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Fitlads owner unrepentant about Jade Goody comments

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  1. well spoken joe you are only saying what hundreds of others are realy thinking i think she is a disgrace to humanity and should spend her next months with her kids not go out flaunting the fact its dieing to anyone that will listen and pay

  2. I agree with Joe.
    what was said in the main article
    “He keeps the site in check and anyone that is abusive to other members racist or anything gets deleted by him,”
    that is 100% untrue, I speak to Joe from time to time and he is a great guy, he works hard for the members of fitlads and puts up with a lot from them.
    Joe and the admin team are very fair in the way things are dealt with.

    Joe was ASKED what he felt on the matter and this is how he felt about it.

  3. Oh do grow up people, Joe is entitled to his opinion, heard of free speech. As for Jade yes it is sad but at the end of the day she chose to be in the limelight therefore must accept the negative with the positive.
    She may also ,supposedly, be doing this for the good of her children but myself and many others would think the best for your children would be to spend your final amount of time on this Earth actually with them.
    I agree with Joes points whole heartedly, he could of said them in a better way. But then he was just being himself and honest.
    Oh and Pink News try reporting the fact that a lot of members actually support Joe on this one… do some factual reporting…

  4. Niko Westmuellen 16 Feb 2009, 5:02pm

    what a bunch of self serving monsters every one has become… and i am not referring to Jade Goody. she did as much as she could with very little. instead, she highlighted the blunt snobbery and exploitation that surrounds her and all she has done is exploit it for herself. her only crime is to make a living out of it that is now being taken away. i think she should milk it as much as she can til she passes away – peacefully one hopes and leave the money to her kids. it’s what the royals do, innit?

  5. Joseph Hill, fitlads? Him? So Jade Goody is only using her terminal cancer for her financial gain? I sincerely hope that all the Fairtrade coffee drinking, politically correct, Labour party voting, vegetarians (I managed four out of four of that so he obviously hates me before I even start to consider joining his website) of which he clearly wishes it to be know he is not to be counted in among their numbers, will reciprocate the rejection of everyone who fits that bill, and tell Mr Hill to kindly go and f–k himself and his website for being a repulsively crass dickhead with the sensitivity of a housebrick and the capacity for human empathy of a dog turd. I’ve got two more words for him, grow up.

  6. I agree with Joe. Selling your death on TV is disgusting.

    Joe made a statement on his site the way anyone can. Why should he not be able to voice his opinion?

  7. I agree with Joe.

  8. I agree with Joe

  9. Apart from the people have little empathy or sympathy, i should most people are thinking about unfair it is that she is so young and those two little boys will have no mother, who clearly loves them. I think when it comes to it, no one blames her for making as much money as she can for those poor boys, after all she has nothing to lose. I wonder if that lame excuse of a man even knows what it is like to see someone die, but of course in the modern sanitised society where people can have the attitude “it’s only someone off tv, they dont matter” I expect he will shroud himself in ignorance and completely miss the point.

  10. jonny love 16 Feb 2009, 6:21pm

    he’s making accurate comments about a z-list celebrity, she chose to enter the limelight now she has to deal with both the positive and negative

    it is sad she has cancer and is leaving two kids behind, but it should have been private instead of this media circus countdown it has become.

  11. As a member of his site I also agree with him. It is tacky in the extreme and greedy to boot. He is quite right about the “celebrity” crap, a totally obnoxious, untalented, non entity promoted by an equally greedy and obnoxious tv production company. Whilst I do not wish harm on anyone, she gets no sympathy from me, there are a lot more unselfish people out there who get no recognition for what they have done and this “public outpouring of heartfelt sympathy”, yuk, makes me sick and sorry Johnny but I also agree with Joe about that as well.

  12. hearing the name “Jade Goody” brings back images of a loud mouthed bint on “Big Brother”. Sadly cancer takes thousands of people every year, and if highlighting the fact that she has it will encourage people to donate to cancer research Yes I’m all for it, but sadly the reasons behind Ms Goody’s media attention will sadly be for personal gain for her childrens future.

  13. It is clearly a probability that Jade Goody will not leave her life in the manner of a Tudor aristocrat on the scaffold ready and willing to die with appropriate dignity, nor is it likely she will she go in the finest romantic traditions of a Victorian heroine, of course she is neither. She is a modern creation, a popular celebrity. I was not aware that Joe Hill had been appointed the arbiter of the etiquette of death with dignity for persons in the glare of the public media.

