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Stonewall calls for an end to ban on gay men giving blood

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Quick 16 Feb 2009, 11:36am

    While I dislike anything that bans us from something I have to say I can see their point. HIV/AIDs is still a huge problem and it seems that the number of gay man becoming pos is increasing again.

  2. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read.

  3. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2009, 1:56pm

    Andrew Quick. People from Sub-Saharan Africa are more likely to be HIV+ than gay men. Anyone who has had sex with somone from sub-Saharan Africa is only prevented from donating blood for 12 months at which point it is felt the risk has passed. Men who have had sex with a prostitute are only banned for 12 months at which point it is felt the risk has passed. Women who have had sex with a haemophiliac are banned from donating blood for 12 months after which it is felt the risk has passed. Among the high risk groups it is ONLY men who have had sex with men whc are banned for life. Any way you look at that it is a homophobic policy.

    I am happy to see that Stonewall has spoken out against this discriminatory policy. It is disgraceful that the Terrence Higgins Trust still supports it.

  4. Andrew Quick 16 Feb 2009, 3:55pm

    Ok sorry, I didn’t know the details. That isn’t fair at all.

  5. Ias there any fundamental Human Right to donate blood? Is there a shortage of blood because of the ban? Are people who need blood demanding the lifting of the ban? What is in th ebest interests of society?

  6. I work at the American Red Cross in the USA. There is only a 12 month ban on gay men giving blood…they just don’t tell anyone unless they ask specifically.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Feb 2009, 8:14am

    Yes Niki, there are often shortages.

  8. This would be anightmare. We are far more at risk of HIV. I see gay men on gaydar taking huge risks, in total denial about hiv and safe sex. Ive been to clubs in London and seen people being penetrated by 5 or 6 men without condoms. This is a nightmare. We need to face and discuss the fact that many gay men have self esteem issues and take huge risks with their health. Its a horrible thing to say but it is the truth.

  9. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 10:28am

    But Wolf – people from sub-Saharan Africa are MORE likely to be HIV positive than gay men. Yet there is no blanket ban on them donating blood or a blanket ban on their sex partners. That is a homophobic double standard no matter how you try to argue it. As for the idea that some gay men are having unsafe sex – well so what? Many gay men don’t behave like that. Why should ALL gay men are singled out (among the high risk groups) for the behaviour of some. That’s like saying that anyone who has had sex with a woman in the last 12 months be banned from giving blood because some women are prostitutes and some men use prostitutes. It’s an absurd reason for banning all gay men. And of course a ban exists on ALL gay men means that ALL gay men can still lie on their applications to donate blood. These blood donation rules are guidelines. They don’t take people’s honesty into account. And in any case the Blood Service still needs to do stringent tests on all blood donated. The benefit gained to the Blood Service for their homophobic policy is non-existent as it shows the organisation as a needlessly homophobic one.

  10. Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW 24 Aug 2010, 2:24am

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