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No gays on Speaker’s conference but DUP preacher is appointed

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Reader comments

  1. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read – especially if you have a visual impairment.

  2. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2009, 1:44pm

    Oh super, that’s just what we need, more DUP bottom feeders.

    The DUP… the natural successor to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

  3. I have emailed Tony, this grey background is making it very difficult to read the comments the former white background is much better all round.

    As for the DUP they are no better than the KKK is in its rabid rantings the very idea of someone from the DUP sitting on such a Committee should be shocking but sadly it isn’t it it? That speaks volumes about the British Parliament I think.

  4. I have previously emailed Pink News about this problem of the dark background to no avail, I have to put my nose almost against the screen to see the type in here now :-(
    It’s not fair, it’s not inclusive, it’s discriminating against visually impaired folk, and I think I’m going to grouse about it on all the comment sections until they sort it out.

    And as for the DUP, hmm, nothing but Fascists. I hope the balance is repaired with some gay MPS. But having Fascists in the Commons, BAD!

  5. The put a religious nutter who doesn’t believe in equality on the Equality and Human Rights Commission so this, sadly, is par for the course.

  6. hugs, Jenny 17 Feb 2009, 7:56pm

    .. nor any intersex or intergender people, it seems ? Does it appear to anyone else out there, that before debating ‘diversity’ within their own ranks, our parliamentarians should obtain at least a basic understanding of the concept they are purporting to debate ??

  7. any rent boys out there with information on these homophobic MPs …. ??

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