    Jade Goody is entitled to face her own demise in any way she thinks right for her. Some go quietly, and some rage against the dying of the light, and some make what capital they can. She is not the first to try and generate cash for her loved ones in the face of impending death and she won’t be the last. Frankly, who care if she makes the decision to make as much money as she can for her children who will survive her?

    However, the crass pontification coupled with such nasty personal insults made to woman who is facing death are in my view beneath contempt. So according to Mr Hill those of us who have taken exception to is outpouring have had a triple sense of humor bypass and the cult of celebrity has “gone too far”, I suspect that many will find his comments unfunny to begin with and at the end of all of this is a human being doing the best she can in her own lights who is soon to be beyond all insults and will have left behind forever those who feel entitled to condemn her. For all the media circus surrounding her, this is a personal tragedy for a young woman, a mother, about to lose her life to cancer. I really don’t think Mr Hill should be flattered to be considered Pink New’s Jade Goody correspondent, but I do think he should be speechless, and ashamed of himself.

  14. While I wouldn’t wish death on anyone, I must point out that this is the same Jade Goody that was, until cancer reared its ugly head, a bigoted, prejudiced, loudmouthed and unpleasant character. I feel truly sorry that any human must die of cancer, but the fact remains that I could quite happily continue my life tomorrow hearing nothing more about Jade Goody and her bigoted, prejudiced, loudmouthed unpleasantness.

    Suddenly suffering a terminal illness doesn’t make you more important than anyone else.

  15. I agree with Joe – this really is the nadir of dumbed down Britain. I can’t believe Jade bloody Goody was one of the main headlines on the BBC today – ridiculous. This nonsense must stop – and how shameless is Max Clifford?

  16. God, the hatred on here is incredible. So glad gay people have finally grown and joined the ranks of the hate filled judgemental Daily Mail scum. Id like to see any of you talentless turn down those amounts of cash. Shes doing it for her kids – or can you not even understand that? She cant take it with her, shes going to die! God you lot are disgusting human beings.

  17. p.s Dan couldnt have put it better myself lol

  18. p.s Dan I couldnt have put it any better myself – well said lol

  19. I have lost family to cancer, it is heartbreaking and I am sure many people have experienced this. But Jade is saying quite openly that the money she is receiving is for her children to make sure they grow up wanting for nothing and to have the life she never had. ANY parent would do exactly the same thing. She is also raising more awareness for cervicial cancer and today it was reported that screening have went up by 20% thanks to her story.

    Joe has just showed a nasty side that I cannot condone. If this was simply his own opinion no-one would have noticed it, but he adressed it solely to the fitlads site and is taking credit for it. When talking to this site did he mention the furore he has caused and the large number of members who want to leave the site or are planning not to renew their paid membership? Didn’t think so.

  20. After watching what joe said i’ve got to say i’m ashamed to admit or be gay, as people are moaning about freedom of speech, what about jades freedom of speech or is that not allowed because of some twat who thinks hes the bees knees because he is the owner of a sleazy website says so, its sad really reading people actually agreeing with what he said, just shows gays have as much hatred in them what people have for us.

    Shes doing what any person would do and that’s what annoys people, if it was a gay guy the probably would be a totally different matter but as usual the ‘gays’ have something to say about everything, doesn’t matter how nasty and cruel it is and they wonder why people hate us, a video like that is def gonna make gay people hated even more

    cheers joe

  21. i think some of the comments here are most disgusting ive been watching the shows and it is so utterly heartbreaking to watch her story as she goes through the different stages and if you haven’t been touched personally by cancer then you get to see how it affects not just the person that has cancer but that persons family and all those close to them and anyone who has the cheek to judge her with what she is doing and how she is doing it should look at themselves because the comments being made are heartless best of luck to jade with the wedding hope her time left is spent how she wants to spend it

  22. Well said Maria – you hit the nail on the head.

  23. I don’t deny that Jade has her faults, and that to some degree she has courted the media attention surrounding her cancer, but no. That doesn’t give Joe Hill anymore authority to lambast her to her grave than the next arse who can’t hold back the bile. If he wants to drop all pretence of being a decent human being then he’s several times worse than anyone he cares to slag off. Perhaps if the roles were reversed he’d be happy for Jade to lambast him to an early grave. Slagging people off while they’re dying of cancer puts him in the same moral bracket as Fred Phelps, media circus or not.

