harnessing the media and controlling it to achieve her aims.

  44. Just because you have freedom of speech, doesn’t make it any more acceptable to abuse it by calling people abusive names on their deathbed. If you really think that’s acceptable behaviour, why not pich up at you local hospice and call all the terminal cancer and AIDS patients “Bitch”, “whore” and “troll”. If you’re lucky they might assume it’s a Tourrettes awareness campaign. If you don’t have Tourettes, it just makes you look like an ignorant arse.

  45. Oh Steve does it make you feel good slagging off a dying woman on a blog???? Sitting at your computer typing away – COWARD!! You’re as pathetic as Mr Hill. What amazes me is the way you & Mr Hill & others voice your so called “opionions”. What happened to being articulate, sensitive, intelligent & well informed. God it must have taken so long to come up with the words hag, whore, vulgar, tacky!!!

    You are directing comments like this at all cancer sufferers in my opionion. Yes Jade is making money out of her illness SO WHAT. The photographers would be hounding her anyway & the papers would be making up their own stories so why shouldnt she make the money by doing things her way. If she wasnt making the money someone else would. Any celeb suffering any illness get some sort of publicity, that is just the way it is.

    The big picture here is Mr Hill blatanly used this situation to advetise his site. He could have went on saying i am Mr Hill & here are my constructive points. But he didnt he wanted the shock factor & to mention his site.

    By the way Steve i am a strong believer in what goes around comes around & i think wishing someone dead quicker than they are meant to die is the lowest of the low. How would you feel if that was your relative.

    If this was someone posting a rant like this about gay people using all the most horrible words you have encountered in your life that would be different i bet. If this was someone using as many abusive racists remarks as they could they would be arrested.

    That is what i hate about this country…………too many people willing to kick you when you are down. At the end of the day i am sure Jade has better things to worry about than some bitter, sad, twisted, pathetic, cowardly queens!! Oh look at that i can use adjectives too!!

  46. hate breeds hate, how can we complain about people hating us when people like him think its ok to hate someone for making a living out of being famous for 15 minutes, he’s probably jealous. Whatever my personal opinion is of Jade, I wish her and her family well at this difficult time. XX

  47. I didn’t watch Big Brother. I could hardly not hear about the racist slurs attributed to Jade. I haven’t seen the TV show, but I have seen a short clip on BBC Breakfast news. I don’t think that she has become a saint, I don’t like biggotry in any form and would frankly not want to know her. That said I think that raising awareness of this largely preventable disease, and spreading the message that women should be screened can only be a good thing. I personally do not want to see the spectical of her dying on the television, but I do think that the debate that it has provoked is important.

    I think that everyone has the right to express their opinion. I also think that linking that opinion with someone’s orientation and a ‘gay’ website is regretable. I think that the comments were rude, unnecasary and the same points could have been put in language that was not offensive.

  48. I think you, the Pink News, and other contributors to this ‘debate’ have rather over egged the pudding.

    Your headline reads “angers subscribers”, but in fact, as a member of the site I’ve mainly seen a 20% of forum contributors make public complaints, and most of those people still use the site (It’s a minority of users that use the forums anyway, so it’s an unreliable method of gauging what people really think).

    Simply, while this was a slightly misguided business move, it basically boiled down to one mans point of view – something to which we are all entitled, within legal reason. The ensuing fuss was created by a few gay people, from fitlads and rival sites for the purpose of a “fabulous drama”. It appears as if the reporting of this is basically part of the same thing.

  49. Julien Woolley 19 Feb 2009, 2:05am

    Further to my previous comments, and to retort to the doomsayers: What you have to remember is that with the Freedom of Speech that we have comes the responsibility to use it wisely!

  50. This was not joe having an option.. i think this was a attempt to get his website some free time in the news.. why else say “hi this is joe from fitlads”

    the website often lets people get away with sick threats, attacks and bullying against hiv+ people.. they always turn a blind eye.. this is the same to racist comments.

    its a shame as david (the other owner) is such a nice guy and joe is a prat….

  51. This has reached national now, its all over facebook and is to be in the papers apparantly! Some nice free publicity for him!!

  52. I think that it’s a very tragic situation for anyone to be in. And everyone deals with it in different ways. What we shouldn’t now do is slate a person who is just ticking till her death as she does not need this on top of everything. I agree with freedome of speech but when your freedome becomes insulting, when what you say causes people to feel hurt then why say things at all? The whole point of the freedome to speak was to encourage debate and open up a conversation as to whey that person feels that way? With this “thick lad” going onto Youtube, using is mobile phone to tape crap comments is an insult to all gays! What he said has come across as bitchy, immature and wrong. From a man that brings us a website that encourages open sex, with photo’s of penis’s all over the place. What right does he have to call her a fat media whore pig! I think someone now needs a p45 check!

  53. Small Paul 20 Feb 2009, 1:38am

    You know, you should remember that it was the fairtrade coffee drinking labour supporting vegetarians (along with their working class brothers and sisters) who helped repeal the anti-gay legislation which helped give gay people the freedoms they enjoy today. Dont bite the hand that feeds I say. And if someone is dying its best to keep your hateful opinions to yourself.

  54. polly styrene 20 Feb 2009, 12:08pm

    This is hate speech. Even if Joe Hill wants to attack Jade Goody’s decision to make money from publicity – and she is not having her death filmed at all- it’s not necessary to make the point with such misogynist language. All Mr Hill is doing is reinforcing the view that gay men are misogynist. No, not all gay men are, but he’s not helping matters.

  55. I read the above with some interest, because I have mixed feelings about Jade Goody. For ages, I have uttered every name under the sun to my partner about this woman, and yet, as she faces death, my feelings towards her have changed such that I feel nothing but compassion for her. What does that make me? A hypocrite; or someone who learns from changing circumstances?

    I must admit to not really liking her very much. She is a borderline, racist bully (or at least she was), but she is now dying from a terrible disease and two young boys are losing their mother. Jade Goody, like the rest of us, are products of our upbringing and environment – nothing more and nothing less.

    Joe Hill’s insults may hit the nail on the head, but were unkind and cruel given the situation Jade finds herself in. I, too, believe in free speech, but there is also a certain virtue in knowing what to leave unsaid.

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