  24. Tony Lambert 17 Feb 2009, 10:39am

    Wow. Dan, what a really great opinion you have, it SOOOOO change my mind on this. She’s doing it for her kids… yeah, that must be it. Nothing to do with the fact he’s a brainless celebrity whore who only every wanted to be in the spotlight and now the only reason she can is that she’s dying? Of course not.

    You and Margaret need to get a life yourself if you have such a little hissy fit everyone someone gives an opinion about Jade Goody that differs to your own vastly enlightened world view…. I’m delighted she’ll be off my TV screen soon enough. Nothing to do with hate, I just prefer to watch people on TV that know who Einstein is, simply enough request isn’t it?

    What a pair of tossers you both are.

  25. Simon Murphy 17 Feb 2009, 10:40am

    He is absolutely entitled to his opinion.

    And I am absolutely entitled to mine. My opinion is that if a website Fitlads (which he was speaking on behalf of) wishes to verbally assault a dying woman then I want nothing to do with that website.

    And it’s also my opinion what someone like Joe Hill who when born dropped out of the ugly tree and hit every ugly branch on the way down is not really in a position to sneer at other people’s looks.

  26. Couldn’t agree more with Fitlad man.

    Although it is a tragedy for her family and those boys to grow up without a mother, and I am genuinely sad for Jade Goody; but this is becoming a sick, goulish pantomime.

    Yes, state a few things about your illness, but the constant non-news stories day after day FOR MONEY is tasteless. It seems there is nothing, nothing that some celbrities will not do to get in the papers and get paid for it. I am almost expecting a celebrity suicide to appear somewhere, after they have been paid for it of course

    Die with dignity, dignity is not a word I really associate with Miss Goody

  27. Laura maguire 17 Feb 2009, 12:27pm

    Joe Hill actually believes he was making a serious point, cleverly laced with humour, about “the cult of celebrity” and accuses the viewer of having “… a triple sense of humour bypass”. Herein lies the fatal flaw; Mr. hill is neither reflective or intelligent thinker, a skilled orator, or a stand up comedian. Instead he shows himself to be inarticulate, hackneyed and with no apparent idea how to utilise the basic structural relationships in language. Also, I don’t see the correlation between a celebrity using her position to make money from her situation, and her appearance. If it was a serious reflection on the the effect Celebrity has had on the nation and its values, why does he have to resort to hateful, sexist name-calling? The Circulation Dept. of PinkNews should be extremely worried that Joe Hill considers himself their Jade Goody correspondent…

  28. Christ on a bike! Who gives a rats arse what happens to that disgusting excuse for a human being? However, if Jade ‘I’m not a racialist’ Goody is allowed to drag her tawdry life across the media then Joe is perfectly entitled to comment. Cancer is horrible, but watching trhe chavvy whiner pawn her kids future is worse still. To say that she is doing this for her boys is bullshit: if she had any feelings for them at all she would not keep dragging them out every five minutes for yet another Living TV show. She’s doing this for herself, Max Clifford and that thug she’s about to marry – who will no doubt end up with all the money.

  29. Erm, what happend the the great british public wanting her hung drawn and quartered not so long ago for the Shilpa Shetty scandal. Now all is forgiven and she’s getting a wedding. Aw.

  30. Michael Anthony 17 Feb 2009, 3:45pm

    Although the man is entitled to his own opinion, its a bit self serving to condemn the actions of Jade. NO ONE knows how they would react, if they were given a few weeks/months to live. Some people retreat, and others, move more into the open. If it was me, and I had young children that I was leaving behind, I might too be tempted to get as much money for them as I could. Celebrities are created and sustained by the public. Just as his website is sustained by the public.

  31. I agree with Joe on the cult of celebrity criticisms he made.Elsewhere in the media her boyfriend is quoted as saying they want to make as much money as they can from this for her children.How cynical and crudely put.Some of the comments in other parts of this post are nasty and vicious.Let’s not be manipulated by headlines and the emotive nature of the case.There is a range of opinion,why not keep listening to each other and get so over-heated?

  32. As with most issues of this kind there are TWO [at least] sides to the argument. I don’t have any problem with Joe Hill expressing his opinion when asked for it … if you can’t face the answer then don’t ask the question!

    BUT we should not overlook the positive, already there is a marked increase in the number of young ladies coming forward to cervical cancer testing, and testing with early diagnosis and treatment saves lives. Cervical cancer IS curable IF it caught in the early stages.

    ALSO some years ago John Diamond, a columnist in The Times, chronicled his [terminal] cancer in his weekly column, which was later published in book form – so Jade Goody is not the first by a long way!

    There’s much about the Jade Goody ‘story’ that I find distasteful, not least the apparent snobbery that makes The Times columnist ‘acceptable’ but OK and The Sun subject ‘unacceptable’, that makes the educated newspaper columnist ‘acceptable’ but the working-class lass ‘unacceptable’.

    I really couldn’t care less what either of them do, if their actions alert people to the dangers of cancer, persuade people to adopt the habit of self-examination and if anything changes to get it checked.

  33. I agree with what Joe Hill is saying. I find it quite disturbing that Jade Goody is scraping the barrel so that she can generate TV/newspaper revenue as much as she could.

    Her defence for this is that so her 2 sons can get the “best education” money can buy. Well, what about the boys’ father? I’m sure the father will ensure that the boys’ welfare and well-being will be adhered to.

    Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if Jade Goody’s PR people are trying to negotiate with a TV station to produce a reality TV show where it will screen a live show of Jade Goody drawing her last breath on her death bed with her “sobbing” husband by her side.

    My previous paragraph may sound very callous and cold-hearted, but one of my colleagues in my work recently died of breast cancer and she too had 2 young kids and a husband. I didn’t see her appearing on every newspapers, cleb magazines or on TV trying to make money. Instead she fought breast cancer with dignity for 2 years, visiting us in work whenever she was well enough, making jokes and kept asking how we are.

    I only have one message for Jade Goody: forget the f–king reality TV shows and newspaper deals. They will still be around after you’ve gone. You yourself won’t be. So spend as much as time you could possibly with your two sons.

  34. Lol God, you people are disgusting – and as thick as planks. How can she be ‘doing this for herself’? How can she spend it? Shes going to be dead within weeks. I hope if there is a God you are forgiven for your incredible hypocrisy, idiocy and hatefulness. And you lot are probably the idioys who watch Big Brother and buy Heat and Ok magazine! IDIOTS!

  35. To Dan:

    The sad reality that these people will buy cleb magazines which contain the headlines: “JADE – THE LAST PICTURES”. They will do this, mark my words.

    I really despair, I do……

  36. Oh I’m sorry she has cancer.. we must like her and be kind about her many character flaws?

    get a grip

    if she doesn’t want the attention then she shouldn’t be a media whore…
    as for the bollocks about money..
    Her kids don’t ‘need’ money but they do ‘need’ a mother.. so maybe she should spend her remaining days (I have a feeling she’ll survive for some time mind) with her kids instead of prancing around

  37. Also should point out that Joe seems to have lost hisrespect for members on the site. In one thread in the forums a member asked that all the threads about jade shouod be filtered, his reply:

    Joe – Fitlads Admin – “I’ll eat yer face!” (id: joseph) [He has upgraded] [ONLINE NOW]
    … said on Tue Feb 17th 2009 22:49 …

    Do you have no respect for this brave woman? If you don’t wish to hear about her, please go:bridgend

    Now hes making fun of those who comitted suicide in Bridgeend!

  38. I find what he said well out of order, Yes there is freedom of Speech but what he said on that Vid was not just free Speech, He was Slatting her for being what she is.
    So what she Milks things, But how would he like if Someone Made a Vid Slatting him for what ever reason Maybe one for being one Ugly Gay F-K who knows,
    Well Maybe its his way to get more people to join up with SO who’s milking what Mr Hill

  39. Kevin Whibley 18 Feb 2009, 7:34am

    Watch my video – – and then you should understand why everyone hates FLIDlads Joe.

  40. Kevin Whibley 18 Feb 2009, 7:35am

    Watch my video.

    Joe is an evil idiot!

  41. Here’s a thought. Those of you who wish not hear about Jade & think what she is doing is wrong – turn over the TV/radio when she comes on, dont buy the mags or the newspapers. Don’t read all about her then criticise. I think giving another choice she would love to hide away & die but i would do the same as her no questions asked. Also who knows she is not spending quality time with he boys? We dont know what is going on behind closed doors.

    Some people are saying My Hill had the right to voice his opinion. Maybe that is right but the way he done it was wrong & blatantly advertising his site was low. I would call this a contradiction to what he is saying about Jade. The words he used were hardly intelligent, constructive or sensitive.

    What is the diginified way to die? Only someone in those shoes can decided. Yes Jade has to take the positive & negative as she chose to be in the limelight & she has clearly said she is thinking about making as much cash for her sons futures as she can. She has been honest about it. I have read many blogs about this & it seems a lot of people who have had relatives die of cancer are more supportive of Jade having some experience.

    So basically anyone can say what they want about anybody, is that what people are saying? Well infact that is not the case. I am sure many gay people have encountered verbal degrading insults which hurt them. I am sure many coloured people have had the same happen to them also. So are we saying that this is ok as we all have the right to an opionion. I think not.

    Has anyone thought that Jade is doing the only things she knows? She has never ever claimed to be anything that she is not. She admits she has lived on camera & makes no bones about it.

    Can i also point out Jade has not said for definite she will die on TV. She mentioned it & knowing her she said it as an off the cuff remark. I don’t think she will die on TV as i dont think she will want her kids to be able to that when they are older.

  42. Erroll Clements 18 Feb 2009, 4:25pm

    Thank goodness the awful GREY back ground has gone, I can read it again ! Hey you lot there is a hint of spring in the air, brighten up ! If it’not Jade in the media, it will be bl**y Jordan(aka Katie), Kerry Katona, Madonna etc all on an endless media circus merrygoround!

  43. To the people who feel Joe Hill is correct in posting his video:

    Notice how he uses the word woman, when speaking about Jade Goody, in inverted comma’s. Do you not find this rather disgusting considering she has cervical cancer and has had to have her womb removed?

    Are you all so self righteous that you have never made a mistake? Yes Jade has made many, all in the public eye….. would you be forgiven for all your mistakes had they been played out in the media? would people still think of you so highly as they do now?

    If Joe is not ashamed of his rant then why has he removed his video? and why has he taken to getting others removed claiming copyright? Could it be that he now realises that HE made a mistake? shock – horror – Jade cannot make a mistake but the almighty Joe Hill can?

    This hatred for Jade is nothing but a hate for the lower classes of society, no more, no less. People in higher stations than her have made far, far worse mistakes and been forgiven.

    Is kicking a dog while it’s down really the way to prove just how much of a superior human being you are? NO it’s cowardly, it’s pathetic and it’s disgusting.

    He is entitled to his opinion, however for someone who seems to be so drawn on someones looks he’s hardly a looker himself now is he.

    Oh and Joe if your reading this…. please do tell whats wrong with people drinking Fairtrade coffee? is it wrong to want to help other people out? What is wrong with being vegetarian? is that such an awful thing? As for your referance to the suicides in Bridgend…….. please, do go there for yourself, see the pain and suffering friends and families are going through, put your hands in the air and let them know that you find it perfectly ok to use their suffering and pain in such a throw away manner.

  44. dave wainwright 19 Feb 2009, 12:41am

    I think Joe Hill is shameless in his vitriolic attack on a dieing woman who is using all the tools at her disposal to ensure her children get the kind of education and stable upbringing she was denied , I have urged all of my friends and associates to cancel their fitlads memberships and advertising with this company , who would ever want to be associated with such an intolerant foul mouthed excuse for a human being , one truly shudders that such a person as Joe Hill exists

  45. Show some pity for Joe.

    Anyone who was as severely beaten by the ugly stick is bound to have unresolved anger and resentment issues.

    As dog-ugly goes, Joe is the hands down winner. Because of this, he has spent most of the last decade trolling the internet for fights. He is sad and everything he says is sad – it is nothing new and I am sure he hasn’t said anything that dozens of bored people don’t say to him every single day. Deal with it if you really must, but a better solution is to just ignore the sad imbecile.

  46. What are people problems with what joe is saying?? Every word he says is true?

  47. @Chris Joe has never spoken a true word in entire life. You stretch creditability a little by expecting us to believe that he has suddenly started. Even if you don’t particularly like Ms Goody (and I seriously doubt that many of us do) if you really can’t see how sick it is to be dancing on her grave before she is even dead, then you are truly beyond help. That is not about political correctness – it is about basic humanity.

  48. I dont like jade goody, but is this really appropriate? And as for her own financial gain?? She will be dead in months. She should make as much as you can. She has two children to think of. She has no future. They do.

  49. Joe is a moron!

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